Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Snail Hat!

This is the snail hat from the book "The Opinionated Knitter" by Elizabeth Zimmermann (another one for Zimmermania). I LOVE this hat! It's supposed to be knit with sheepsdown with the gauge of 7 1/2 sts over 3 inches!!! I've never had such a bulky yarn nor seen it. So I've held together three strands of Berroco's Ultra Alpaca (three different colors - charcoal, grey and pea green) and knit with 8mm needles (the largest I had). It could have been looser with larger needles. It fits me - just. But the folds get stretched out, even with the dummy's head. It doesn't matter, as long as I can put it on. I'd like to make another one soon, which hopefully will fit better, but for that I either need to find a super bulky yarn or get larger needles or both.
I've got a set going on here. I just might make a scarf to make it complete. We'll see. I'm also seeing the end of David's Log Cabin Blanket approaching. Another couple of weeks to go maybe a bit more, with other knits being worked on, but now that I can see the finish line, I'm more motivated.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Moebius Vest finished!

In the spirit of Zimmermania, I've decided to knit this moebius vest and also, because I liked the look of it. It took me almost the whole month to do it. I thought it would never end, miles and miles of garter stitch. At least the color was soothing to me. I did the back in one piece (you can do it two ways and I don't like sewing, so one piece it was). I should have made the built in I-cord, because the applied I-cord pulls the fabric in. It doesn't matter too much, because I'll be wearing this vest at home. It's soft and comfy and warm. I could have used a contrasting color for the I-cord, but decided against it. I made I-cord loops for the buttons and sewed them on. Remember the buttons? They are the "Edelweiss" buttons from the Kitchener Fair. They make this vest very "folksy". I'm so glad I'm done with this.

pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann's book "Knitting Around"
yarn: Berroco's Ultra Alpaca, 50% wool 50% alpaca, pea green (with yellow specs)
needle: 5mm

With the left over yarn from David's hat and scarf and this vest, I made these mittens last night. I like doing the I-cord and will probably use it quite often from now on. At first I thought I would do a more interesting two color pattern, but I need them now and not some time down the road. It was snowing today, and raining and there was a storm in between.

I had to retrieve the lid of our yard waste container. I was wandering up and down the road looking for it, the storm blowing (and giving me a face lift for free) until I found it under the car of one of our neighbors a few houses down the road. Anyway, I'm happy I have warm nice mittens now, which will felt for sure (and that is just fine). Now, I'm going to make myself a hat with these colors, not sure what though. I'm not going to start it tonight.

For Leslie: Since your comment was anonymous and I don't know how to get in touch with you, I'll insert the link for the free pattern here: scarf . But you can easily find it on the side bar, scroll down and there will be Free Patterns in orange and click the Free Patterns underneath. They are not listed seperately. Anyway, have fun knitting!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Chevron Scarf !

What a disappointment this turned out to be. I'll never, ever buy this yarn again, I'll not even take it for free. I still have three balls left. Maybe Hannah will use it someday. Anyway, some time ago, I was thinking of a scarf pattern, I like chevron very much, so I've tried out different ways and came up with this one. I really like it and with any other yarn I would have been quite happy with it.
At first I liked the color changes, the first ball was O.K.. It stared out quite conform, same thickness, as you can see on the left side in the picture below. The second ball had knobs in it and at the end of the second ball there was another knob and a sudden change in color, which was not in the right position and after this dark blue there was not even a knob any more but just a little bundle of yarn. I through it away. The third and last ball, the same. Sometimes the thread would be thin as lace weight and thick as unspun roving. I HATE THAT! If you look at the balls with the ball band on, you can't really tell that it is a thick and thin yarn. At the end of the third ball, again the sudden color change and the last 5 yds were loose and disconnected. Also the colors in the second and third balls looked kind of dirty/muddy not as vibrant as the first ball. Enough said! Despite of all this, I'll knit another one with this pattern soon. As I said, I like chevrons. ;o)

Here are the specifics:

pattern: my own

yarn: Karaoke 50% soy silk 50% wool, 3 balls

needle: 5mm

size: 5" x 64"

The edge looks a little bit like it's braided, I like that.

This scarf is nice on both sides and if you still would like to give it a try, I've posted the pattern. You can find it on the side bar, as usual, under FreePatterns. Have fun!

I'm also going to finish my vest today. I'm almost done. Have to find the right buttons for it.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Socks, socks, socks .....

