Thursday, August 17, 2006

Now it's Biko's turn! (to be a model)

I was dyeing my one skein angora today. I've got it from my Oneskein secret pal in July. It was always in the back of my mind and what to do with it. Last night I decided to dye it and I'll make some wrist warmers for me.
Here is Biko with the ball of yarn between her legs. I've put it down close to her belly. She started sniffing it and tossing it around and when it got away too far, she gingerly took it with her teeth and pulled it back towards her.
Then came Sam and she growled at him as he got too close. That was HER new chew toy (but not for long)! Well, she's the boss, so Sam left.
click on pictures to get a good look

This one skein angora came from Argentina. I still don't know who my secret pal is, but she let me know that much, that she's bought it in Barcelona (if I remember correctly). Uh uh, boy was I wrong. She bought it in Buenos Aires; sometimes I'm just imagining things. ( I'm not always that bad, but I have to admit that I'm severely geographicaly challenged). But nevertheless it's great yarn. I think you can see the fuzzyness of it. I can't wait for my mitts to get something so warm, I'll need it. I've weight it before dyeing - 49 grams and after dyeing - 49 grams. Ha, real dry again. It's hot enough today. I'm starting to figure out the old digi camera. It has more buttons then I'd like. If it were for me it would have an on/off button and a "click" button - no more!
Anyway - I'm almost done with the asymetrical cardigan (Knitting Nature). Only the buttonband and colar left to knit. After that a bit of blocking, sewing (oh god!) and picture taking.
Last night I HAD to cast on for socks. I couldn't stand it anymore. I'm knitting socks with selfdyed yarn. Pictures coming soon.


Melissa said...

The yarn looks so yummy!

Anonymous said...

I really love that yarn, looks so great - and of course Biko does too! What a beauty!

Anonymous said...

Pal here...I bought it in Argentina in Buenos Aires at La Holandesa. Love the dye it looks beautiful!