Thursday, July 07, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 6

I knew early in the morning, that I would not have a lot of time for spinning today. I did get yesterdays singles plied.

TdF-day 6
After I wound it on the niddy noddy, it had a nice hot bath,

TdF-day 6

and a lovely time drying in the sunshine.
TdF-day 6

For a 100% merino yarn this could be softer. It also gave me a hard time spinning it, but I guess it was just that I'm not used to spinning merino fiber. I don't like it much. I like Polwarth or Targhee much better.

TdF-day 6

TdF-day 6

TdF-day 6

This is 3-ply, 232yds.
Today I've only filled one bobbin so far, that is 1/3 of 4oz. I decided to spin the second 4oz right away, so basically I'm doing the same thing I did yesterday and this morning. This fiber has been in my stash long enough.
While I was spinning, the pups had a great time, trying to eat the camera. Denny got really close.
July 7-11 - 2

Close but no dice. I'm glad Maggie made it into the pictures for once.
July 7-12

Happy is resting under the table, after a fine swim. Oh, and here's me, spinning, right behind Maggie's big head. Actually, she's got a small head, and she's a little googly eyed again today.
She does NOT like the camera.
July 7-9 - 2



CelticCastOn said...

So I'm looking at a picture of Happy then my eye catches something to the left and bit and GAH! Denny's eye scared the crap out of me lol I didn't realize that was actually him :)
Is that your kitchen sink? I love it!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Googley eyes or not - Maggie is so pretty. And so it the yarn.

Michelle said...

I love Denny.

Sharon said...

No spinning (or plying) for me today. I didn't get out of work until 11:15p! :( Tomorrow is another day.

Keep up the good work, though! You're really smoking hot on this tour. Hmmm ... maybe you are the Mark Cavendish of spinning.

Susan said...

That shot of Denny is hilarious! I am still blown away by how much spinning you're getting done.

Stadtwaldvogel said...

I love to read about your daily TdF progress. Funny how Denny tries to eat the camera! Have a wonderful weekend! Yours, Julia

2paw said...

Great dog photos today, gorgeous close-up of Denny, and Maggie- googly eyed or not, she is still beautiful!! Happy does love to swim, and I bet he needed a rest!!! Your wool is just lovely, and it looks great when it is washed and skeined!!