Saturday, July 09, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 8

I only managed to spin 1 1/2oz of Henry yesterday, and finished it off today. But that's it for today. That's all I've got. I need to give my fingers, and elbows a break. Who knows though, I might start plying Henry tonight, if I feel up to it.
I made an interesting observation today. I pinch the fiber with my thumb, and index finger of my right hand, and draft out the fiber with my left hand. Since I've worked a groove into my index finger, which hurts (it's like a cut made with fiber, slowly but surely), I thought I'd try changing what I do from right hand to left hand. Oh boy, I laughed out loud, because I could have hung two wet gloves there, and had the same result. I could not do it at all!

TdF day 8

That's 4oz on the bobbin, and it's not even full to the maximum, which means I've spun it thin. I also have the feeling it's thinner than the first 4oz. I will chain ply it, and we'll see.

Tdf day 8-Esther on BFL 8oz

I have decided on my next fiber. It's FatCatKnits Esther on BFL. This is a stock colorway, which you can get on all the base fibers Ginny has to offer. I bought mine some time ago, but it's this month fiber of the month of July.
The following is something which happens often, but I only got some photographic evidence yesterday afternoon. While Happy is swimming happily with his beloved rubber bone between his teeth, Denny waits for him to come out so he can grab it and run. Of course Happy does not want that, so he swims around in circles, until Denny loses his patience.
July 8-4

That's when he decides to swim over to get it. That makes Happy start flapping his paws, and give Denny (to his annoyance),

July 8-5

a good dunking. After that both race to the stairs, just to start it all over again later.

July 8-11

I almost forgot again. I have a question for all knitters who read this blog. I got into an argument about garter stitch knitting. It's a long story, but the one question I have is, does anybody knit garter stitch purling each row, just for fun and giggles (or because they love purling so much?). I said, I don't think anybody would do that, but what do I know?


Beverly said...

No I don't. I'm faster knitting than purling.

Your dogs antics are too funny.

Virginia G said...

I've heard of people knitting garter stitch by only purling, but I've never actually met anybody who does that.

I am in awe of all the spinning. I just caught up with all your tour de fleece posts. WOW. You're amazing.

BeatrixB said...

somebody told me that if you are continental knitter, you knit your garter, if you throw your yarn, American style, then purling is easier (I knit continental, so I can't say it that is true) than knitting, so garter stitch would be purled for those knitter.

Maybe someone can confirm that theory?

CelticCastOn said...

purling each row??? ugghhh no thanks.
Poor Denny does get himself into trouble doesn't he.
Love the colours in your next fiber!
How long does this tour last anyway? I thought it was only a week.

Lyn said...

I don't. I knit faster than I purl. I recently saw an article or a pattern that mentioned all-purl garter stitch, but I can't remember where I saw it.

Michelle said...

I purl garter stitch. I do it to avoid repetitive stress from knitting too much.

momsue84 said...

That's a new one on me. I have never knit garter stitch by just purling. Love the pics of the pups and the grand dunk!

Walden said...

I've never knit garter stitch by purling, but it is nice idea. I honestly don't mind purling, in fact, sometimes I enjoy it! :)

Anonymous said...

I would never purl every stitch for garter stitch. I'm much, much faster with the knit stitch.

I love, love, LOVE the dog pictures! These are some of my favorites ever. The only way it could be better is if you'd caught Denny's dunking on video (hint, hint :) ).

Your dogs are so lucky to have their own pool. Sadie and Luka are mighty jealous.

Sharon said...

I have heard of people purling every row, but it has a different look than knitting every row. I don't call purling every row garter stitch, though.

With all the aches and pains caused by the Tour, I'm still pretty pleased with the fiber I'm getting. How about you?

Susan said...

Hahahahahaha.... that pic of Happy's paw on Denny's head is priceless!

It would never had occurred to me to purl garter stitch. I don't mind purling so I might try it sometime.

Anonymous said...

I did it once in order to avoid purl blips on the right side of scarf which had colors alternating in a Fibonacci sequence:
1 row red
1 row blue
2 rows red, 2 rows blue
3 rows red, 3 rows blue
5 rows red, 5 rows blue etc
When I got to large #s (34 rows red, 34 rows blue), I found that my purl gauge is indeed looser than knitted gauge as the scarf got wider in those sections.

Beverly said...

Huh...purl for garter. I've never heard of anyone doing that and yet you got a comment from someone who does! To each his own, I suppose. I never's just easier to knit! Love the pics of the dogs in the pool....especially Denny getting a dunking. Adorable!

Solange said...

I knit garter stitch by only purling. I'm a 'thrower', but I know that for those who knits portuguese style is more confortable to purl than to knit, so I assume they do it too.

wanderrast said...

also das hab ich noch nie gehört und würd es auch nicht machen, viel zu kompliziert.
sonnige Grüße Elfi

Tina said...

I don't mind purling but knit for garter as that's faster. I also know how two knit with the yarn in the right hand (throwing?) and do that for fair-isle type knitting, but am much faster continental.
That Happy-paw on Denny's head made my heart nearly stop. Don't let them ever ourside with access to the pool without watching them, pleaaaaase!
Love the colourway by the way!

Rhonda said...

I still can't get over this spinning thing. It looks wonderful and maybe someday when I have more time. Haha.
Those 2 dogs crack me up

Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow I love the colour of your next TDF spin, it's gorgeous! you poor thing working a cut into your index finger, mine is a bit raw but I thought it was because I had been knitting socks again but with the two combined I'm not surprised... plasters will do the trick but have a happy rest day today!
Love Alice XXX

Linda said...

That story of your dogs' games is priceless, as are the corroborting photos!
Random thought: don't Peruvian Indians purl rather more than they knit? I'm not sure about that; perhaps I've misinterpreted descriptions of their wonderful methods.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Happy trying to dunk Denny is hilarious!

2paw said...

Purling is evil, I knit wherever possible!! I love the dunking in the pool. Isn't Happy funny, loving the toy so much??!!
I give myself a split in my finger from pushing stitches back and forth on my pointy sock needles. I could see last post that your wool was definitely thinner, I can't do much left handed at all.

Claudia Bugh said...

I love the yarns you have spun recently ~ Henry is like a burst of Summer warmth!

Both Steve and I laughed at the picture of Happy dunking Denny. That is priceless ~

As to whether I knit garter stitch only with purl - RU kidding???? No way Jose. Purling take me soooo much longer.

SeattleAmy said...

I'm a weird knitter - I "throw" with my left finger rather than picking the yarn up with my right needle - my right needle moves very little.

When I purl, it's much close to picking and my needle does most of the moving rather than my finger doing the moving.

Because of this I can pick faster than I knit and actually like to purl! Weird I know.

But if I had to purl only? Not sure I'd enjoy it so much!

Your dogaroos entertain me as much as my crazy group!!

Cecilia said...

better late than never? I purl only for garter stitch, but I knit 'continental' sort of: I hold my yarn the same way I do for crochet, which is around the index finger different that typical continental. I am much faster and more consistent with my purl stitch.