Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Serious stash enhancement!

Yesterday evening my son came home from his vacation in Europe. He also visited his grandparents and look what my mom sent me! She gave me all her knitting needles she had left, bought some sock yarn and three wonderful booklets with collected patterns from the region where we are from. Also a stack of old knitting magazines which were real fun to look at. There's also some yarn I've ordered before David went over there from Wollsucht.de. Uta was so kind and put some lovely pink Kauni uni in with the order - thanks so much Uta! I was happy (and still am) as a kid in a candy store!

Here's another picture of the latest socks I've finished. I'm a dabbler in dying yarn, I confess, but it is fun and with every skein I dyed I learn. The pattern for this socks was not the best, but I didn't know how the colors would come out. The right one was pretty consistent and darker in color. The left one pooled a lot and looks more washed out. I really don't care too much. They are for myself and will keep me warm. They fit very well. I've knit them toe-up with the magic cast on and the reverse Dutch heel and the sewed bind off (E.Z. style). I don't think I will change the way I knit my socks anymore, just the colors and the patterns.
I've got green Koigu socks on the needles right now. I love this color and this yarn. These will also be mine and I'm looking forward to the cold days so I can wear them.


Liz said...

holy cow! that IS some serious stash enhancement. :) Lucky you!

Melissa said...

I like the socks and love the yarn all the way to the right in your pics. Very nice! :)

Strickfimmel said...

Hi Monika,
da hat sich der Besuch von Deinem Sohn in Deutschland ja gelohnt!
Da hast Du richtig viel Lesefutter und tolle Wolle.
Gruß SYbille

Abigale said...

Whoo hoo - YAY - new yarn! I just got in about a kilo myself yummy stuff from SWT... Fun fun fun - love the new socks!


chanceofbooks said...

Can I adopt your mother? Nice haul :)

Anonymous said...

you lucky woman!
such lovely yarn.
i know the books and they are faculous! they will keep you busy and intrigued for years to come. real keepers!
i must try your way of sock construction, ususally i knit from the top down.
did davis\d have a good time?

Anonymous said...

Wow, your mom sent some really nice things! It was nice of your brother to squeeze it all into the suitcase! Those books look really interesting.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the goodies!!! Love the yarn you got, and the booklets seem so interesting! What region are the patterns from, Kärnten or another place?

Anonymous said...

Hand knit socks are the best! I love the colors you've dyed. I'm getting ready to do another batch myself.

Violiknit said...

Hello Monika!

I had a problem trying to email you so I hope it's okay I'm putting this in your comments... First of all, very nice stash!

Also, thanks so much for the sock pattern info; it looks fun! Personally, I like your colorway the best; there is something about your stripesthat gives the illusion that the sock is folded like origami - very cool!

The yarn for that baby jacket is Schaeffer Anne (the pattern is from
Schaeffer too). It's 60% Merino superwash, 25% mohair and 15% nylon.
It's 560 yards and machine washable. :)

hexli said...

OOPS! Hat Dein Sohn das alles mitgeschleppt? Lieber Sohn, würde ich da sagen. Wie ist er bloss mit den Nadeln durch die Kontrollen gekommen?
Ja, glücklich wie ein Kind im Bonbonladen. Aber Wolle und Strickhefte machen definitiv weniger dick "gg"
LG hexli