Friday, July 15, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 14

Well, here's Esther II, chain plied, 292yds. I think I like it better than 3-ply. It's BFL fiber.

Esther - BFL

This is more the actual color.
Esther - BFL

Here you can compare the two. Which one do you like better?
Esther - BFL

I've only got Pedal Pusher in the fiber box, and some FatCatKnits Fiber Club package, so I grabbed the first of two Pedal Pusher braids, and started spinning. Once again, I'm not going to finish it today. Too much going on today, but that's O.K. Will finish it up tomorrow. I've seen that colorway spun up twice from different people, and I liked both their versions.
TdF day 14- Pedal Pusher-Falkland-2

It looks like "Clown barf" is what I heard, but it reminds me of cotton candy, the blue and pink parts anyway.

TdF day 14- Pedal Pusher-Falkland-3

I had to show you Ms. Maggie, she's quite a messy eater! See the kibble, and the peas everywhere (I ran out of cut beans, peas are their second choice of veggies)? Good thing she doesn't mind the boys helping her clean up after.

Maggie is a messy eater
She's been upgraded to big girl food bowl this week, but she still manages to spit her food in every direction.


Unknown said...

I actually like both and mix together in one project. But, then you know me. Can't wait to see the next, it looks like cotton candy.

2paw said...

I like the left one best. I think it looks fluffier???
Some dogs are just 'enthusiastic' eaters!!! Wee done on the big girl bowl Maggie!! Gilly has to have a slow-me-down bowl!!

CelticCastOn said...

I have to agree I do like the chain plied best even if I have no idea what that means ;)

Sharon said...

Is chain ply the same as Navajo ply? I like the chain better than the 3 ply because the colors seem to be more evenly spread.

The new color is right up my alley, pastels. Can't wait to see what it turns into.

Miss Maggie has a live in clean up crew. How lucky she is!

BeatrixB said...

gorgeous! I love the chain ply better, too. I am still trying to figure out myself how to get to abt 300 yards - but I am a total anfänger.

Beverly said...

I like the one on the left. It appears to have less of the lighter color. Both of them are nice though.

Michelle said...

I like the chain ply best, but lately I've been really drawn to chain ply. I plied my pedal pusher with another color so I'm curious to see it by itself.

Anonymous said...

yummy, yummy yarns!!!!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I don't think I could pick a favourite. I like them both.

My Rocky is a messy eater too - kibbles everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Your dogs eat veggies? That's hilarious. Tank will graze grass all day, he will chomp down weeds and steal fresh cut hay from the goats but he WILL NOT eat any greenery I give him. Even fruit is rejected, but of course, he loves chicken poo *sigh*.

Your spinnning looks amazing as always. I prefer the blue on the left :) I don't know how your most current fiber will come out, it's a little too...bright for me :) I'm sure you'll make it awesome though.

Anonymous said...

Both of my dogs have slow-me-down bowls. Otherwise they inhale the food.

I feed my pups veggies, too. They get green beans for dinner. Sadie also loves fruit. She will take me down to get a banana. :)