Jaywalker: pattern by Grumperina

yarn: KnitPicks Sock Garden, 100% merino wool, color Daffodil

needle: 2.5mm, CO 60 sts

toe up, jojo heel

I like this pattern, but it's not very stretchy. I like that there are no YO increases, which make holes and sometimes I just don't want them. The yarn was a pleasure to knit with, but the pooling bothers me a lot (this time). So, I'm not as happy with them as I could be.

Fluted Banister: pattern from Boogie

yarn: Trekking XXL color # 78

needle: 2.25mm, CO 65 sts

toe up, jojo heel

I love Trekking colors and it doesn't bother me, that you'll never get to exactly identical socks. It's always a mystery how they will look until the end and I like that. This yarn is not as soft as 100% merino, but I'm sure they will last way longer. And you can machine wash them and put them in the dryer as well and they will hold up great.

Simple Socks, no pattern

yarn: Artyarns Supermerino color # 140

needle: 4mm, CO 44 sts

toe up, jojo heel

This is superwash 100% merino wool. The leg is knit with K2, P2 ribbing. I was surprised by the outcome of this colorway. I had them in my stash for a while now and didn't know what to do with it (not another scarf please!) and I wanted to have some thick socks. They turned out nicely and where done quite fast.

None of the socks are for myself. They will be gifted to people I love.

I made them all within the last week. I did a lot of ripping also. Sometimes things just wont work out at all. I didn't work on my moebius vest, but I feel very guilty about that. I need to finish it soon, just to free myself for other things.

This is a one time shot. They are allowed on the couch by invitation only and it never happened before that both of them felt the need to relax in style. Right after the shot they fell asleep and snored like lumber jacks.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Hit the jackpot?

I've never hit the jackpot, but I think that must be the feeling I've got right now. A while back I've ordered some back issues from Knitter's Magazine and came across this title page. Unfortunately they were all sold out - of course.
Usually you can find pretty much everything on ebay, but not this time. Then I discovered a feature on eBay, which lets you ask for something and if you are lucky somebody responds to it.
Well, I was lucky. Somebody sold me this issue. I'm so happy, because this is a commemorative issue for Elizabeth Zimmermann. She died in 1999 and this issue came out in Spring 2000.
I also like almost all the projects in it and that is something, which does not happen very often.
As you can see from the title page, there's lots of multidirectional knitting going on. I love it!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

To late and to early!

How can both be right? Well my sister sent me my birthday present early and birthday wishes for David a little late, but that's O.K. Especially if you find the new Verena in your package and this cute little calendar, which converts to bookmarks after each month. I LOVE it! See the card? It's handmade and the little heart shaped bone-lace is adorable! Thank you Susi! She's wrapped it all nicely, but since she didn't say anywhere not to open until actual birthday, I've acted like a little child and ripped it open. It's always such a pleasure to receive gifts! ;o)
I used to buy Verena monthly, back in the days I was still living in Austria. It looks like they publish it only four times a year now. Have a look of what's inside this issue. They use a lot of mohair and not much color for this season. There's everything from funky to elegant.

On another note, all the "knitting ladies" have pilgrimed to Rhinebeck. A week ago I didn't even know it exists and now I'd like to be there as well! Can't wait to read all about it.
Have a nice weekend y'all! ;o)
Next time some knitting contents of my own.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

~ ssk ~

Since Tracy asked I'll try to explain the ssk. Iris Schreier herself said, she's using a different method now, then in the book. You see here both sides of the beginning of the triangle scarf. One side (top) has a neat little ridge, which is not prominent but clean and nice. The other side (down) has no ridge at all.
This is how I do it now:
When you come to the point where you knit together both triangles (or whatever- diamonds etc.) you use the last stitch of the first triangle and the first stitch of the new triangle.

slip1 knitwise, slip1 purlwise, put both back on left hand needle, knit those two together knitwise, turn, slip1 knitwise, knit to end.

That's it. That's what I did this morning and that's what it looks like.

I've tried everything else and this was the neatest fabric.

I hope it helps. ;o)

Still not well, but still knitting!

It's always nice to be asked to knit something for somebody, rather than knit something and look for somebody who might want it. David asked me nicely to make him a hat and a scarf and I happily agreed to do it. I've used Berroco's Ultra Alpaca which I had as soft in my mind, but as it turned out it's still scratchy, just on the border to not being able to be worn. Whew! The hat is a simple K1, P1 rib all around. The scarf pattern, which looks really nice, but is hard to see on these pictures is from the Yarn Harlot herself. She made hers with her awesome handspun. I absolutely adore the color (green/yellow/orangey) very fall like. The stitch is a one row pattern, easy to remember, but also getting boring about halfway through the scarf (but that's with all scarf patterns because scarves are just too long). Anyway, the green background is my Moebius vest. The back is finished and the right front too. It's coming along slowly but surely. You should see the color on a sunny day (today there's nothing but rain). It's also Berroco Ultra Alpaca and called Pea soup mix (I think) I love it. Better pictures to come.

