Thursday, November 30, 2006

Super Glitz-Flying V-scarf

With this yarn and this pattern I think a perfect marriage was achieved! Unfortunately there's no sun outside, as you can see in the next picture, it's one o'clock in the afternoon and it's not even quite light outside. There's snow and rain in the forecast, so I went ahead and took some pictures. It's quite cozy in here. David is studying for his exam, Sam is just dozing, Biko was snoring while watching the street with one eye. But she was happy to model the scarf for me. ;o)
I've used up all but a couple of yards of yarn.. Not enough for fringes, which would have been nice, since the scarf is on the short side.

There you go:

yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Super Glitz: superwash merino wool plied with a strand of glitter, DK- weight, 1 hank of 4 oz./ 325 yds
needle: 4mm
pattern: from "Exquisite Little Knits" by Iris Schreier (Flying V-scarf). This is one of my favorite patterns. I've made it before and will make it again.
size: 5" X 56"

The only modification I made was to cast on 19 sts instead of the 17 in the book, since I've used thinner yarn.

This is for Judy from Alaska: The pattern I've used for the green scarf (which was frogged) is from the "A Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns" by Barbara G. Walker called "hearts of oak". It's quite nice on both sides, ideal for a scarf. I'll be making it for sure, but have to see about having enough yarn for a scarf. It's not on top of my list though. ;o)

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

New beginnings - again, and again, and again ...

Do you remember these squares? My daughter choose these four colors for a blanket. I made exactly four squares and lost interest. I've spent almost two hours ripping them out the other day! You ask yourself : WHY so long? Well, let me give you some advise: Do NEVER, EVER weave in the ends before your project is finished and you are absolutely sure you want it the way it is. I have woven in the ends so perfectly, I had a hard time finding them. And I've realized that binding off is not my strong thing. Every fifth stitch was knit into the split yarn and I had to yank it out pretty hard each time. Anyway, the squares are ripped out and now for my new blanket plan. Oh, yes, did I mention I've already started on the next blanket! Yeah, nuts. But it's going to take me a while, this one. I'm making lots and lots of little squares again and I'm telling myself, that it's O.K. to have to sew them together at one point or other. We'll see when we get there. Well, here I present my first almost finished square. The magic mosaic blanket square # 1. This kind of knitting is so much fun!
There was a time, right after finishing the Courthousestep blanket and after the Puppy Dog Socks, were for a few seconds I had no WIP's on my needles! Imagine! Of course that couldn't last for long. There are so many things I'd like to knit and being in a limbo like that is hard for me to decide what's next?! I don't HAVE to knit any presents for Christmas any more, all done. Still, what to do? I've got new needles to try out and this yarn.
David: What are you going to make with this ugly yarn?
Me: What ugly yarn? You mean my self dyed green yarn? ;o)
David: Oh! Soooooo pretty! ;o)

Anyway, I wanted to try out a new stitch pattern, which turned out more complicated than I thought. For instance: "purl through the back loop" - twice! Holy m........ Isn't there an easier way to do this stitch? As it turns out I don't have enough yarn to make a decent length of scarf, even so I LOVE the yellowish/neonish green yarn , so, it is no longer. Rip-rip-rip.

That happens a lot in the in-between-stage of a new project. Frenzied casting on, ripping out, casting on, ripping out ....

