Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 11

Rest day only meant not looking at the wheel, not touching it, or look at fiber. Other than that, it was a busy day yesterday. I did get some knitting in in the evening, but did not finish what I wanted to, only two rows, and the bind off row to go. So close.

I didn't get as much done today, as I would have liked either. In the morning I spun the last of the three bobbins. In the afternoon I plied it. Now it's hanging out to dry, but not fast enough for a photo shoot of finished yarn later.

TdF day 11-Esther-1

TdF day 11-Esther-2

TdF day 11-Esther-3

I did get started on my second braid of Esther. I'm going to chain ply it, instead of 3-ply. I'm getting tired of 3-ply. It's my fault for not choosing my Tour de Fleece fiber more wisely. Next time ...

The pups and I spent a LOT of time outside, until we were exhausted from the heat, and the fun.
July 12-1

It's cool inside, and when you are wet you want to be comfy. This mat Denny is lying on is supposed to be under my desk. We recently put it there, so Happy would be more comfortable, and not look so much like an abandoned dog. Of course ALL the pups love it, and it's pretty crowded underneath my desk some times.

July 12-2

So Denny dragged it out and into the middle of the room, while I was plying, no hands free, or a foot, to keep him from doing so. My voice alone didn't do it. He knew he was winning, so I let it go.

July 12-3

Keeping his wet, cold nose warm.

July 12-4

They always wake up as soon as my wheel stops spinning, and look at me, trying to guess what we'll do next.



Virginia G said...

That's pretty funny about Denny pulling the mat out. :)

And I'm glad you had a good day of rest.

Anonymous said...

I love that last picture!

momsue84 said...

Adorable! Those pups of yours are just too cute for words!

CelticCastOn said...

They look soo adorable in that last picture.

Sharon said...

I envy your pups and the life they have! I wish I could go swimming all day and nap in a nice cool house during the heat of the day.

Your spinning came out beautifully, as usual. I love the color. One day of rest is NOT enough!

2paw said...

Well, even if you didn't officially rest, it must have been a good day because your new wool is beautiful/ The grass, or mat, is always greener o the other side. Denny is a smart pup!!!

Brigi said...

I love the colors:) I seems to me that you had a perfect day, and the dogs were pretty happy as well, look how comfy they are!