Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What's next?

It's not like there's a hole in my life now, that the Tour is over. I actually enjoy knitting more than ever. Even during all those hours spinning, I knew I would cast on for socks right away. So I did.

Henry socks
One day, one sock, some Rainier cherries.

I grabbed one of the two skeins of Henry, and divided it into two balls. Whenever knitting with handspun yarn, where there's no more yarn when you run out, I knit my socks toe-up. So far I've never run out of yarn though, and this time was no exception.

Henry socks almost done
Second day, second sock, fresh cherries.

It was such a joy knitting those socks, and fast too, since the yarn was sport weight. They've been washed and blocked, just have to take final pictures.

I had already my next project in mind. It's another Earth & Sky shawl from Stephen West, and his Mystery KAL. It starts August 1st, but since I was a test knitter, I've started my second one last night. It's going to be smaller than the first one, since I don't have enough yarn for the large version. It's hard to capture the colors, especially the blue/purple one. So far I really like how it looks. Can't show you more right now.

Earth & Sky II getting ready

During Tour de Fleece, I cast on for another shawl. It's going to be lovely, but I dont' feel like knitting on it, so it will take a while. I like knitting with handspun yarn a lot more at the moment, even though I LOVE the colors of this one.

Sothia shawl- beginnings

The other day, we finally conceded, that the store were we bought rawhide bones for the pups over the last few years, no longer had them in stock. Really, really annoying! If we had known, we would have stocked up. So, we went to another store and bought the biggest ones we could find, just because Denny chews up anything else in record time.

July 26
As long as Maggie is just lying there, not chewing on it, it's O.K. (as far as Denny is concerned), I could care less.

July 26
He thinks all three of those bones are his. He has no problem carrying these big bones. He even tried carrying two at a time, like he does with the smaller ones, but that was just too much, so he collected them one by one, and plucked himself down in the middle. Notice how Maggie runs circles around him in a respectful distance. She's got a new toy as well, because she and Happy like to play tug o' war.
When we brought the new bones in, I had them in a big plastic bin. Denny saw me taking them out, and after he had inspected the big ones, he went back to the bin, and tried to nudge the lid off, to have another look inside. Later during the day, he went back there several times, to check if there's still something new for him to find.

Denny the pig

Since Denny is the boss, he takes away everything Happy wants, so Happy gets his treats when the others are not around. This time he got a smokey smelling bone, which he took gently, running around the house, not finding the right spot to enjoy it, until I let him out on the deck. It was insanely humid that morning, because it had rained during the night, but he still wanted to have his bone out there.

July 26

Do you like your treat, Happy?

July 26

Funny thing though, after he was done chewing, I took the bone away, and put it somewhere Denny can't get to it. So Happy can enjoy it again later. But Denny smelled something, and followed his nose throughout the house, even out on the deck. He did finally pinpoint where I've put it, but he still didn't get it. :o)



monica said...

I love Rainier cherries and your socks match them so nicely! Reading about your dogs always makes me smile.

lexa said...

Those bones are HUGE! I've seen them and thought about getting them for the girls. Jewel takes everything away from Maggie. Sometimes Maggie gets fiesty and wont' let her, lol. Why is it that they always want whatever treat the other dog has, even if it's the same thing?

Sharon said...

I love what you're doing with your handspun yarn, and I like that you're using it right away.

My own handspun usually ends up in plastic bags and being treated as fine china which I pull out once in a while to admire and then put back.

I like that you and Happy were able to pull one over on Denny greedy-boy Denny! LOL

Stephanie said...

I love the 3 colors you picked for your 2nd Earth and Sky Shawl!

Cloudberry said...

Love, love, love those socks! The colours are gorgeous!

Carrie#K said...

One sock/one day? Wow. Those colors are very Rainier cherry! Too gorgeous.

Ha to Denny! Surrounded by his bones, following his nose, but still Happy has his VERY OWN bone. As he should.

Safeena said...

Your HENRY colorway makes me spin with delight. Could you pelase tell me where you got the fiber?

Beverly said...

Lovely socks. Too bad Happy can't assert himself.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those socks are gorgeous!

I love how Denny's the boss, even though the other two are bigger!

AdrieneJ said...

Those are some niiiiiiiiiiiiiice socks! Your handspun is so professional.

Denny is so smart. I wonder if he's plotting to take over the world?

2paw said...

Gorgeous socks, and wool for your Test Knit. I now realise how difficult some colours are to capture. You mus have really missed knitting to make those socks so fast!!
Those are some giant bones!! Poor Maggie and Happy, with Denny being the Boss. The White Dogs will have fun at tug of war. Happy is very sensible to eat his special and delicious treat away from Denny's prying eyes and teeth. Only Denny would think he could fit all those giant bones in his mouth. They are very funny pups and I love all your pictures and tales!!

Life's a Stitch said...

Cherries, pups and yarn, a wonderful combination.

Anonymous said...

When you've got so much beautiful handspun, I'm not surprised that "normal" yarn don't hold the charm at the moment ;)

I really love how the socks look. They are beautiful!

CelticCastOn said...

Adore those socks!
Those bones are MASSIVE! Denny must think he's in heaven with 3 to cart around!
We opted for tarter buster knee caps for our two. They kept choking on the rawhide ones.