Monday, November 29, 2010

Maia mittens II

They were finished in mid September, but I somehow forgot to show them here. The Maia mittens, knit with fingering weight yarn are fine for now, but will not give enough warmth, and protection once it's really getting cold.
2nd pair of Maia mittens finished
The original pattern is for fingerless mittens, and the first pair I made were just that. I regret that I didn't make them full mittens also. For both pairs I've knit the longer version for the cuff. These were hard to photograph. You can hardly see the beads in the photo above. You can see the beads better in the next photos.

first Maia mitten full version
I've knit them following the pattern, and then picked up stitches and kit the fingertips, and the thumb. Here's the pattern by Romi Hill. It was included in her 7 small shawls e-book, and not for sale individually.

first Maia mitten full version

I've used wonderful yarn dyed by the talented Ladies of Wandering Cat Yarns , WCY Top Cat, colorway Opium Den. Just lovely. You can not see it very well, but it's not just gray, it has several other colors in it as well.
Maggie has accepted her new home immediately, like she's never been home anywhere else.

Nov. 27-Maggie
This girl is bright, fearless, inquisitive, and very lively. I'm fearing she's a female Denny. She's already got a mind of her own. I'm hoping to get a little video of her and Happy interacting soon. We got her the same age as Happy, but she seems more advanced in every aspect. The came from the same litter size (9 puppies), but from different breeders, and she was even the smallest female of the litter.

Nov. 27-Maggie

The boys look a little depressed in this picture, but they are only tired after playing rough. It was taken pre-Maggie. They like to share this sofa.

Nov. 23-Buddies

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Lyndsden's Styria Maggie Purl Molly

This is Maggie. We'll be taking care of her for a while (the next 15 years or so, we hope).
Hoofprint's Styria Maggie Purl Molly

She's my sons new puppy. She arrived in our home yesterday. It was kind of sudden. We were thinking of getting a female pup, and have been waiting for month for the litter to arrive. Unfortunately the was an emergency c-section for the mom, and there was only one dead boy. Poor thing! The breeder referred us to another breeder, we already knew too, and she had three females left.
David wanted to drive there today, to look at them, but when he heard that others would be coming today to pick a female, he decided to drive there yesterday. A round trip of 7 hours.
Anyway, this little girl won his heart, and now she's our new family member.

Happy is totally smitten with her. Denny not so much. I hope he'll come around soon.
Got to go, life is a little hectic around here at the moment. :o)

Friday, November 26, 2010

Handspun Friday - Reflection Hat

I've been so busy this past week, didn't get to spin at all. I don't think this will change much. Taking care of a whole house, and keeping it clean, takes much more time, than the little space downstairs. Besides, cooking takes time too, and clean up after. All time NOT spent crafting. :o)

Anyway, I've got this fiber from my daughter for my birthday.
Hannah's b-day gift-Fleece Artist fiber-1
I didn't want it to disappear into the vastness of my stash, so I spun it up quickly. It's 2 braids 2oz each in two colorways (no name) from Fleece Artist, 100% merino. It was quite compacted, and tearing it apart was hard work, and so was spinning. I still managed to get yarn close to worsted weight out of it, even though it once again turned out thick/thin.
Fleece Artist merino for a hat-2-ply, 2x2oz-218yds total-4
I knew I wanted to knit a hat with it, but my first choice of this Game hat (sorry rav link) pattern needed more yarn then I had. It would have been cut close, and I really wanted to make the pompom as well. So I was looking through my books, and found "His and Her Reflection Hat" by Melissa Leapman from her book "Mastering Color Knitting".
Reflection hat by Melissa Leapman made with my handspun yarn

I liked the colors they used in the book, but you could hardly see the color design. I thought the two colors of my handspun yarn would show it better, but the thick and thin yarn made just a big mess of it.
Reflection hat made with handspun yarn-1

Oh, yeah, and weird head is back. Well, as long as you don't look at his face, he's not too creepy.
Reflection hat made with handspun yarn-4
Fresh from the needles the hat was a little small. I've knit the smaller size, because I was afraid of running out of yarn. I did have some left over yarn, but not enough for the bigger size. After washing and blocking though, it fit my head perfectly. Have already worn it on our walks, and we got wet from light rain, but I put it right on Manni's head to dry, so it looks O.K.
I've also knit Jared Floods Strago mittens. They are drying now. I love this design!

