Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 20

This morning was the first day since I can remember, that I didn't make myself some tea for breakfast. It was just too hot. When I first walked outside with Denny at the and of the leash so he could do his business, my glasses fogged up right away. The difference of temperatures between inside and outside were great. It felt so uncomfortable, and I had trouble breathing. I don't know where the humidity comes from, since it hasn't rained in a long time.
Even the neighbors, who stay outside all day, acknowledged that this was an extra hot day, by putting up some canvas over half their backyard to get some shade. But shade or not, it still felt like almost 50C! I've never experienced temperatures like that.

Thankfully it's wonderful cool in the basement, and I could spin uninterrupted what I had planned.
I finished Petey Pete, superwash merino. I'm going to ply it later.

TdF- day 20- Petey Pete for 3-ply done-2

Yesterday I finished my purplish/blue fiber, plying took longer than I expected, but I wanted to get it into the dye pot at all costs. And I did.
Here it is: 2 skeins of sw merino, 2-plied, together a total of 739yds. It's very squishy, and poofed up quite a lot while drying in the hot air. It's also very soft.

first skein: 350yds
TdF day 20-sw merino- 2 skeins-2-ply-total of 739yds-6oz-2

second skein: 389yds
TdF day 20-sw merino- 2 skeins-2-ply-total of 739yds-6oz-3

TdF day 20-sw merino- 2 skeins-2-ply-total of 739yds-6oz-8

We let the dogs out of course, but not as long as normally. They didn't want to stay outside anyway, and hurried to the door, when I gave the signal to retreat into our cool lodgings.

Inside they rested (Happy), and played (Denny & Maggie).

But mostly they slept the day away.


Susan said...

We had humidex values of 44C on Mon. and Tues. I heard about your weather today and you have my sincerest sympathy.

Carrie K said...

I love the colors of Petey Pete!

I'm with the pups. I wanted to sleep the day away too.

2paw said...

I think Happy is wondering what those two youngsters are doing, playing so hard when it is so hot!! I am glad you have a place to be cool and escape the heat. Your dyeing looks great!!!

Beverly said...

I thought this was pretty as it was but the overdyeing further enhanced the light and dark shades and it is definitely prettier.

We always have high temps in the summer but the 90% to 100% humidity is a killer. At 6:30 this evening the heat index was still 105. I hope it improves everywhere soon.

Preita said...

That purple yarn looks amazing! I can't believe how much spinning you've got done! It's been so nice and cool here the last few weeks (unlike the rest of the nation)and I love it. The boys have been playing non-stop, I don't know how they have the energy.

Sharon said...

Wow! You sure get great yardage on those lovely skeins! I hope I did too.

I haven't measured one skein of yarn yet, but I did find my meter so I'm hoping to get that done before the tour ends. Yikes!

The humidity here is a beast as well. This is day five of the heat wave. Oy!

Päivi Eerola said...

Love the purple yarn! You are so brave to take part of Tour de Fleece. I haven't got the courage but I have been spinning quite a lot lately too!

Michaela said...

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