Friday, April 30, 2010

Handspun Friday - Wellington Fiber Project

This was spun pre-Denny, a l o n g time before he made an appearance. This was a totally fun project. I bought the fiber in 2007, when I first started out. I bought fiber then, even without having seen it. These had been described to me over the phone! I think she did a good job, they turned out the colors I had imagined. Anyway, it was wool/mohair blend, with the wool unknown, but on the scratchy side. The mohair made up a little for the scratchiness though. I did not feel I could spin this fiber right away, so it went into the fiber stash.
I've used some of the raspberry colored one for two different projects later, so this was the color I had the least of (4.2oz). I had lots of burned orange (9.2oz) and chestnut (9.7oz my favorite here).
Wellington Fiber Project- the base fibers wool/mohair

After my BFL project was finished, I wanted to do another graduating color work, and this was it. I enjoyed spinning this so much, and I'm quite pleased with the outcome. I'm going to try this again too, with another color scheme.

Wellington Fiber project-total 467yds-10WPI-1

All together there are ~ 467yds, 10 WPI. That's the thickest yarn I've ever made on purpose. From three colors I've got five different yarns. I love it!
Wellington Fiber project-total 467yds-10WPI-2

The far left (orange) skein was navajo plied, as was the far right (pure chestnut). I had thought I'd have more orange left, but it's the smallest skein of the bunch. The three skeins in the middle are obviously 3-ply yarns.
I have no idea what I'll make of this. It's too rough for me to use it for a scarf. But I do want to use it all together. And it's not much yardage wise, even though this is heavy stuff and used up 23oz of fiber.

I've got another couple of pre-Denny handspun yarn to show you. I wonder when I will be able to spin again, with the pups AND renovations going on. I hope soon, I miss spinning.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nice doggies!

Even though they harass each other when awake, they like to snuggle up close for naps. Denny more so then Happy. He just bullies his way close.

April 23 Happy & Denny taking a nap

Who? Me?

April 22-after playing Frisbee-4

I'm not worthy to lick his feet, but I'll do it anyway!

April 22-after playing Frisbee-3

Now I've earned my snuggle spot.

April 22- mid morning nap-4

Funny how they sometimes sleep in the same position.

April 20- sleeping in the same position-1

It's all nice and cozy until Happy wakes up with his nose between Denny's teeth, who of course would not let go. I had to put the camera down and help Happy, because he was busy screaming. What a rude wake up call!


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mail from Australia!

Hannah sent me this signed copy of really wild tea cosies by Loani Prior, with a newspaper article, and a lovely card. I'm delighted! This book is so fun to look through, and while I don't know when I'll knit my tea pot a new dress, I'm sure it will get one eventually. :o) My favorite is the one from the title page, but I think everybody would have guessed that. :o)

really wild tea cosies by Loani Prior

I took advantage of some destash on ravelry and got me some of this Rowan Rowanspun Aran yarn in a delicious green. I've got enough for a blanket, and so I've cast on for Surrounded by The Raineysisters. I'm a little bit further with it, but not much. This will be a long term project. I still have to finish my Giant Granny Square blanket, but crochet is still out for now.

beginnings of Surrounded

After I finally finished Brandywine shawl by Romidesign, I cast on for Frozen Leaves shawl by Anusla a Russian knitter/designer. It's been on my mind for some time now, and what a pleasure it is to knit! I'm a lot further with that one. This will be my # 5 shawl for 2010. I'm using some yarn from my stash, which is Posh Yarn Camilla, which is discontinued. I've got it in two colorways, one skein each. It's 100% cashmere, and even though it splits terrible, it give a wonderful knit fabric.

beginnings of Frozen Leaves

And as for the pups, each is enjoying a good bone for a minute or two, before they decide the other ones bone is much better, and start a fight.

April 15


Monday, April 26, 2010

Burning stripes socks # 2

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-6

Alright, so pair # 1 and # 4 you've seen. This is pair # 2. I LOVE this pair. I tried to get out of my usual color comfort zone, and out came this.

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-9
No, my left foot is not longer.

pattern: Burning stripes socks by Susan Luni
yarn: blue: Regia uni/solid 4-ply, 1.25 balls; red: Louet Gems fingering weight 1 skein
needles: 2.5mm DP
size: for my feet
start-finish: March 31 - April 5, 2010

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-11

I did some modifications with this pair (as well as pair # 3). I knit the cuff plain, as well as the toe part. I did my German square heel, which I like best of all, but still let the contrasting stripe rund down the heel flap and along the underside of socks. I think this looks so pretty and makes the socks more interesting, even if you don't see much of it, while wearing them. It's enough that I know it's there. :o)

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-5

Even though I was a little tired of knitting striped socks, after the 4th pair (who wouldn't?), I know I'll be knitting more in the future, because they are great stash buster, especially with left over sock yarn.