This one's a keeper. Ever since I've got this yarn from Sybille for my birthday it has been sitting on top of my sock yarn mountain. I like the color combination a lot. They will be simple stockinet stitch socks, but I'll knit until I run out of yarn. But I don't think they will be long enough for stockings, since I have a large size foot. I'm using 2 mm needles and it still seems too loose for me. I don't own smaller needles than 2 mm. I'm using metal ones here, but they slip right out very easily. I like Bamboo better, but with 2 mm I'm afraid they will break.
This one's my favorite! I've settled for the flying V-scarf. This yarn looks still great after four failed attempts on different patterns. Sometimes the yarn does not cooperate. But this pattern, which I made before, is made for this yarn or vice versa. I just love it! See the little sparkly things? They make it a bit scratchy, but the colors are phenomenal!
Tracy is like me. She doesn't like sewing knitted things together or weave in ends. She's looking for ways to avoid that. Multidirectional knitting started her thinking process, I guess. This scarf was knitted with her "Add as you go squares" method, which is similar to the "Building blocks shawl" by Iris Schreier, but not quite. Unfortunately I made this one with acrylic yarn, which can't be blocked and the color changes are to long, but I wanted to give it a try and that's what I had on hand.

Also done are the charity hats, which I made for Connie .They are on their way to her. You can read more about this in a previous post.

So, that's it for now. Lots of new stuff, which will keep me occupied, while I'm keeping Sam company. He's been better. When even a "bull winkle" isn't interesting to him, that is saying a lot!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sam news!

We just got home from the Vet's. That's the place Sam goes to, when he wants peace and quiet. He's too big for the crate, but he still chooses to go in there. We have a bigger one as well, but - NO! Anyway, he'll have another surgery the coming Monday. He's still not using his leg. So, lots of rest and hopefully this time all will go well.
He's already snoring behind me. At least he's at home with us for now.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Surgery? - Again?

Sam was pretty miserable yesterday, all day. He's hurt his leg again, and it was going so well. Maybe too well and we got lax about his movements? He was quiet all day and not even his breakfast this morning made him his usual happy self, and that is saying something. Anyway, he'll be the guest of the vet's over night. They made some x-rays and will discuss his case tomorrow with the surgeon. So, until then, I'll have to keep my fingers crossed and hopefully total rest will be enough for my poor little guy!

"Puppy Dog Socks"

First sock in the making.... it's not smelly feet she's interested in, I swear!
Biko is todays model ...
... and her feminine touch ...

The next time I'll use a size larger needle for the mosaic part, it pulls together, but not too bad.
... even from the same dye lot, the skeins are not the same ...
... hey Sybille , can you see the puppy dog now?

Since I've got the Mosaic Knitting Book by B. Walker for my birthday, I had this sock idea cruising around my head. They are made with the custom dyed sweetgeorgia's yarn, I've ordered for David, but there was too much pink in it for him to like it.
yarn: sweetgeorgia yarns handpainted sock,100% merino wool, 112 g/ 420 yds
needles: 5 DP's 2.25mm
pattern: my own: I used the magic cast on for toe-up and a jojo heel
the puppy dog mosaic pattern comes from the "Mosaic Knitting" book by Barbara Walker
size: women 10 1/4
start-finish: November 23-25, 2006

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Courthousestep-Blanket - Stick a fork in me I'm done!

I had to wait for some sunshine to take pictures. I can't quite believe it myself, but the blanket is done (since yesterday)! Done! Done! Done! I was close to doing away with myself and I've promised myself that I would not start another blanket this year! Cross my fingers and hope to die! This was my third blanket this year. I've finished this Log Cabin and the Curve of Pursuit as well. What else can I say? Let the pictures speak for themselves and just for the curious among you all, here are some specs:

weight: 1773 g

pattern: inspired by the Mason Dixon Book

yarn: Webs- Valley Yarns, Longmeadow, 60% cotton 40% microfiber, about 35 50g balls (6 balls red for the border and about 5 balls for each color, the lightest colors a little less)

needles: 4mm

finished size: 64" x 70"

start: June 2006

finish: November 20th

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Charity knitting!

I was late picking up yesterday's mail. I found a package with this yarn in it. No, I didn't order yarn. It's from Connie of Pick Up Sticks. She donated some yarn to people who agreed to knit something for the Women's Shelter Yellow Brick House in Aurora. Well I'm one of those people. I'll be making some hats. Don't know which pattern yet.

