Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stinky feet!

It's time to see what I've been spinning this month. Not as much as I'd have liked, but what can you do? I'm very happy about the little 2oz blue Blue Faced Leicester skein, because it's going to be for color work mittens. I still have the second half of the fiber to spin, but for now, I can start with the mittens whenever I'm ready.
Oh! Did you notice my new lamp for my desk? It's a Banker's Lamp, and I've wanted to have one for a long time. I don't care if it's a cheap version from Staples, I just like it.

August 2011 spinning

Last week my son made a run to an European Grocery store, about an hours drive away from us. He brought back some delicious things, like these (Krapfen) donuts! They should be filled with Apricot marmalade, but were filled with Powidl (some dark plum sauce ) instead. Beggars can't be choosers.
To go with it I needed lots of hot tea. At the time I was working on the Peacock hat.


I was told I'm being very North American with these photos, but really, Maggie, that's not Lady like at all! Nobody wants to see THAT!

Aug. 15-25 Maggie & Denny sleeping

Denny was sleeping beside me, when she decided to position herself next to him. She needs support to be able to ly on her back, or she would fall over (not so Denny, who has a broad back, like a table, no problem with rolling over there). At first he didn't notice, but once she touched him, he woke up.

Aug. 15-26 Maggie & Denny sleeping

"Get your stinky feet off of me!", would have been what I said, maybe he thought so too? Once he was finished smelling her feet, he got up and relocated to the sofa.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Handspun Friday - Special Blue Merino

When I was choosing my Tour de Fleece prize fiber/colorway, Ginny showed me this blue merino fiber as well, and I took it off her hands, with a few other pretties. I don't know, but my like/dislike for merino has changed for the better. There was a time I could not spin it to my satisfaction, but all of a sudden it's no problem any more. Which is a good thing too.

FCK-Blue special-4oz-merino

This is 4oz of merino, which I turned into this yarn:

FCK-merino-special blue-376yds-chain plied-1
376yds, chain plied

FCK-merino-special blue-376yds-chain plied-1

I need it for colorwork. I should spin more almost solids for just that purpose.

Just a quick note about the pups: During this last week, on different days, each one of them fell into the pool, because they were running, but not looking where they were going. Denny started it all, then Happy, and yesterday it was Maggies turn. Was that because everything comes in three's? I could see it happen with Maggie, and I was surprised, that it didn't happen sooner with her, since she's the poster child for running sideways, even forward, and not looking, running into things, and walking backwards as well as forward. Anyway, the look on their faces was priceless, when they surfaced from their unexpected plunge.

Denny waiting for Happy to get out

I'm also happy to report, that I've got my hands on this used little book! It's a wee one, but it's full of information and charts. This is the BEST mitten book EVER! I could throw away all the others, really! (but I wont) I love it! Expect some colorwork mittens soon! (the red knit there is my test knitting, which is all done, but I've cast on for another one).

used book

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What are you laughing at?

(image grabbed from Ginny's website)

I'd like to do a little bit of enabling for the spinners out there! FatCatKnits is open for fiber club registry until September 5th. What I like about this fiber club is, that it's a 4 month subscription, AND you can choose the fiber you would like to get. The colorways are still surprises though. Ginny is one of my favorite fiber dyers, and her fiber is always easy to spin. She's got great customer service as well. Just saying....

Well, since we've talked about a FatCat, lets talk about the pups.

I realized that most stories I have to tell involve Denny. By no means is he the only entertainer in the house though.
I know you've seen this picture of Maggie before, but she's so cute, and I don't have another one of her that I like as much. Thanks for the well wishes. The Vet visit went well. She's got a creme to put on her wound, and she's NOT licking it off, which is very good. It's not her paw pads, that's wounded, but the pad on her front leg, that's above the paw on the backside. She weighs 27.9kg (that's 61.5lbs). In comparison, Biko's weight was ~ 80lbs. Maggie is a petite WGS. I don't think she'll grow much more, but that's fine with us.
Anyway, one day in this lovely month of August, Maggie sat in the basement, looking at the wall, barking. "Silly girl," I said, didn't think more of it.

About ten days later, still the same month, Mr. Grumpy was walking around, in a foul mood. I was knitting, and watching TV, Maggie was with her human (DS), and Happy was snoring on the sofa, when suddenly Denny jumped on the sofa with a low growl, grabbed the corner of the calendar on the wall, and started pulling at it.

Aug. 19-calendar
(see the bite mark on the left corner there?)

Odd, I thought, then I saw the photo on the calendar and suddenly it all made sense. Maggie must have recognized a WGS, when she barked at it, and Denny in his foul mood, didn't like the grin on that girls face (it says so on the calendar, that she loves to swim).

Aug. 19-Happy with calendar
Happy hasn't given it a thought so far.

Aug. 19-Denny

Mr. D finally settled down under my desk, but I can't believe that's the most comfortable spot he could find!

If it's for knitting you've come, I've been test knitting for Kirsten Kapur, no pictures allowed at the moment. But I've finished and will cast on for something else now, just have to decide what first.