Strago mitten one in progress

I've got to get back to work. Wish you all a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disco ball - part 2

We found another red "disco" ball, which also made several different noises, like a childrens toy police car, or a slot machine, when you chew it, and of course it flickered too. We didn't know about the noise at first. This made this ball even more interesting for the pups. For Happy to have a go at it, I had to put Denny in his crate for a while. Here is how my cutey pie dealt with this toy.

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-1
Mmm, thanks Ma, for this wonderful toy. I need to enjoy it on the sofa now, without rude interruption from Denny the destroyer. Chew, chew ...

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-2

Oops, it fell down.

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-3

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-7
Thanks, Ma, you are the best. Chew, chew ....

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-8

It flickers already, but I know it can do more.

October 28-Happy and new chew toy ball-9

Oops - there it is! Weird ball.

Sorry to say, the ball didn't make it, once Denny was let out of the crate.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Disco ball - part 1

The pups are still here, and keeping me busy, besides all else I've got to do. When we got Biko, back in 2001, we bought her a red ball, like the yellow one below, which would flicker inside, when bounced on the floor, or chewed on.
disco ball-7
yellow ball on black merino fiber

I called it the disco ball. The red ball was lost for years (under furniture), to be found by Denny. He destroyed it in no time, but Happy and he had lots of fun, before it was destroyed. So we bought another one, a yellow one.
disco ball-1-2
They love to play with it, and I only give it to them, when I'm supervising, so the disco ball has a chance of a longer life.
disco ball-3-2
I know it's a crappy photo, but he's never holding still for long, and you can see the ball glowing in this picture.

Anyway, Denny, his usual self is always hogging it, while Happy is looking on longingly.
disco ball-4-2
Happy acts bored, and yawns, but secretly he's only waiting for a chance to get the ball.
Fat chance:
disco ball-5-2

We took pity on Happy, and got another fun ball, disco ball, and squeak toy in one, but that's part 2 of the story! :o) If you are a Happy fan, you don't want t o miss it, so stay tuned ..... :o)

I almost forgot. Another lovely surprise arrived yesterday. Mailed October 21, it finally arrived November 22 in my mail box. But it was not only for me, but the pups got some pressies as well.
surprise package from Sabine-Nov. 2010
Toys for the dogs, and an interesting book for me, as well as tea, and the cute sheepy mug, and candy! Thank you so much, Sabine!!! :o)))

Friday, November 19, 2010

The kitchen is done???

No, it's not. After weeks of waiting, the kitchen guy called, that he would send somebody to install the missing pieces, and deal with small things, like missing grout, missing cover for electrical outlet etc.
I was ready to do the happy dance, but didn't hold my breath that it would all finally be done.
Well, the guy came, and did some things, but there is still a cover for one drawer missing, the cabinet above the dish washer still has no shelves, and one cabinet door still has a scratch, and they didn't bring a replacement. So he lied to me, because now he tells me, he didn't even know the shelves were missing. I'm ready to explode, and I'm very disappointed with this company.
In any case, I took some pictures, because it's not going to be much more different, once it's finally done. We still have to paint the kitchen island we bought at IKEA's (still in the garage). We've got new blinds, very necessary!

I love the new kitchen, but I did not know, and was not told, that the cabinets would not be as deep as the old ones were. The kitchen sink is smaller too. I didn't think at the time to ask, because I thought we'd be getting the same size as we had. Too late now.
I LOVE the back splash glass tiles, and all my new electrical appliances, even though, we are waiting to get a new freezer door, because it came scratched and with a little dent in the door (been waiting for that for weeks too).
So here are some photos of the old kitchen:
kitchen before reno -2
We closed the door into the pink room. We never used it anyway.

kitchen before reno-1

kitchen before reno-2

And here is the new kitchen:
new kitchen-10

new kitchen-9

new kitchen-8

new kitchen-7

new kitchen-6

new kitchen-5

We opened up this opening to the dining room, which was formerly my office. We will not have a table or chairs in the kitchen itself. I like this setting very much. We never used the "dining room" which was part of the living room before, and had our meals in the kitchen most of the time.

new kitchen-4

new kitchen-3

new kitchen-2

new kitchen-1

new kitchen-12

The first thing I've cooked on my new cook top is -
Nov-first thing I cooked on my new cooktop-eggs-1
- hard boiled eggs! :o)

And for those who wanted to know, I found a rug for under my spinning chair. The dogs love it and go there to chew on their bones. The spinning wheel is still in the basement living room, but once I'm putting it in its new place, the rug will be crowded.

