Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It will only be a break!

Birthday flowers from DH Karl

My husband said, I could not leave you like that, and he is right of course. I want to thank you all for your Birthday wishes and comments you left on my last post! They are heartwarming, and very much appreciated!

My decision to take a break from blogging was a right one for me, necessary and important, but I already know that I will be back next year! So, my friends, lets not say goodbye, but rather, see you later! :o)

And apropos nothing, look what I saw in the Supermarket: Disney's new character is a White German Shepherd puppy called BOLT!

He reminded me of Sam. :o)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's my Birthday!

It's my birthday today! I found this picture while looking for another one. I wish I was still that girl, but wise beyond my years, with my life ahead of me, making different decisions at every crossroad of my life. I'm saying Goodbye here for the time being, I don't know yet, when or if I'll be back. But I'm sure we'll meet at ravelry and I'll continue to read your blog posts.
Happy knitting, spinning, and whatever you enjoy doing!


Monday, November 10, 2008

Trip to Austria - Part 4

Oh boy, I hope you are still with me! I was only away for a week, and there's so much to show. I can't possibly show it in one or two or three, but more posts. It will come to an end eventually. :o)This is my sock knitting grandmother (87). She's wearing a mohair capelet I've knit for her. She's always feeling cold, unless she's got hot flashes. ;o) We both knit a pair of socks during the time I visited.

I made three of these capelettes, the pattern is free by Mary Jane Protus, very fun and easy and fast to knit. The top, blue capelet was made with a 90% mohair 10% Polyamide yarn, and was for my grandmother. The other two I made with yarn my mom sent me some time ago, which was the other way around 10% mohair, 90% acrylic. Not my favorite stuff to knit with. My mom kept the redish one, and she'll find someone for the pink one, I'm sure.

I was surprised to learn that my godmother is a sock knitter too! I haven't seen her in many years. Never knew she's a knitter. I would have brought some sock yarn for her otherwise. I think she liked her scarf. She said, she was gifted with knitting only once before. I'm not sure baby blue is her color though.

My mother had invited my sister in laws, so they could meet their brother and me. Those ladies have wagging tongues, I tell you. I almost fell of my chair for laughter. They thought I used a knitting machine to knit the scarves, and wondered how one can knit those fine stitches. They are NOT knitters at all. But I think they liked them as well. The forth SIL was there too, but not in the picture. Too bad.

I did not get pictures of all people I gifted with my hand knits, but they all seemed to like their gifts.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Trip to Austria - Part 3

Winery Kieslinger on top of the hill

I arrived in Austria on Wednesday, and Karl picked me up at my parents house Friday afternoon. It was another wonderful sunny day. We had enough time to hike a little. Our first destination was Buschenschank Kieslinger. It's on top of this hill surrounded by vineyards in all directions.

From there we walked to a look-out, which you can just imagine in the next picture. It's a little to the right and up from the group of houses.

In the next picture you can see the Kieslinger house left far behind us. It was magical to walk there, the sun was already low, the fall colores on the leaves and everywhere around us, just gorgeous!
The view in the next picture was like from a fairy tale book. I hope all the pictures are click able, to really enjoy them full.
Most of the grapes were already harvested. Only here and there were some left for special wines. I don't drink wine or any other alcohol, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the beauty of those lovely country sides, and what they have to offer visually.
From the look-out we walked back to the winery, and had some refreshing elder-blossom juice mixed with sparkling water. That's a divine drink, if you ever have a chance to drink this, you MUST do so! We would have had dinner there too, but my sister had invited us, so we had to drive back to Graz.

We met with my sister and her family, as well as my brother and his girlfriend, and had a nice evening. No pictures though. Sometimes it's just not happening.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

New books, a ton of inspiration!

