Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Being selfish!

I've bought this yarn quite a while ago. Always having something for myself in mind, but not exactly what. I've finished the cashmere gift, but I can't show pictures just yet. I've also started some dark grey socks, which are too boring to show, because they are pattern less, just simple socks knit with 2mm needles, at least that's a first for me. I've also spent some time with the courthouse blanket and enhanced it with 3 more logs. If that doesn't sound too great, oh well, you must understand, that the rows are quite long and take forever! But it's easy knitting if one is tired and watching TV.

So now I've started this vest for myself. It's a multidirectional something, a version of the P90 I made for Hannah, but this one's way bigger and longer and - just different.
I love the color - orange-pink. It's Artyarns Ultramerino 6, 100% Merino Wool/100gr-274 yds on # 6 needles, color # 135. It's kind of funny, because after you stretch it, it springs back perfectly, almost like a rubber band, but the yarn feels nothing like rubber!

So, it will be a while until I can show you a finished object again, since I'm tired a lot lately (probably allergies- ragweed) and my knitting mojo has left me hanging. I've also started to read more again and am enjoying it! Oh, by the way, Hannah's back from her Europe trip, there might be a picture of her and the asymmetrical cardigan in the near future.


Anonymous said...

That yarn looks gorgeous!!!! Lovely color!!
You enjoy your books now, I hardly read at all when I have a "knitting fever", but I love books! So I listen to audiobooks as often as I can, knitting and listening to a book is so relaxing! I should take a break from knitting a few days to relieve my arms sometimes though.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is beautiful, I so love the color, the yarn, the pattern - everything! I do hope you're feeeling better soon, and just wait and see, your knitting mojo will be back sooner than you expect! All the best!

Abigale said...

Hey Monika - I hate that feeling that the knitting mojo is gone - definitely been there, done that - but it comes back.

The P90 is looking lovely - I love those colors! I found that I was able to knit the 2nd and 3rd triangles just fine without putting any of the stitches on holders - actually kept the stitches from elongating (I just tried it on one side of the one that I did).

It's a very comfy top - I sure hope we get to see what you look like in it.

And books are such a wonderful way to while away some time. The knitting will always be there waiting.... whining in the corner no doubt - but just do what you need to do, and enjoy yourself - hope the allergies let up soon!