Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tour de Fleece - Day 15

After finishing this yarn today, I've decided to NOT spin the second braid right now. I'll look for something else.

This is called "Pedal Pusher" on Falkland, chain plied, 355yds. I'm quite happy with the yardage.

TdF-day 15-Pedal Pusher-Falkland-chain plied-355yds-3

This yarn will make some happy, striped socks some day. I haven't decided on what to spin next. I picked out a couple of braids, but had no desire at all to even think about how to spin them etc. I say it's time Tour de Fleece is over. But, come the 18th, there will be a rest day again, that might help get motivated, or not.

TdF-day 15-Pedal Pusher-Falkland-chain plied-355yds-3

We are all wilting here. Poor tree's and bushes, and everything else, just can't hold up their leaves anymore. We've not had any substantial rain in a long time now. Of course now that it's unbearable hot, Happy can't go swimming, because as soon as he swims a loop or two, he's back pain is back. Today he just jumped in , and got out at once, just to cool off, but that's not so much fun.
Denny enjoyed a leisurely swim without being hassled.


The pups had some excitement this morning. Our neighbors had a 7 month old Golden Retriever to baby sit for a few hours. What a cute boy that was, and huge for his age. The pups interacted through the fence, Denny was barking his head off, even though the pup already was on his back, showing his belly. I had to take him inside, so the other two could enjoy the newcomer. Don't know if we'll ever see him again.


Unknown said...

Pedal Pushers is perfect. This one is lovely. I find you spinning skills totally amazing.

2paw said...

Such pretty wool, it will make lovely socks!! You poor hot hings, you have my every sympathy. Poor Happy, can he play under the hose instead?? Happy's loss is Denny's gain. What a nice thing to have a visitor. I have found with my dogs that the younger ones are crossest at having a puppy guest, I think the oldest dog feels safe and secure as Top Dog!!

Anita said...

I so enjoy your blog. Thank you for sharing your life and furbabies!

Sharon said...

Poor Happy. His summer is going to be an unhappy one with little or no swimming. I hope his back gets better before summer ends.

Pedal Pusher sure is bright and cheery.

Monday is a rest day, so maybe you'll get your inspiration back. Personally, two weeks is long enough for a race. I feel sorry for the riders, but I feel sorry for me too!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

those lolly colours are delicious.
I LERVE this skein.

Irene said...

Monika, it is much too long since I last paid your blog a visit. And then what happens? You have me DROOLING!!! Enough to stop any thoughts of drought! This yarn is just totally delicious! You are a master spinner. YUM!

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

i LOVE that yarn. absolutely BEATIFUL!

knottygnome said...

love that bright happy yarn!