Yesterday these fine books, and magazine came into my hands, long awaited, and now I'm going to work through them. From what I've seen so far, there are many projects in them, which I want to make right now, or later. This will keep me busy for a long time.
Knitted lace of Estonia by Nancy Bush. This is a wonderful book. I've preordered it and now I have it, and I'll go and look for some yarn, to start right in on a project. Don't know yet, which one, because there are several I like.
This book I preordered here. The title page picture was an unfortunate choice, but there are several projects in them, which I like very much. The colores, and yarn choices are not always what I would have chosen, but the designs are great. Can't wait to cast on for something from this book as well.

My son brought me home this magazine. Before I left for my trip I got one copy, which I sent off to Germany. This Holiday issue has several nice projects in it as well.
On the other hand, I saw the preview of IK Holiday Issue, and I'm very disappointed. There was only one project I would have liked to make eventually, and it turned out, that it starts with casting on over 900 stitches. Ahem, not exactly what I love to do. So no, this year I'll pass on this one.
Really, I'm off reading my new books, and trying to decide what I will be casting on first. Tough decision! :o)

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trip to Austria - Part 2

I realize this is a knitting blog, but not much knitting has been going on during my trip, or since my return back home.

This trip was very important to me, since my life has become narrow, confined, cut off from the rest of the world. I discovered that there IS a world outside the knitting world, where people have no clue, nor interest in knitting or any other fiber activity, even the only yarn shop owner in the small town of Fuerstenfeld, where I stayed with my parents, knew nothing about knitting blogs or Ravelry. I tried to explain to her, but in the end she just called me weird in my face, which had me stumped, but I had to laugh too. Poor woman, she doesn't know what she's missing. Her store is a one room store, with one half stuffed with yarn, the other half was reserved for all kinds of needle point stuff and other. She did not have a single Knitting magazine, except some from Lang Yarn, which she was selling. I was only interested in sock yarn, but there was not much to choose from. I was looking for Regia Silk, which she didn't have. I still managed to buy a few balls of self patterning sock yarn, because I liked the happy colors. And there were new Hundertwasser sock yarn colorways I liked too. I was surprised to find, that she did not have Steinbach cotton thread at all! I was so sure I would find it there, since it's an Austrian company, but no luck there. I did not want to leave without any cotton thread, still thinking of knitting Franklin's 1840 Nightcap. I choose a different brand, in these colorways. Not all are meant for Nightcaps, but for lace shawls as well.

Out front there was some sock yarn on SALE. I took one ball of 6-fach sock yarn and knit a pair of socks on 3mm needles for my son. I just managed to finish them on time. They were meant for bed socks, and he wore them before I could take a picture, so you get a picture of worn socks! :o)
By the way, I took some lace knitting with me to the airport. I started to knit a shawl while waiting for the flight. I had no problems whatsoever with security, but since it was a night time flight, I did not knit on the plane at all. I think I'll rip what I have so far, but it was good to have, to keep me occupied while waiting.

You'd like to know if Sam missed me? This is him, sleeping in David's bedroom, in the middle of the night, taken with his cell phone. Want to see another one? Same dog, different night. He slept like that each night.

... sometimes Biko got to use the bed as well. When I returned Sam ignored me until the next day. He's so funny.

... next post I'll show you some goodies I've brought home with me, or I might squeeze in a post about places I went ...

Monday, November 03, 2008

Trip to Austria - Part 1

I had some trouble getting back, my soul must have taken a different plane home than I did, but now I think it caught up with me again. This trip was booked with two purposes in mind. To make a long overdue visit to see my parents and grandmother, and to resolve, if possible some other issues.

Of course as you all know, every trip is too short, and so was this one. I flew from Toronto to Vienna, and from Vienna to Graz. I arrived very tired, but excited at around lunch time. My DH Karl picked me up and since it was a warm, sunny day, we went straight Downtown Graz to have lunch, and walk around to reconnect with so many old memories, and sights. I have to admit, we took the elevator up the Schlossberg, because I could not face the many steps leading up to it, I was too tired. The Schlossberg is 475m high, and we had a wonderful view in all directions. I could easily stay in Graz for a week and not get bored at all. I'm sorry that I was too early for the Advent markets, but I got to see the "Maroni Brater"; they grill Chestnuts on the streets; the smell is divine, and the taste wonderful.

