Friday, July 22, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 21

Who would have thought that 30C would not feel that hot to me anymore, after experiencing a day like yesterday? Not I, that's for sure.
My today's post is a little late, since we didn't have internet connection for hours. That makes me very antsy, but also makes me think, that it's a little ridiculous to be so dependent on the www.

Today I was working on "Farmer Phil" on BFL. I've got 8oz, but for now I'm only spinning 4oz. This will be the last fiber spun for Tour de Fleece. I did get 2oz done today, and the rest I'll spin tomorrow. It's a little hard to work with, so I pre-drafted it for easier spinning.
TdF - day 21- Farmer Phil - BFL-4oz

This is yesterday's finished yarn. "Petey Pete" on superwash Merino, 3-ply, 300yds. I find it a little bit boring. Not "my" colors at all. With some colorways in my fiber stash, I ask myself WHY did I buy this? They had to have caught me eyes at some point.

Petey Pete on sw Merino, 4oz, 3ply, 300yds

Being merino fiber it's soft, next to skin yarn. I have no idea what it will be at some point, but I might add another yarn to spice it up, who knows.

Petey Pete on sw Merino, 4oz, 3ply, 300yds

And on a sad note, I've got one less shawl. For month now, since it's been finished, this shawl has lived on the back of my chair, keeping my shoulders warm when I needed it. I really loved this one, it's cuddly, soft, and even with all those holes, it warmed me just right.

Guess who killed it off?! Right.

minus one shawl



Sharon said...

Oh no he didn't! Doesn't he know the value of a comfy knitted good? Oy! That's just not right. It's a good thing he is well loved - or else!

All of your yarns came out beautifully and this one too, which is right up my alley.

Will you take a break from spinning after the tour is over?

Susan said...

Aw, poor shawl. Is Denny the perp? Maybe he figured that if he ruined it, you might let it be a nice doggy blankie.

CelticCastOn said...

IN T's words... "BEHAVE"!
Thats what she tells Boss and Molly before she goes for a nap :)
I remember you knitting that one too. Will you make another?

2paw said...

Glad you have cooler weather, but I agree, who would ever call 30* cooler?? I am sure you will find the right colours to spice up the wool you have spun.
Oh no, your poor shawl. My first thought is Denny. Does he have Naughty Puppy Disease too???

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh noes! That's a FLUFFY Cat shawl!
Bad Denny!!!

I think that handspun is lovely! I'm sure you'll find a use for it!

Walden said...

So sorry about the shawl.

I agree with the dependency on the WWW. I am surprised that I haven't actually felt that bad being away from it a lot the past three weeks.

Rhonda said...

Ohoh. :(

Carrie#K said...

Denny!!!! Oh noes!