Finished 2. pair of Burning stripes socks-2

Doggie news:
It was overcast yesterday most of the day. We still had fun outside. The little Gremlin ran around like mad, chewing up everything, digging like his big brother (same hole, just without water, sorry didn't have the camera).
Happy and I played Frisbee, when I threw it badly and it landed in the (not yet open) pool. There is rain water on top. Happy didn't even hesitate for a second, just jumped right after the darn Frisbee. My heart stopped, not only skipped, but I was at the edge in no time. He swam right to me, and got out on his own. Phew!
So we know he can swim, and didn't mind it either. Shook it off, and wanted to get on with the playing. He did get the Frisbee out too. My knees were still shaky, and I'd had enough excitement for the day. He still had to go wash his feet in the wading pool, and he enjoyed the rub down with a towel very much.

Also yesterday, he stood up to the little guy for real. He'd had enough of the harassment, and just put one of his big paws on Denny, pinning him down, and growled, rinse and repeat three times, after which he was left alone (for a while). Didn't sound pretty, because Denny wouldn't back down at first, but did eventually.
I was glad for Happy, because he gets nipped all over his body (come to think of it, HE did that to Biko too) all day, and he just yaps in pain. The Gremlin hangs off his lips, tail, and side all the time. You could see how confidence building that was for Happy.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just photos

April 14-backyard-19
I haven't shown you the first outside photos of Denny, and I forgot to mention, that he was at the petsmart a couple of times already. He's always the darling of the staff there. One woman in particular was very smitten with him, giving him belly rubs, and scratches behind the ears, and she wanted to take him home. Her co-worker, another woman, said, she thought this one was trouble. How true!
Somehow we ended up the only ones with dogs there, Happy came too. We wandered separately through the store and greeted people, who are more than willing to pet Denny, and adore him, while they are more cautious of Happy, because he's big, even though most think he's a female, because his built is slight and not bulky (yet, if ever). He's also shy, but with Denny as "role model" he's more daring. There are always people willing to pet him too, or trying to give him a treat, which I provided, but he's not taking treats from strangers. At least he's starting to get closer to have a sniff.
April 14-backyard-20
Anyway, it went very well, and we'll keep doing this, there are bound to be some dogs there eventually. We are thinking of signing him up for puppy classes as soon as he's 10 weeks old, just for socializing. They do treat training, so that's good.
April 14-backyard-8
All our dogs felt sick and vomited at least once before, but Denny hit the jackpot with three times with one car ride! At least last time he did not throw up, but he felt sick. I hope this will get better.
Happy is on a joy ride with my son, as I type this. Denny and Happy spend a lot of time together, but they need some alone time with each of us as well, and they obviously enjoy that time.

April 14-backyard-7

The first time we took Denny outside into the garden, he went straight for the (not yet opened) pool, and was about to get in, when David just caught him. Since then he gets his harness (which he hates) on, and has to stay on leash. Well, until yesterday, when it was so nice and sunny outside, and Happy was due for a play of Frisbee, when we decided to let the Gremlin loose. He went right after Happy, like he was a cow or something, ran around full of joy, and went straight for the pool again. I think he was thirsty, and wanted to drink, even though we have water for that in the wading pool or a bucket, but that was too far away. We just grabbed him at the last moment again. My heart skipped a beat again.

April 14-backyard-9
Our backyard is green on one side, and brown everywhere else. This was taken about a week ago. Today will be the first time this year to mow the lawn.

April 14-backyard-1

We call him Denny to his face, but Gremlin behind his back. I guess we should stop doing that, it's too negative.
He's so different, and we've got a lot to learn.


Friday, April 23, 2010

No Handspun Friday

No handspun Friday today, but I'll have some handspun yarn to show next week. I've sent off Hannah's socks yesterday, should arrive in Sydney in a couple of weeks, anything earlier would surprise me.
4th pair of Burning stripes socks finished

This was pair # 4 of the Burning stripes socks by Susan Luni (I know I've got to show # 2 and # 3)
yarn: blue: Drops Delight, color # 04 and natural color: Noro Silk Garden sock yarn in # S269. I don't think I'll buy this NSG sock yarn again, at least not for socks. I just don't want to pay that much money for such a badly spun yarn. It also had a knot in it. I used it even though it was slightly thicker than Drops Delight, but I think it worked, just.
Hannah wanted natural colored socks with either, green, blue or red (I think) stripes, and I know that she does not like many shades of green, so blue it was.
I used 2.5mm DP. I didn't wash them before sending them off, and later I remembered that I could have steam ironed them a little, oh well.
Nowadays I'm glad that I'm so forgetful, because it's easier to forget the bad things, while I'll remember the good things, since I most likely take pictures of those.
April 14-Happy & Denny

Like with those guys. There are cute moments, and there are moments where I'd like to tear out my hair. Here's Denny trying to chew his way over to me, in the forbidden zone. Happy just wonders why HE's there with HIM - alone! Cute moment!