A few days ago I made this multidirectional neck warmer (pattern by Iris Schreier). I've got the pattern for posting a foto of the cashmere scarf (Karl's). I've worn it the last few days. My sore throat was gone within two days, thanks to garlic, thank you very much (and honey and tea, I suppose). In it's place I've got some cold sores now. Yeepee!

The blue picture on the right is a closeup of another multidirectional triangle scarf I've cast on this morning. Hold on, I know it sounds crazy, but I wanted to show Larry how I figured out a nice way of ssk's. I haven't used it in a while and it didn't turn out that well with the Diamond Chevron Scarf (middle), but it was bugging me, so I've tried it and now it looks great, no ugly bumpy ridges. The yarn is Patons SWS denim. I'm not sure how soon I'll resume knitting this scarf. Have to finish so many things first and a million new projects are swimming in my head (which is fuzzy anyway).

And I leave you with poor Sammy. He's got cold sores too! You can see one by enlarging the picture (if it works).

So, back to brewing tea and popping vitamins and some click click click double time knitting.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Dave is not the only one gobsmacked! I just received today's mail. I haven't even thanked Sybille yet, I had to show you first.
It's not even my birhtday yet (coming up in November), but the last time Sybille sent me something it took 8 weeks to get here. She didn't take any chances this time! ;o)
We were supposed to swap a magazine and look what I've got! There are magazines AND a book mostly about sock knitting, yeah, a pair of socks Sybille made with self dyed yarn, some sock yarn in VERY nice colors (fall colors which I love), a cute card AND some treats for Biko and Sam. That's just more than generous. I thank you very much, Sybille, from the bottom of my heart! You're the best internet friend one could wish for! ;o)

If the "sock" fits, you better wear it!

My large feet are toasty warm, just in time, since it's snowing already and the wind is whistling through all nucks and crannies.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Better than nothing....

David wanted me to make him a sleeping hat with the sweetgeorgia yarn I gave him for his birthday and he needed it already. When my husband came home he was coughing and generally not feeling well. When he left he was fine, but David started coughing and he had a sore throat and generally not feeling well. So he was in bed with fever and his brand new hat pulled down over his ears. He's better now.
Today I was feeling restless and didn't know why. A few hours ago my throat started to hurt and now I know why I was feeling the way I was feeling. Do you know a cure for sore throat? I do, but it's not for the faint of heart (and working people, I mean people who work outside the house with other people in close proximity). My miracle cure is - garlic! Freshly crushed on a piece of bread, several times a day, as much garlic as you can stand, and believe me it brings tears in your eyes, it's that hot! All the lozenges and teas wont help me at all. I've tried it all and over the years I've come to this garlic cure. I used to have sore throats twice a year, where I had to go see the doctor for some medicine, not anymore! Well, I'm keeping my mouth closed and my distance to people, and the dogs don't mind. ;o)

With the Flow Motion socks # 2 done I had some leftover yarn and made this cap. Shortly before it was finished my vacuum had a bite out of it. It took only a second because I didn't count on the suction power of a new bag.
There's also other knitting going on, but I didn't want to show you the Moebius vest (Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern) because every time I shared a progress picture with you guys, I had to rip it out again. So this time (since it's for myself) it gets done and then you'll see it. It gives me headache anyway and I've put it aside today to start another - scarf - what else?
For posting a picture of my Artyarns Cashmere5 scarf on the multidirctional yahoo group I've got a free pattern from Iris. It's a neck warmer, very cute pattern and I had some Silk Rhapsody left over. So, I'm halfway through, just taking a break right now. I would be happy if it were done already and around my neck/throat. Wow, can you smell it? I just had a little bite of my garlic bread, hot, hot, hot. But it helps. ;o)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Happy Birthday, Karl!

Happy Birthday to my dear husband Karl!
I love you!

Remember the Artyarns Cashmere5 from a few weeks ago? I've made this scarf for Karl for his birthday and some dark grey socks (not cashmere). The scarf is super soft, a dream and the color light grey is nice too.