I did not take any pictures during the first few hours after my arrival, I didn't think straight, was too tired and wanted just to enjoy being there.
In any case, Graz was not my final destination, and we had to drive another hour to get to my parents house. There, a big WELCOME sign awaited me, with my parents and grandmother in front of it! It really had been too long.

To be continued ....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm back!

click for big
Hi there! I'm back from my trip, but I've not landed mentally yet! Talk to you soon! :o)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Raspberry Rhapsody Scarf

the color in this picture is way off

This will be the last FO to show you before my trip. It's called Raspberry Rhapsody scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer and it's REAL lace! You don't get to relax on the wrong sides, but have to do patterning as well. I adore this little scarf! There will be another one in the future.

the color in this picture comes close to the true color

It's on the short side, but it will have to do, since I only had 3 balls of the yarn. I made it for my godmother, who I will see back home. I haven't seen her in years, and years, so I'm looking forward to it. I hope she likes the color, I don't have a clue what her favorite colores are.

This pattern can be found in the book "The Knitter's Book of Yarn" by Clara Parkes. It has 40 patterns in it, and this is the third pattern I've knit from it. And there are still more I want to do. This book is definitely worth its money.

pattern: Raspberry Rhapsody scarf by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
yarn: elann Baby Cashmere, 60% Baby Alpaca, 30% merino wool, 10% Cashmere, 3 balls ~ 327yds
needles: 4mm (used my KP Harmony straights)
size after blocking: 11" x 50"
start-finish: Oct. 04-10

Since it's written instructions I made myself a sheet with the main body instructions, giving every row a different color and printed out in landscape format, so the instructions could stand in one row for each row. Yes, I need aids like that sometimes, it made it a much more relaxed and fun knit. The pattern is very well written and I especially like the built in border, so clever!

I noticed that one of the pictures of this scarf in the book was taken around the same time of year in a similar setting as my first picture.

Now, I still have to finish my Terttu shawl II. I underestimated knitting a triangular shawl again. The rows are getting long and longer. I'm hoping to finish it by tomorrow, and after a bath and a stretch it should be dry by Tuesday. After that I'm done and ready to go.

I will have to knit the TTL Mystery Socks when I get back. I'm itching for sock knitting real bad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Preparations ...

No meme needed to share something about me. I hate to go to the hairdresser. O.K. I shouldn't say "hate", it's a too strong a word, but I dislike it profoundly. The last time I went was two years ago. I have long, straight hair, which needs to be colored and occasionally cut. I did that myself, because I could not bare the thought of wasting two hours of my time, and a lot of money at the hairdresser's.

Well, today I went, made an appointment even for it last week. My needs are pretty much straight forward. Two employees, two customers. Should not take too long, right?

The goo was smeared on, I almost dozed off, would have, but the music was so annoying. Without my glasses on, I'm almost blind as a bat. Didn't want to sit with a magazine right in front of my nose, so I was contemplating my life. I got a little nervous, when the alarm went off, and nobody came to wash out the color. While I was waiting, there were other customers to be taken care off.

Anyway, finally I got a wash, and I told her how much she was allowed to take off. Layers in front? Don't touch that!
In the past, I once ran off with wet hair, because I could not take it anymore. After two years, I thought I should be more grown up and wait it out. I did NOT want her to style my hair, just blow dry it, for gods sake! I was tempted to grab the damn thing and do it myself, but hey, I'm almost 44, I can be patient. She burned my skin, and after I winced several times, and TOLD her it was too hot, she put me under that funny thing, where you go, when you got rollers in your hair.
At first it was fine, and immediately my eyes started to fall shut, almost dozed off again, until suddenly it got hot again, and after a second of panic, I finally figured out how to get that thing off my head. I got up, and declared, that I'm done (stick a fork in me).