spinning chair with rug

Off I go, unpacking more boxes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I AM still knitting little by little, and getting things done. So here are three pairs of socks I've finished lately.
First are the Low Country Light socks by Peth Parrott from her book "Sock Club". I love the socks in the book, the colors are beautiful, but I hated knitting this pair. The stitch pattern was so boring, I almost fell asleep while knitting. I thought I'd do the second sock with a different stitch pattern, but then decided to just do it on the leg on both of them. The other reason for not liking these socks was the yarn. It's Drops Delight in color # 10. I dislike this sock yarn. It might be lovely to knit a shawl with it, but never again socks. They still will be worn by me, socks are socks.

Low country light socks

The next pair are going to be gifted. I loved knitting them. The yarn is lovely to work with, and I like it, that they did some kind of striping, and not too much pooling. I almost want to keep them for myself, but thankfully I knit them for smaller feet, so I HAVE to give them away.

Summer Squash Socks for mom

The yarn I've used here is Wandering Cat Yarns Barn Cat in the color Summer Squash. Soft, and warm, but still with some nylon to make them more durable.

Next up are my handspun socks! Of course I love those! Spinning for socks is always a pleasure. I spun 3-ply yarn, 2 plies Ghost & Gremlins Falkland from SAG fiber club, and one ply undyed white merino. They are soft and warm too, and hopefully will hold up well.

Ghosts & Gremlins socks

The socks turned out different, which did not surprise me. I spun two skeins, one for each sock, with some time in between. When the time came for the second skein to be spun, I didn't quite remember how I prepared the fiber, meaning how many strips did I rip? I knew I did it different than the first one, but I didn't care.
I often use toe up sock patterns for handspun socks, to use up most of the yarn I have. This time I used Fleegle's toe -up no flap, no hassle sock design, and I have to say, it's the best fitting toe up sock I've knit so far. The heel looks weird, but fits so well. I definitely will use this design again.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


As a teenager I had three pen pals from other countries, which required some English skills on my part ( I did say -some), to communicate with them, at least for a while. There was this girl from England, another one from Turkey, and one girl from Jamaica. We wrote to each other for a while, the Jamaican girl being the one, who wrote even as we were adults, and had our own children. Don't know exactly how it ended, or why.

Today, I find myself with pen pals, via email once again, all over the world, and it's a wonderful feeling! I don't like to travel, but I do like to hear from all over the world, and what better way than to use the internet. I've found many friends this way, lost some, and found new ones.

One such a wonderful friend is Christa from London, England! We've been writing each other for some time now, not often, but just enough to keep up on how we are doing. I must admit, that this last year, I did not keep up with my pen pals, as much as I would have normally liked, but I vowed to myself, that I would be better from now on. It's just that I have to be in a "good" place myself, to feel like writing. I'm always open to listening though.
Anyway ...
Today I had a wonderful surprise! When I went to pick up the mail, I found a huge package in my mail box. I first wondered what it was that I'd ordered, and could think of nothing. Soon enough I knew who it was from, and I could not get home fast enough. I'm such a child, when it comes to surprise packages! No careful opening of the envelope, but tearing into it, like a hungry lion into his prey (oh, I know, gross, but that's me).
But looky here, that's what I found inside, worth the mayham:
Christa's b-day gift - wow
I just realized the Jelly Belly's didn't make it to the photo shoot. I've never had any, because I thought they are hard candy. Well, actually I thought Jelly Beans are hard candy, I've never heard of Jelly Belly's before. But now they are all gone. I tasted one, and the rest had to follow. Each one had a different taste, and they were chewy!!! And good. RIP-Jelly Bellies!
Christa remembered, that Milka chocolate is my all time favorite chocolate, and she sent me THREE different kinds. All yummy I'm sure, but I'm holding back.
I don't know how she knew that green is my favorite color (wink-wink), but there they were, two balls of Regia sock yarn, in a lovely shade of green! The camera didn't quite catch the hue, but close enough. Don't know yet, what pattern I'll use, but I know they will be for me!
Oh and lets not forget the lovely card, and the awesome knitting magazine! It's the latest issue of "The Knitter", a special gift edition. And last but not least a bag, of course it will be a project bag for me. It's from Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The pattern is called "Chrysanthemum". Just lovely!

A big THANK YOU, my dear friend Christa!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

And we have Winners!

