Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 4

This day is not over yet, and I might get some more spinning done, but I doubt, that I'll finish it all today.
That's how far I've come so far.
July 5- TdF Day 4

This is going slower, because I'm spinning it thin to make sock yarn. It's Falkland colorway Henry. I do have 8oz of it, but I'm just spinning up 4oz right now. I'm thinking to spin 4oz of all the 8oz bags I have first, to mix it up, and go back to the second batch later.

I might have finished spinning today's fiber, if I hadn't have to ply some of yesterdays yarn this morning. I lost some spinning time yesterday, entertaining a dinner guest, and you can't throw guests out, when they still chew their last bite, can you?

So this morning I plied, some, I wound the skeins, bathed them and now here they are.
finished yarn from TdF day 3

finished yarn from TdF day 3

finished yarn from TdF day 3

finished yarn from TdF day 3

This is 10oz merino/bamboo/nylon from FatCatKnits Mixed Blessings Fiber Club November 2010. I 2-plied it with merino cobweb lace yarn in orange. It's very soft, and a little bit shiny.
I've got a total of 338yds of the lighter colorway, and a total of 386yds of the darker colorway.

The pups were soaking up the sun (like the skeins after their bath). Sometimes I don't understand how they can ly in the sun, especially Denny, since he get's hot really quickly. Only Maggie was smart enough to stay near the cool air vent.

soaking up the sun

Happy is just handsome.
soaking up the sun

So, after a short break, to let my fingers relax back into normal position, I'll spin a little more, but since last night's spinning was encroaching into my reading time, I'll be sure to get more reading in tonight. That's if I can hold up my iPad.



Toby said...

Stunning! I'm really looking forward to all your Tour de Fleece posts. :)

CelticCastOn said...

You are a machine!!
I`d really like to know what you think of the ipad for reading. Do you also use it for pdf`s too?

Anonymous said...

I love that, particularly the straw and cornflower colors. Pretty! Or at least as handsome as Happy. And that's pretty handsome.

Sharon said...

You're making great progress, Monika! If there's one thing you can be sure about, the Tour will certainly take a bite out of your stash, making way for the new stash.

P.S. It really would be rude to send a dinner guest home while they're still chewing their food. LOL It would be less rude if you pulled your wheel up to the dinner table.

Anonymous said...

My computer seems in danger every time I come to your blog... I simply begin to drool over all your gorgeous handspun!

Nutopist said...

whenever you post new pictures of yarn, I start drewling.....They are beautifull


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Those are some very funky yarns - I think they would make nice hats! Love them both.

Beverly said...

I haven't seen you spin and ply this way. The yarn is gorgeous. Do you have plans for it?

Crochet with Raymond said...

Yay! I found your bog again... I found you a few weeks ago and loved your spinning, it is amaaaaaazing!!! Then I went away and forgot how to get back here... not again, I'll be back! I am TDF-ing too and having the best time ever!
Love your work XXX

Walden said...

Wookie is definitely not a sun puppy, he will always search out that spot of shade. Even on walks, he walks faster in the sun and takes his sweet time if the sidewalk is shaded!

2paw said...

Your poor fingers, ut you are making such beautiful wool, I can understand how you can't stop. Happy is the most handsome young man!! Maggie is smart and I don't know why Denny wants to get so hot either!!!