I went to the counter, got my wallet out, the hairdresser came around and reached for the cover, still tangling from my neck (she was a head shorter than me, but I did not bend my knees). I paid and left. Time spent there - 1 hour and 53 minutes. See you in two years.

Relatives and friends! See what I go through for you? ;o)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My creation

I had to make some tough decisions lately. One, which was easy compared to the other decisions was to frog my Noro 10-stitch blanket! That's right. I love this colorway so much, that I decided to use the yarn for a cardigan for myself. Last night, I ripped. It was almost heart breaking, because this was already lap sized, so cozy, soft and warm, and I wish I could have both. My son asked open mouthed, whether it didn't feel weird to undo so many hours of knitting in such a short time. No, it didn't. I don't think it ever bothered me to frog knitting, after I've decided to do so. I think it's great, that you can do that, if you change your mind.
But don't ask me what cardigan I'll be knitting. I don't know yet, and it will definitely be after my trip to Austria, which is upcoming next week.

On Ravelry I saw some Old Shale Lace Shawls by Evelyn A. Clark, from the Spin Off magazine 2008. There was one I liked a lot, it was the yarn, which made me take notice. I was very disappointed at first, when I saw the shawl in the magazine, so boring, and I would have never knit it just from the pictures in the magazine. But as you can see, I did. I used Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn, one ball only. It's a shawlette rather, but this way it has more chances of being worn as a scarf. I love it! I made a crochet picot bind off, because I liked it. The picot instructions for a knit bind off, sounded like a PIA to me, so I grabbed a hook instead.

pattern: Old Shale Lace Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark, Spin Off magazine Summer 2008
yarn: Noro Silk Garden Sock, color # 252 S, one ball, had a tiny bit left over yarn
needle: 4.5mm
size after blocking: 24" x 46"
start-finish: Sept. 27 -30

This shawl was fun to knit, I enjoyed it from the very first to the very last stitch. There will be more of this kind.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Phoenix mittens!

My creation

Happy Thanksgiving to all you Canadians! and (happy Columbus Day to you folks in the US)!

edited: October 14th: A very attentive and critical reader of my blog made me aware of what Columbus Day and it's controversy is all about. Ignorance is never an excuse. And I'm always happy to learn new things. Even if only meaning well, one can step on someone else's feet. I'm not deleting it, so you know what I'm talking about.

I have other, older stuff to show you, but I finished these mittens last night. I call them Phoenix mittens, after the name of the fiber.

I made some basic mittens, no pattern, just of the top of my head. I cast on 54 stitches and knit them on 2.75mm needles. They turned out a little wide around the palm, so I decreased to 50 stitches after I separated for the thumb.

They looked boring to me, so I decided to embroider them a little bit. I'm not good at this, and I don't enjoy it. A million ends to weave in, urgh! They are O.K. but I'm not thrilled. Love the strong colores though. I had lots of left over yarn for at least a pair of baby booties, if I wanted to make some. Not that I do.

Just short and sweet today. Need to enjoy the lovely weather. Sam's limping along fine, enjoying life, Biko is up to no good as always, if left to her own device. No gobble-gobble for us, just plain old chicken.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Aran Island mittens x 2

Hey, thanks for your tips for travel knitting. I think I'll go with lace, since I knit my socks on 5 double point needles, I don't think that would be a good choice. I have several things in mind already. But here are some finished projects:

The first try to knit those mittens failed, due to me not being able to read through the instructions carefully. I used too thick yarn and too large needles. The second and third try turned out O.K. Still, these mittens are huge, even with the right needle size, and stretchy, and I LOVE them! The green ones, are for me, of course. The red ones are for Hannah.

green Aran Island mittens:

yarn: Debbie Bliss DK merino
needles: 3.25mm, DP
pattern: from the book "Folk Mittens" by Marcia Lewandowski
start-finish: Sept. 09 - 11
modifications. I did a (k3,p1) on the palm side, to hold it a little together. I also didn't like the reverse stockinette look of the thumb, so I made it just stockinette stitch and I like it very much. I LOVE the green color!
This pattern is easy to knit, and memorize, that's why I did a second pair right away, and would do another one, it's that much fun!
I made some minor mistakes, but nothing major.

