Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 13

I didn't do anything else last night, after spinning the 2oz. I was too worried about Happy. We were considering driving to the emergency clinic with him. You could not touch his back, or even breath on it, he would cry out in pain. I knew it was from swimming, and standing in the pool on his hind leg for so long. He seemed to have fun doing it. He would just stand around, looking tired, but it must have hurt to ly down. He did not climb on the sofa, or the bed later on. During the night about every couple of hours I would wake to his cry, when he was shifting, of he would stand beside my bed (kind of creepy, to open your eyes, and he's there). We were ready to go to the Vet if he did not improve until the morning, but he did! I could see that he was still sore, but I could gently run my hand along his back, without him crying out. Needless to say he'll be banned from swimming the next three days to recover. His swimming time after that will be shorter too. Cheez, there's always something!
So, after all was well again, I relaxed and finished off the last 2oz of Esther in the morning.

TdF - day 13-Esther II-1

In the afternoon, I chain plied it.
TdF - day 13-Esther II-2

and now it's drying in a gently summer breeze.

TdF - day 13-Esther II-3

I'm not sure what fiber will be next. Have to have a look in the box, to see what's left, but at least I'll be preparing for spinning tonight.
I found the time to bake some cookies too.

Oatmeal cookies with trail mix
They turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself! I like throwing indredients into a bowl, without having to use a recipe. Measurement in "cup" makes that possible. During the last few month, I've been on the hunt for the perfect cookie. I made a few patches which were rather nasty, well you could still eat them, but with a shudder (ask my son).

These are oatmeal cookies, with brown sugar, and some kind of trail mix I had on hand. There are dried blueberries, cranberries (which I LOVE), cashews, and almonds, plus white, and dark chocolate chips in there. For me they are perfect! I made them smaller too, didn't use the ice cream scoop like the last few times.
Denny of course stole one raw cookie from the baking sheet, while I was not paying attention. He's banned from the kitchen for a while, and Happy can keep me company while I'm cooking. That's a big punishment for Denny, since he knows there's always something yummy falling of the counter.
Yesterday we made a short car ride with all THREE of the dogs. So far we just never got around to it. No problem whatsoever.
July 13-car ride with all three dogs

Denny usually feels car sick, and curls up in the back, that is after he got a face full of cold air. The White ones just love sightseeing. (That's not MY hairy arm!) Maggie is pushing through, to get some of the cool air.



Beverly said...

Poor Happy. Good to know he's doing better.

marilynknits on Ravelry said...

I'm glad Happy is feeling better and I hope that he continues to improve!

Michelle said...

Glad Happy is feeling better. I've woken up to Nimitz in my face and it's an odd feeling.

Sharon said...

Glad to hear that Happy is doing better. Hopefully the restricted swim time will see it never happens again.

Esther is lovely and enjoying the sunshine. I'm sure she'll be a nice sight to see when she's dry and all skeined up.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

HAHA! I laughed out loud when I read 'That's not MY hairy arm!' You're funny. Those cookies look delish!

Susan said...

I hope that Happy continues to improve. Poor boy. Dogs are so stoic when it comes to pain that you know they are really hurting when they complain.

2paw said...

You are right, it's always something and the more dogs there are, the more chances for there to be something. Good to read Happy is recovered, and though he will miss swimming he will feel better. I know that creepy night time eye stalking feeling!! Yay for great rides in the car and fantastic biscuits!!!

Bea said...

oje, das muss eine f├╝rchterliche Nacht gewesen sein. Man leidet da ja so richtig mit.