Friday, July 08, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 7

I MISS knitting! I tried knitting on my test knit last night, but boy did my hands hurt. I've only got a few very long rows to go there, so I might do that on the day's of rest. I'm so looking forward to both of them. I think day 9 and 15 are there to rest, but I have to check that again. (checking) O.K. so July 11, and July 18 there will be NO spinning for me. I don't know how the cyclists motivate themselves to get back on that tiny saddle every day!

TdF day 7- ready for 3-ply

This morning, I had to spin the third bobbin of Toadstool. I just couldn't do it last night. Around noon I plied, and for the rest of the afternoon the yarn was drying. It still was a little damp in some spots when I took the photos, but I didn't want to lose the sunlight.


I seem to have gotten used to spinning merino, because this turned out a little thinner than the first one.

The left one was the first finished skein, the right one I finished today.

After this was off my wheel, I grabbed the second half of Henry, and started spinning. I had to stop after about an ounce, and I think I'll give it a rest for today. I don't think I'll have a finished yarn tomorrow, since I'm going to spin it thin again, to match (hopefully) the first skein, and chain ply it. Since I want the yarn to have wide stripes I only broke the fiber into thirds. That's why I was pre-drafting it, for easier spinning.

TdF day 7

This is the one and only photo of Maggie in the pool. She still does not go in there on her own, so we help her in, once a day. This time I took the camera with me, to try and get a picture of her. We let her in at the deep end. She's still splashing big, but she's fast. I got off this shot, the second shot was already blurry, and the third shot was of my foot, because she was out of the pool by then. Stupid slow camera. ;o) Twice I thought she's going for the edge to hold on to, but she thought better of it, and kept going to finally climb out at the stairs. Now I'm not worried anymore, if she accidentally falls in.

July 8- Maggie in the pool

And I'll end for today with this hilarious shot. Denny and Maggie were trying to get the rubber bone away from Happy, but he's good in evading (it's his most favorite toy). It's like a dance with them.

July 8


old lady said...

That end picture is great! Those are definitely happy butts!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It may be tough - but you've got to be making a good dent in your fibre stash!
Love me a good dog bum pic!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the last picture. I love to see buddies playing together.

Michelle said...

I spent two hours tonight changing the ply direction of 3oz of singles I spun up earlier today. The picture of the pups together is making me feel much better!

Susan said...

Wet dog bums, yee haw!! They look like they're having a great time.

Your pool looks so inviting. It's been HOT here. Silly Maggie - you wouldn't have to make me go for a swim in that lovely pool

Sharon said...

You sure do a lot in a day! My hands aren't sore, but my bum & shoulder - well, that's another story.

I miss knitting too! Never thought I'd get tired of spinning, but in real life, it takes me a week to spin ONE braid. This pace is killing me in bits and pieces.

Crochet with Raymond said...

that is a cute photo of some fluffy bums!
Today's offerings = gorgeous and I'm loving the colours of the roving you have there, I am once again deeply inspired!
Love Alice XXX

Knatolee said...

Love that last shot of the three doggy bums! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess a lot of it has to do with practice... you can't spin most of everyday for weeks without having trained a bit... at least not if you don't want cramps ;)

Still, you are turning out beautiful, stunning yarns and that must be motivation!

2paw said...

Best picture ever: those wagging tails and Happy evading the marauding youngsters!!! It must be a big relief to know Maggie can get out of the pool all by herself.

wolltrunken said...

Juchhu, endlich habe ich die Einstellung gefunden, die mich wieder kommentieren laesst!

Klasse, der Hunde-Squaredance, ich musste schon so lachen ueber das Foto!

Liebe Gruesse

von Birgit