My creation

red Aran Island mittens:
yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca light, color # 4281, 1 1/2 skeins, 50g = 14yds, 50% alpaca, 50% peruvian wool
needles: 3.25mm
pattern: same as above
start-finish: Sept. 23-26 (O.K. so I knit something else in between the two pairs)

You can clearly see, that the fuzzy alpaca yarn does not show the cables as crisp as the 100% merino yarn does. Still, I like the heathered look of the red, and they are so soft and warm.
I made the same mods as with the green ones, but fewer mistakes. And - I found a different way to make the bobbles, which I liked better, and they are rounder, but smaller.

This happens, when you have headphones on and ignore the asking stare of your puppy. Biko snuck up on the bed, which both of them are not allowed to do without permission (usually they walk up to the couch or bed, turn to look at whoever is in the room and wait for the word "up"). But she's so cute, so she's forgiven. That was before I turned on the heat. I think she was cold, since she was swimming for the last time this year. Now she's fine in her own bed, heat is on, but on low. Might turn it off again, since it's supposed to get warmer towards the weekend. We'll see.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Little Sky

I was hopping into my LYS Serenity Knits the other day, it was last Friday, to be exact, not that it matters. I can hear my son say, "Get there faster!", which is a private joke, one you might understand, if you watched "Friends" as much as we did. It's a Joey thing. Anyway, I needed another circular needle, to give the Nightcap another try. Since I'm casting on fewer stitches, they didn't fit on the other circ I already had. I'm seriously considering getting one of these, because really, I never have the needle the size and length I need it. Thinking about it.
Alright, I'm not always finding exactly what I want/need at my LYS, but the Ladies sure do try. This time I was lucky though, and not just in one way.
The owners Beth and Karen, always nice to talk to gifted me with this new sock yarn, meant for my daughter. Thank you!

Well, the ball band says you need three balls for one pair of socks. What could I do with one ball? After dismissing several options I settled on baby booties. They can still be for my daughter some day, not that she's in need of them right now. :o)

I was looking through patterns on ravelry, when it hit me, that there were Baby booties in Cat Bordhi's "New Pathway" book. Of course! I always wanted to give them a try. So I started with Lesson sock number 1 in the book: Little Sky socks!

You know I love Cat's designs. They were such fun to knit. The yarn is a fun yarn too. I can see myself wearing a pair of socks around the house. They are fuzzy, very soft and warm. While knitting them I thought it would be nice to knit a baby sweater with this yarn too.

The yarn is made of 39% new wool, 61% Polyamide. One ball is 50g/125m, and you should use 3-4mm needles. I used 4mm DP. Boy the first round was hard. I have only 4mm metal DP's and they slipped out of my grip, and through the loops more than once. But after that is was fun, and easy. It also says on the ball band, you can wash it in the washing machine and even put it into the dryer.

It took not quite half the ball for these babies, so I will knit another pair soon.

Oh, did I mention it's called "Regia Softy Color"? The only off-putting thing here would be the prize. With $ 9.99 + tax a ball, it's a bit pricey for me. A pair of socks would be over $ 30. On the other hand I imagine they would keep longer than 100% merino wool socks.
In any case, thank you Beth and Karen for providing me with yarn to have fun with! :o)
BTW: I can't decide what project to take for my trip to Austria. What would be a good one, for travelling, sitting at the airport etc.? Any experience? Any ideas?

