Thursday, August 10, 2006

A swap was made!

I've got mail! Look what the post woman brought today. It's a lovely bag for sock knitting (rahter carrying it around). You'll have it hanging from your wrist. It's got space for a 100gr sockyarn (comfortably) or two 50 gr balls. On the side there's a little compartment which can hold scissors and needles and it's closed with a cute little

I've given some Koigu sock yarn for it because I really, really wanted it. And Sarah did a great job sewing it! I understand the Yarn Harlot and I have now something in common (besides the love of knitting and a huge stash)! ;o)

Thank you Sarah and have a nice vacation!

By the way, I LOVE the card!


sgeddes said...

Very nice sock bag!

Carol said...

That is a very cute bag! Adorable.

Abigale said...

I love the fabric! And the card is fab as well... Good job on the swap! Isn't it fun to get stuff in the mail?


Melissa said...

Good swap! I love it!