Monday, July 04, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 3

I had a little helper with my spinning today, so we've got a total of 10oz spun!

Denny helping me with spinning

Denny tried to hold me back at first, with his head on my treadling foot, but after I explained to him that's not helping me with achieving my today's goal, he put his paw on my foot and off we treadled. ;o)

That's what we accomplished today:
TdF day 3- FCK-MBFC November 2010- merinobamboonylon- 10oz

Fiber is FCK MBFC November 2010, Merino/Bamboo/Nylon, 10oz in two colorways. I'll be plying this later tonight. I was going for thick/thin with this one, but I'm nto really good at that. We'll see what the finished yarn will look like tomorrow, after it's bath and drying in the sunshine.

Here's the yarn from yesterday. I really love it. It's Falkland colorway My Secret, 264yds, 3-ply. It poofed up after the bath, but it's not really THAT soft.

TdF day 2-FCK-My Secret-4oz Falkland- 264yds-3ply-1

TdF day 2-FCK-My Secret-4oz Falkland- 264yds-3ply-1

TdF day 2-FCK-My Secret-4oz Falkland- 264yds-3ply-1

Even though I've got all kinds of aches and pains right now, I want to push myself to do more than I usually would. It's supposed to be a challenge, isn't it?

As if all that were not enough, I've got bitten by the reading bug again. This is like an addiction, once I start it, I can't stop doing it, so I've come to read late at night, until the early morning hours. I try not to be too grumpy during the day. :o)



Beverly said...

Another gorgeous yarn. The fall colors really come through in this one.

CelticCastOn said...

Denny you are the cutest little spinner man ever!!

Michelle said...

Denny is such a good helper! I love your yarns so far. Are you going to have any fiber left after TdF?

Sharon said...

OMG! How many hours did you spend at the wheel?! I try to cut myself off after four hours. I have all kinds of aches and pains, not the least of which is in my shoulder. I can't even think about tomorrow because I can't spin until after work.

Your new yarn looks like warm toast. Too bad it's not that soft. It'll probably make a nice pair of slippers.

renetsil said...

Talking books are a great way to do both at once :) is a great place to find most books pretty reasonably if you have a listening device !

MmmYarn said...

Can you loan me Denny? My spinning is always very slow; I'm sure with a helper it will go much faster. Just kidding. Your spinning is lovely; I've been admiring your beautiful products and your impressive output rate for months.

lexa said...

Denny's such a good helper! Love the yarn. :)

TracyKM said...

Love that new yarn from yesterday!
Our dog insists on keeping his paw on us when we're sitting around.
Do you have an e-reader or use audio books and could "read" while you spin?

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Aaaaaaaawwww! Dennny!

Carrie#K said...

That's so much spicier looking than I was expecting! Really lovely. But with that paw of experience guiding could you go wrong?

Ah, the reading bug! What're you reading?

Walden said...

Beautiful fiber! What a wonderful helper you have!

2paw said...

Oh what a clever boy Denny is. I love his gorgeous eyes as he look up at you!!!