Unfortunately not all bad things can be forgotten that easily. Denny chews on everything, which is pretty normal puppy behavior. Many things go in front, and come out back later. Well, late yesterday afternoon, he totally freaked out because a thread of the sewing kind was not coming out on its own or I should say, not all the way. I had the pleasure to help him out. I spare you the details, but I guess we both were in shock for a while.
Never a dull time with this one. I'm pretty much pooped by the end of the day, and the end can't come early enough. We are up before the birds start to sing every day now. Good thing I'm a morning person. .....


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

of socks and pups ,,,

Ann asked to see the inside of the burning stripes socks, so here it is: first sock of pair 4.

Burning stripe sock inside

I've not come far with sock two, but here you can see how the contrasting stripes look like on the outside.

burning stripe sock contrasting stripe on leg

So, there was a time before D (Denny), when Happy was very bored. Throughout the day he would come and bring me his tennis ball, pushing it up on my desk.

Happy March 25 sneaking the ball up on my desk

Are you ready to play with me now?

Happy March 25 taking his ball from my desk

Guess not (takes it away again). Now we don't have the problem of boredom any more. :o) Because this D-fellow keeps us on our toes, and very busy. But look at this face! I love when he tilts his head back, how his ears stand up. :o)

April 20-Denny

And, I'm glad I'm the source of amusement for my son. Because of the way I say it (ACD), I shall say only Blue Heeler from this moment on.

Because of the way I say it


Monday, April 19, 2010

Burning stripes socks!

What a weekend! I must admit, we've never had a puppy like Denny before. He's cute, he's cuddly, he's smart, and he's also snarly, growly, and nasty. I'm concerned what will become of him, when he's like that as a seven week old. I'm thinking of getting some professional help, to hear what ideas others have regarding his aggressive streak. What can we do to make him a happy, well-behaved, healthy puppy?

But as I said, he's got his lovely moments too:
April 12-Denny-1
This basket tastes yummy - nom, nom, nom....

April 12-Denny-2
Uh, yeah, that's me ...

April 12-Denny-3

Chew a bone instead!

Thinking ....

April 12-Denny-4

Yeah, alright.

April 12-Denny-6
Chew, chew, chew ....

April 12-Denny-7
Two minutes later. Snooze.
Oh, Denny, why can't you always be so easy going?

I've also got my first finished "Burning stripes socks" to show you:

Finished 1. pair of Burning stripes socks-close up of heel-3

Finished 1. pair of Burning stripes socks-close up of heel-1

Finished 1. pair of Burning stripes socks-1

pattern: by Susan Luni
yarn: Drops Delight, color # 04 and 12 (contrast could be better in places, but I didn't want to cut the yarn). The yarn itself is single ply, softer than Noro Kureyon sock yarn, and splitty.
needles: 2.5mm DP
start-finish: March 22 - 27
The heel is a jojo heel or also called boomerang heel. I've made those before, but Susan Luni has a new spin on it. I like her heel better, but still don't' like this kind of heel much. I love the contrasting stripe that goes down the back.
I'm on my 4th pair now. Could have stopped after the third pair, but Hannah asked me for a pair so I could not say no, but it's kind of dragging on. Will be glad when that's over.


Since both pups sleep right now (in separate rooms), I'll be doing some quick housework.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Handspun Friday - Columbia

Yesterday we had Thai food, and I ate something I didn't order, because what I ordered didn't make it into our bag. Anyway, I feel grown up (even though I really am), whenever I eat something with Cilantro in it. I don't like the taste of it at all. Just so you know something about me. :o)

Well, I haven't spun in a couple of weeks, but have still some finished yarn to show you. This is made of fiber I've dyed last year. I figured it's time to start spinning fiber from last year, before I get to this years dyed fiber. And now I don't have quiet time for spinning at all. :o(

Here it is: The fiber is Columbia.
Easter weekend dyeing-April 2009-8oz Columbia-1

Don't know why I used the colors in the first place. I spun it around Easter time this year.

