Friday, October 30, 2009

It's now or never ....

It feels a little weird blogging again. I've thought about it over the last week or so, didn't know where to start. You get used to not thinking about it real fast. You stop noticing blog worthy things or moments, which cross your way. Life goes on without blogging, no problem. I'm not even sure I've got something to say. I sure do have things to show you, knitted things. Some left over from before the break, some projects I made during the last month, but not today.

So, it's now or never! I thought I'll ease back in, not with spinning, knitting or even with doggie stories, but with this lovely indidcation of Fall. It's part of our front yard.

Today the weather had me in a peculiar mood all day, and right before the sun set, I took this photo (not that we actually saw the sun today). I love it, the photo. The funny thing though is that it's really pretty, right? But - how am I going to spot the doggy piles? The leaves came down so fast!

Well, my dear readers, I've missed you all, that is unquestionable true, even if I didn't miss posting itself.

*** Monika***