Friday, October 03, 2008

Do I really need another blanket?

Not really. Am I crazy or what? I would really NEED a sweater right about now, but I haven't even started one! I DO have several knit blankets however, a couple in the works, and now I've started another mosaic blanket. I've had this on my mind for, oh say, over a year now. I've bought the yarn for it, after I finished my fitst mosaic blanket, and yesterday, I finally cast on for the first square. The pattern is from the magazine "Family Circle Easy Knitting, Holiday 2003, pattern # 12. I made myself a graph of the design, so I can work it "my way". It's a little different in the original pattern.

I'm using Jojoland Rhythm for the multicolored yarn, and Jojoland Wool Yarn for the natural white one. I'm going to knit not separate squares, but bands of squares one on top of each other, maybe 8 or 10, and later sew those bands together. Anything to reduce the sewing part.

I'm wondering if I should rip this square out though. I'm using 4.5mm needles, which is appropriate for this yarn, but with the slip stitch pattern it makes it stiff like a board. Can't say the wool is soft, rather scratchy, but good enough for a blanket, and I prefer wool over acrylic. So there's something to think about. I'll not put a lot of time into this one just yet. Want to work on the lace shawl and the Noro blanket first.

Will I ever knit a sweater for myself? It's getting cold, and it would be nice to have one. It's just not the same to tuck a blanket around one's body, while letting the dogs outside to pee, no, not the same. One day, I guess, I will muster enough courage to cast on for something more practical.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

October Mystery Sock Clue # 1 - Cuff

I stumbled upon Kirstin's blog entry last night, and decided, that it's time for another mystery knitalong. The last one I participated in was almost a year ago, hosted by Mona Schmidt. This should be fun. I'm going to cast on for the second cuff right away, and while waiting for the next clue, I'll have lots to do. Just to remind you (and me), what I've got on my needles right now:

1. Noro 10-stitch blanket (knit on it almost every night)
2. SWS 10-stitch blanket (on hold)
3. Terttu Shawl II by Lankakomero (I LOVE this shawl!)
4. Bliss entrelac blanket (scroll down a bit) - it's on time out. I wanted to rip it, but I'm more than halfway done, so I'll finish it someday.

And - I'm happy to say, that I'm back in the spinning groove! I navajo plied the Light Coopworth I've spun some time ago. It's for the mittens I wanted to spin for (and I will finish spinning for this project!). It's the second skein with ~ 245yds. With two of those that's more than enough for mittens.

I had fun spinning Phoenix. I didn't mind what the outcome would be, I just had to get back into spinning. The skein is still a little damp, and it's a little over twisted, but not too much. I've got ~ 366yds, 2-ply yarn. It will stripe, if knit in the round for mittens or socks. It's not going to be socks though, maybe mittens. I'm looking forward to knit with this yarn. It's superwash merino, and very soft. On a grey, rainy day, looking at this yarn makes me happy.

I've already started spinning the chocolate and cherries fiber! Can't wait to see how that will come out.

Lots to do, so I better get going.

Monday, September 29, 2008

What spinning?

O.K. I fixed the link to Sunshine Yarns.
One last word about ravelry login, and than I'll shut up. Of course I do know about the "remember me", and I've checked it, but it only remembers my user name, I still have to type in the password. It's the same with blogger, and hotmail, remember the username, type in the password. Anyhow, it's no big deal. :o)

9 x 50-70yds. of superwash merino yarn, Fall Color Collection.

Ever since I announced that I wanted to spin for a specific project (mittens), I've NOT touched my spinning wheel. Every day I feel guilty, when I pass by it, but find excuses why I don't get on with it. I've decided to forget about spinning for a specific project. I want it to be fun, and I'd rather spin with joy, and find something to do with the yarn later, than not spin at all.

colorway "Phoenix"

That's why I shopped for new fiber to get me motivated again. The above picture of mini skeins, as well as both braided roving where purchased at Sunshine Yarns .

colorway "Chocolate and Cherries"

I do have to admit, that "Phoenix" is almost too much, even for me. We'll see how this will turn out. I do LOVE the "Chocolate and Cherries" colorway.

