Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 12

Rest days are never good for me. They take the wind out of me, and it's even harder to get back in the saddle. Last night, after I finished my Esther yarn, I prepared the next braid for spinning, but could not for the life of me, sit at the wheel and spin. So I didn't. I finished my test knit instead, and it felt really good.

Here's the yarn from yesterday: Esther on BFL, 3-ply, 259yds. I had left over singles on two bobbins, that explains the lower yardage.
TdF day 12-Esther-BFL-3-ply-259yds

TdF day 12-Esther-BFL-3-ply-259yds

TdF day 12-Esther-BFL-3-ply-259yds

and the real color is between the photos above, and this one.
TdF day 12-Esther-BFL-3-ply-259yds

Today I only got 2oz of my second braid of Esther spun. I might do a little more later on, but I certainly will not finish it today.
TdF day 12-Esther II-2oz spun

While I'm writing this blog post, the pups are here with me in my studio. They are tired, thank god!
in my studio

Denny looks like he's shunned.

in my studio

There is a thing like too much swimming for the dogs. Happy has some back ache today. I think it comes from him standing in the pool with his hind legs so much and playing with the hose hanging in from the side. No more hose playing for him, and reduced swimming time the next few days. I can't keep him out altogether though, he's so sneaky sometimes. The other two are fine. Maggie didn't swim at all today, just got hosed down, which she likes just fine. Denny did swim, but mostly sits his butt at the stairs, soaking, waiting for Happy to come out.



Virginia G said...

They're so cute! Sorry that Happy's back hurts though. Poor boy.

2paw said...

Good on you for taking a much needed knitting break!!
Those German Shepherd are so cute and alert together. I don't think Denny would have fitted on the couch. It is a hard life when you play so much that you get a pain!!!

Sharon said...

I know exactly how you feel! I'm so tired of sitting on the stool to spin that I've actually considered trying to bring my wheel into my bedroom to see if I can spin while lying down. Sheesh!

My meter to measure yarn is missing and I so need it!! I don't think my yardage (over 4 ounces) is anything near where yours is over the same amount. Time and practice will make me better.

Now, I must find a cushion for my stool.

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

The colors of Ester are just gorgeous ~ soft gray and purple make a lovely combination!

Looking forward to seeing your test knit :)

Hope you get your energy back and am happy for you that the pups look ready for a rest day too!