Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 19

Nobody wants this to be over more than I do! But there are still a few days to go. And since I've stuck it out that long, I'll finish this Tour.

I could really be whining about the heat, but I wont. It's hot, yes, very hot, but we do the best we can to cope with it. Some better than others.

July 20 - Denny after swimming

Denny after we were outside for half an hour, swimming, and the usual running around. Totally zonked out on the sofa. The other two found a cool spot too.

Wish I could do that too, but I have to sit and spin, which feels like insanity by now.
I've finished the second bobbin shortly after noon.
TdF - day 19 - sw merino-ready for 2ply

After a short break I started plying, and got the first skein done. It's ready for the dye pot, as soon as I'm done with the second skein. It will be almost 6oz, so I didn't get it all on one bobbin.

TdF - day 19 - sw merino - 2.9oz - 350yds-2ply-first skein-
It doesn't look so bad, but since it's for some specific purpose, it will have to be dyed again. I can only hope to get the shade I want. It will take another hour to ply the rest, and I really want to dye it today, and as hot as it is, it might very well dry over night. So I better get going.


Susan said...

It's very pretty as is but I think that over-dyeing works magic. It seems that over-dyed yarn is more sophisticated with subtle shading and colors.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't mind the heat so much, but I feel bad for anyone in a fur coat. My cats are fine inside, but they want to go out so bad!
I would definitely welcome some rain!
Good luck with the dyeing!

Sharon said...

You are so close to the end of the Tour that it would be a shame to quit now. This is your first tour and you've done remarkably well, so hang in there.

This is my third tour (I think), and every year it's been too hot and humid to spin. That just adds to the stress of trying to meet your goal, but it's worth it in the end when you've cleared space for new fiber.

2paw said...

Denny has the right idea, he looks rested if not cool!
Good luck with your dyeing, I hope you get the results you want and at least the heat will be helpful with the drying!!