Columbia-dyed April 2009-8oz-16WPI-506yds total

3skeins, 2 are 3-ply yarn, and the third one was navajo plied from the left over singles.
Altogether there are 506yds, 16WPI, from 8oz of Columbia fiber.


This is how I like my pups the best right now: sleeping!

April 14-Denny sleeping with Happy-3
I missed taking a picture which was the cutest ever. Happy had his head over Denny's body. The little one's sleeping very deeply, otherwise that would not be possible. But to make up for it, Denny did the same thing later:

April 15-10

Just one look at what I was doing, before he was to tired to keep his eyes open.

Yesterday I was close to tears. It was nice, and sunny outside. I was home alone with these two. I thought, lets go out into the back yard. Denny has to be on leash, because the first time we went out he went straight for the pool, and was already mid air, when David caught him.
So I was throwing the Frisbee for Happy, and watching Denny who was always underfoot.
Then he pooped at one end of the yard, we moved over to the other side, where he pooped again. Meanwhile Happy had pooped too, on another spot, you could have triangled them. Now I had to keep them from stepping into either poop, before I could clean it up. (they are really gifted that way)
Meanwhile Happy had discovered that there's still a lot of mud in the ditch along the fence. He looked even worse than last time! No kidding. Of course since he's not out that often these days, he does not want to go inside, or come to be cleaned up. He drove me crazy!

Meanwhile Denny was rolling around like a crocodile, to get rid of the harness, which he hates.
Then my son called, and I told him to get home, I'm out back and need help.
He took Denny inside, who wailed like a siren, we could hear him outside even through closed doors, and windows. Happy didn't want to listen at all, and we chased him all over the ground, cornered him, and finally got him to the wading pool to get off the worst of the dirt.

Then I had to rub him down, and get him upstairs into the bathtub for a real bubble bath. I was wet all over, the Gremlin was screeching downstairs, and I'd had quite enough.
So once again, no free running around the back yard for Happy, and since it looks like it's a full time job anyway to take care of those too, I have to do more firm training with Happy, because his recall sucks.

So you see, the best pups are sleeping pups.

PS: Of course there were sweet moments too. The one were Denny stepped into the wading pool and made bubbles with his nose, to get the dynamite stick out. So cute!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010


That's what they are. They are exhausting. Even thinking is too much for me right now. All I want to do is SLEEP.
I like them best like that: napping, or just quiet for a minute, that's fine too.

April 9-afternoon nap-8

After they played until Denny got hysterical, I separated them and they fell asleep. Rare moments.

April 9-afternoon nap-9

They look so innocent sleeping like that.
April 9-afternoon nap-2

Happy is still a puppy with his 10 1/2 month, sometimes we forget that, since he's so big.

April 10-Denny & Happy-3

This was on April 10, two days after we brought Denny home.

April 10-Denny & Happy-10

Don't let that photo fool you. This is really not how they are most of the time. Both like to cuddle. Happy always wanted that, and I guess that's why he lets Denny crawl on the dog bed.

Yesterday we went to the Vet's for Denny's first appointment. The drive went well. He didn't sleep, but looked out the window. He was a hit with the receptionists. If you have a treat and want to give it to him, he'll love you, and wiggle his bum off. They thought he was the cutest thing ever. He's such a charmer.
Happy was there too, just for socializing. He's timid, and hides either behind me, or in the corner, when somebody talks to him. He's never taken a treat from strangers. But, I guess competition works wonders. After he watched Denny for a while, he came forward and eventually took one treat from the Lady.
Later we went all upstairs to the examination room for puppies. There are two leather chairs there, and a rug on a wooden floor. Denny found the container with the treats in a minute.
The Vet took his time, and gave extra attention to Happy, who first shied away, but during the time we were there, he took several treats, and sat in both leather chairs. It all went well and was a pleasant experience for both dogs.

Denny really is sweet, and cuddly, until he turns into a Gremlin. Must be the water Happy dripped on him, when he was at the water bowl. This dog can screech, growl, and snarl like a big dog. And he's got to learn to have some alone time. Seems like he's a case of separation anxiety. Anyway, this is a new experience for us too. Our White Shepherds were all so calm and quiet, nothing like this little fireball.

Oh, and please forgive me, if I don't respond to your lovely comments for a while. I'd rather write a new blog post during the time I have right now.

I wish you could hear Denny right now. He's in the kitchen, and I'm in the next room. Since he started yapping, Happy joined him on the other side of the baby gate, but he's not calming down. Let's see how long it will take him to calm down.