Thank you all for your lovely birthday wishes! I had a wonderful day, with lots of fibery goodness, and a delicious cake.
Moni's birthday cake-1

My son ordered it from an Austrian Restaurant, next town over. It's a Sacher Torte, and it was delicious. Very moist, and no whip cream needed. I did freeze a large portion of it, so we can celebrate in December, when the whole family comes together.
Now, lets get down to business:

Winner of my handspun "Pie for Everyone" yarn is: Dagny.

Winner of the "Magic Mushroom" fiber is : Zizi

Congratulations to the winners! Please send me an email with your mailing address!
I've been working on unpacking over the weekend, especially my yarn, and fiber, and I finally could get my hands on my handspun yarn bins. I was looking through them, and picked a few for my shop, which is now updated with new handspun yarn. Enjoy!
PS Wanna see my new spinning chair? Sure you do: I'm in LOVE, it's so comfy, just need a rug, so the spinning wheel wont slide.
my new comfy spinning chair

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's my Birthday!

I feel like celebrating with all my readers, that's why I'm giving away one skein of my early handspun yarns. (I found my two bins full of handspun yarn yesterday, what a delight!)

Pie for Everyone- 131 yds - 9 WPI

"Pie for Everyone", Spunky Eclectic Fiber Club, November 2007, 131yds, 9WPI, Falkland.

and for spinners amongst my readers:
Dyed in the wool Handmade-100% BFL-Magic Mushroom-4oz

"Magic Mushroom", Dyed in the wool Handmade", 100% Blue Faced Leicester, 4oz

To qualify please leave a comment, and specify if you are a knitter or spinner. I'll do the draw some time coming weekend.
And now, lets celebrate, and have some cake!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Moving back in!

Slowly but surely the boxes full of our belongings are making it back into our house. First things first though, which means my fiber and yarn stash is coming home first. :o) I'm reluctant to put everything back as it was before, it was too stuffed, I don't want that again. So some things will stay in storage for a while longer, until really needed.
The kitchen is still waiting to be finished. I refuse to use it, until it's fully done. No word on when that will be. :o( Getting angry does not speed things up.
Look how the shade in the next photo makes the shelves seem gray, but they are creamy white.
left side shelves empty with Lola
So, now that we've been back in our bedrooms for a while now, I'm starting to get the living/craft room together. I'm using the old book shelves to fill them with yarn and fiber, and my knitting/crafts books. I've just started, and what FUN that is!
right side shelfes
The yarn has to stay in the shelves in two rows, so you only see the front row in some of the photos. I've filled them up more, since I took this picture. We will still rearrange the shelves on the left side of the room, once I get my new craft table assembled, and I still need to figure out where to put my desk.
We had an exhausting trip to IKEA today. I used to like going there, but not so much anymore. I didn't find everything I needed, but I found these new green plates.
new plates with pups
The pups are on their way outside.

We found a work table there, it's actually a conference table, but exactly what I was looking for. No luck with a desk though, and nothing for the hallway, where we want to put the keys and stuff once we come inside. One has to be very careful not to get lost in that store, and buy accessories, which are so neat, but not needed. Oh, and I almost forgot! We did find a kitchen island, which is basically a base cabinet, with a wooden counter top, and four drawers. My son is going to paint it white though, only the counter top will be wood. We were talking that we should have bought a kitchen at IKEA, they had so many beautiful ones in the show rooms. I don't know about the quality though, but I liked several kitchens they had.
There's so much to do right now, I don't have much time to play with my fibers. In the evenings I'm too tired to enjoy knitting, or spinning, although I manage to knit a few rounds on my latest pair of socks every day. I'm also, once again, terrible behind in answering my emails, so please forgive me, I'll get to them asap.
Nov. 9-Happy
Fall is beautiful this year. We've enjoyed sunny days, around 10C highs during the day. I'm happy to be back on normal time.
Denny never liked to be picked up, but it's necessary for him to tolerate it, for future Vet visits etc. So my son lifts him up every day, and if Denny does not growl, he gets a treat from me. In the photo you see him waiting for it eagerly. He's pretty good with it now, and rarely growls under his breath anymore.
Nov. 5-Denny riding the shoulder-2-2
He's 8 1/2 month now, and it feels like we've been living with him for 8 years! He's a pup with lots of personality. You can't leave him alone for even a second. Generally though it's become easier, although I doubt that he'll ever stop liking anything fabric. Anyway, I better get my knitting out. I'm done for today, so I can put up my feet now, and knit a little.