I've tried to make a "manly" scarf and this stitch pattern looks good on both sides. If you're interested in the pattern I will put it up soon.

You can find the pattern for the scarf on the side bar - Free patterns. Enjoy!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Happy 21st Birthday, David!

David, almost 21 years ago.
I love you David!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Diamond Chevron Scarf # 2

Sybille is cranking out one scarf after another. I like the colors she choose and that she used thicker yarn. The reason why I made this scarf (not that I need one) is, that I always wanted to do another one and I'd liked to see how the Patons SWS turned out when knitted. Also Sybille made a wonderful Woolpeddler (Folk Shawls by Cheryl Oberle), which is on top of my to do list. One of these days..... Her's just looks great even though she used multicolored yarn, but you can still see the great pattern.
So here it is:
pattern: Diamond Chevron Scarf by Iris Schreier from the Creative Knitting Magazine Fall 2006
yarn: Patons SWS (70% wool, 30% soy), very interesting yarn, not sure yet if I like it or not; 3 balls (327yds)
needle: 5.5 mm
size: 6" x 68"

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Rainy days are good for FO's!

This is a shawl I made for my grandmother. I found the pattern in "Lavish Lace" by Carol Rasmussen Noble. It's called "Falling Leaves" and very much a pattern for beginning lace knitters, which suited me fine. The pattern repeats were easy to memorize and with the yarn I chose, it went fast. Speaking of yarn, it's not the usual lace knitting kind. I've used Peruvian Pure Alpaca with 4.5mm needles. It's real "hairy" and I had my doubts at first. But after washing and blocking it, it had the greatest "feel" to it. Just the right drape and softness. It could have been a bit larger, but I ran out of yarn. So it's 28" by 54", good enough to cover your shoulders. I hope Omi likes it!

close up of the stitch pattern

Sam was pleased with the outcome, but would not pose with the shawl around HIS shoulders. I've tried Biko, but she said "Hell NO" and off she went.

this is a picture before felting

This is the fishtrap cap from Elizabeth Zimmermann's Knitter's Almanac (remember Zimmermania KAL?). I loved knitting that one. Although it was too big for all our heads in the family. I decided to felt it lightly, but David saw me doing it and he wanted to have a go at it. Well, we both enjoyed the rubbing and squeezing and after we were done it was too late. There's a thing called "over felting" I'm sure. I pulled it in shape and put it out to dry, so now it looks like a bucket hat. Maybe Hannah will wear it?!

I've used Peruvian Pure Alpaca double stranded for it. Same thing as before, so very soft, I love this yarn.

pattern: Flow Motion socks by Cat Bordhi (VogueKnitting Fall 2006) - if you have this magazine you've got to try these, it's well worth it.
yarn: KnitPicks Bare, selfdyed
needles: 3.75mm
This is the second pair of Flow Motion I've knit. I loved it and now I'm moving on. Unfortunately you can't see the lacey legs and the construction of these socks, but believe me, they are great.
I should also mention that there is an errata sheet at Cat Bordhi's website, which makes knitting the socks much easier.
One more thing: row gauge is VERY important here! If you use different yarn (like I did) in order to get the right length of the foot, you have to watch out for the row gauge. Just saying.....

Monday, October 02, 2006

An absolutely gorgeous treat!

Look here!
Isn't it gorgeous? Felicia of sweet georgia made this custom dyed yarn for me. I told her I'd like to have some yarn in the colors of my dogs and this is what she sent me.
I'm so exited! It's going to be David's birthday present (and hopefully there will be something left for me as well).

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Bedbugs Scarf!

Voila! My lacey bedbugs scarf is blocked and done! In the beginning it was supposed to be Evelyn Clark's "Trellis" scarf, but I soon discovered, that I'm not going to waste my time by fiddling with the K7tog's. It was just not going to happen. So what to do? I was all reved up for lace knitting. So I decided to make my very own lace scarf.

To the right you can see the bedbugs blocking on a mattress. The stitch pattern was not difficult, thank god! A little bit of sunshine this morning and fresh air.

pattern: my own

yarn: Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud (100% Baby Alpaca) 1 skein! with about 3 yds left.

needles: 3.75mm

size: blocked 13 1/2" X 52"

It's very airy and so soft. It has many mistakes and it's not a master piece, but very much a learning experience for me. For one, in the future I'll try to avoid borders which have to be sewn on. It was my first time grafting anything and it's not so bad, unless it's lace weight yarn! I'm not afraid of grafting anymore, which opens my horizon for the future. I'm happy it's done and over with.