Before I start on the hats though, I'll finish my Log Cabin blanket, yeah yeah, you've heard it before. But what you don't know is, that I'm already on the second log of the border. In a couple of days I'll be done!!! ;o)

I took this picture last night. Sam is sooooooo bored. He's playing with a bone.

Right now he's resting because we just returned from our first walk down the road. He was not happy when I turned around, but he has to take it slow. He's doing great.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I ask you: Where do you keep your WIP's?

This is actually my only work in progress right now. And I'm very proud of it! It's hard to resist the urge to cast on. I will not, however, until this blanket is done! So, right now I'm only lugging this basket around, wherever I go. Can you see that it is getting pretty empty? Only two more logs and the border to go! Yeah!
I have several cotton bags with exactly the right size for WIP's. This is just one of them.
Sam is obviously not a friend of my flashing camera. He's also not so sure about the lion and the lamb.
I love this basket. It was a gift basket, filled with all sorts of eclectic goodies. You can fold the handle, very practical.
One of my first attempt in felting. We all have to start somewhere, right, and learn from our mistakes.
These buckets are so cute (and the blue and the green one don't have those white streaks, it's just on the picture). You can not only keep your WIP's in them, but they are great for yarn stash storage as well.
And this is my handy sock knitting bag. I love it. It tangles ever so lightly from my wrist, whenever I'm on the move. It's good for exactly the materials for one pair of socks.

So, where do you keep your WIP's? Don't tell me you keep them in plain old stinking shopping bags?!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

So, what's going on ?

Well, this is what keeps me from casting on several other things. The Courthouse Step Blanket, started in June is now nearing the end. I don't hate it, really, but right now, I would rather look at something else, say this nice yarn.
This came in the mail today. Another B-day gift from my daughter. Don't you just love it, when your birthday's celebrated with gifts over the course of a month? This is Mountain Color Bearfoot (that's what it says on the label) color "moose creek". It's supposed to be a sock yarn, but I'll probably use it to make a scarf. It's got 350 yds of superwash wool/mohair/nylon. It's soft and I can stand it on my skin. God only knows when I will get to it though! I have a nice pattern in mind already! ;o)

My dad sent me a punch of sock blockers for my B-day as well. He was in kind of a hurry, so I have to finish them off myself. Very professional, I went to the Home Hardware store and let myself be helped. The guy wanted to know what's it for? Sock blockers of course. Blank look. Anyway, I hope we'll see some sun soon. I don't like working with wood with all the moist in the air.

So, last but not least, this guy thinks he's got "carte blanche" since he's an invalid right now. Wouldn't you know it, one, two , three and up he went on the sofa. Now, I find it hilarious when he sits there, but we never officially discussed him being up there like THAT! He didn't feel quite comfortable though. As soon as he heard David coming, he was on the floor again. Me laughing doesn't help at all! ;o)

He's recovering much better than expected. I'm so happy!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Celtic Waves Scarf finished!

This scarf would have deserved a sunny day for picture taking, but there's no sun at all. It's like Narnia here!
I'm in LOVE with this yarn. It's Sea Silk by Hand Maiden. Wonderful! It's got fantastic drape and it's cool to the touch. It's shiny (oooh, shiny) and smelly, I don't care about the smell. The Lady at the yarn store told me the tale, that this yarn has vitamins in it and if you wear it around your throat (or anywhere next to your skin) it will be absorbed. She said, this is actually yarn which is good for your health! ;o)
Well, I would have bought it anyway and this story scared me a bit. What about the dyes in the yarn. Will they be absorbed into the skin as well? Nevertheless, it's so beautiful and should I really tell you? - I've got more of it! Different colors too!

yarn: Hand Maiden Sea Silk 70% silk 30% sea cell, 100g = 400 meters
needle: 3.5mm; I've only used 80g of the yarn.
pattern: stitch pattern from the book "200 ripple stitch patterns" by Jan Eaton
size: 7 1/2" X 64 " after blocking (I hate blocking)