I think I will use the mini skeins to knit the mittens I wanted to spin for.

My creation

Sam is enjoying himself in the back yard. He's doing not too bad under the circumstances. But the drug prednisone makes him do things, he normally doesn't do. This morning, after we were up and about, and we all had our breakfast, we found him in the hall upstairs, licking his chops. That meant one thing: he ate something! He's under no circumstances supposed to gain weight, it would put too much pressure on his front legs. Anyway, I knew at once, that he was in the bedroom, and helped himself to treats. I have an open box beside my bed, to give them treats, before bedtime. He never stole from it before, but I found it half empty, even though I refilled it just last night. Must be horrible to feel hungry and thirsty all the time.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Finished and Frogged

The last two weeks did not bring forth the knitting which I had planned. I've never frogged so much before. That's why I'm happy that I have some finished projects to show you, which were finished in early August. First, there are Newfoundland mittens, my 6th pair!

Newfoundland mittens by Creative Whimsy
yarn: black: Patons Classic Wool Merino, and Noro Silk Garden color # 239
needles: 4.5mm
Claudia hat by Exartstudent
yarn: Peruvian Collection Highland Wool, color # 2117
needle: 4mm
This hat turned out rather small, more for a child's head.

Turn a square hat by Jared
yarn: Patons Classic Wool Merino, color # 00229, Natural Mix, and Noro Silk Garden, color # 239
needles: 4mm and 4.5mm

This hat turned out too big. That's why I made a second one, knit only with 4mm needles, but there's not much of a difference. Nevertheless, this Turn a Square hat was fun to knit, and I learned how to knit stripes without the jog at the beginning of the round. I'm all for learning new things, once in a while.
And here is one of my frogged finished projects. It's the 1840 Nightcap by Franklin
It was totally my fault, that the first attempt didn't pan out. I used 2.5mm needles. Although I didn't have the same yarn brand as the pattern called for, I've got a pretty close match. It was a PIA to knit this, so many purl rows, but I wanted to knit one just the same. I think it would make a fun gift, for any bald head.
That's why I bought some 2mm circs and cast on again. The pattern called for 2.25mm needles. And I got a smaller cap (only knit it half this time, put it on a thread, and let my son try it on), but still it was way too big.
The pattern says, it's supposed to be 22" at the lace edge. I've got 25" with the first attempt, and 24" with the second one (frogged of course). Before I frogged the second one, I've measured the cap above the lace edge, where the purl rows are, and it showed 28"!!!! Not good.
Now, I wanted to knit this as a gift, but can't bring myself to cast it on a third time. Maybe later, but not right now. I'm definitely are going to make changes to this pattern, like casting on less stitches, if I ever will knit this again. It's too bad, really.
*Oh, and there's another thing. I'm a little bit short tempered right now, and I think it's very annoying, that people in blog land use ravelry links more and more. Even though I'm on ravelry, I still have to log in every time I follow a link, which takes time. I'd rather have the links follow to the original source, don't you?*

Monday, September 22, 2008

Knit Picks Harmony Straight Needles - Winners

(notice the beautiful fall flowers in the background)

I asked Biko to bark me three numbers, which she did considerably well. Of course she was heavily influenced by my son, who whispered numbers in her ears. So here are the three lucky ones, who each get a pair of Knit Picks Harmony Straight Needles:

Angelika - 4mm needles

Hege - 4mm needles

Knatolee - 5mm needles

Congratulations, Ladies! Please send me your address via e-mail, so I can send them to you asap.

Some wanted to know about the mosaic knitting. It's just a swatch. I felt like slip stitch knitting, and that's it.

Oh, and also: Welcome Autumn!