Sunday, August 13, 2006

Little distractions!

I've been bad lately! I've cast on several things within one day. I've got the rainy day scarf on my needles, the asymetriacl cardigan for my daughter and a little bag with my own design, which I'm not even sure will be something at all. I had knit and ripped it out again last night. The two blankets I can see from the corner of my eyes, but they don't seem to bother me at all. I've a craving for little knits, fast knits! This bag in the foto is from the book "Oneskein" by Leigh Radford. I loved it in the yarn and color she used for it. Naturally I didn't have the same yarn. Rumaging through my stash I found this Debbie Bliss Maya (discontinued), which is nice, but not perfect. I did some changes, I just can't seem to do any knitting as given. I've used the Emily Ocker beginning. I've used DP needles and did not change to circular needles in part, because I don't have small ones, only extreme long ones. I've cast on 80 sts, but my yarn was lighter weight so it's not bigger. I didn't swatch, by god it's a bag. I don't care. That reminds me. I'm knitting a cardigan and didn't do a swatch for that either! Uh-uh.


Abigale said...

My word Monika - you are indeed living dangerously! All this no swatching!

I've been doing so much spinning and fiddling about on the computer I'm afraid I don't have so much to show for my time. You always amaze me with all the FO's that you put up. I'm wondering if you get your daughter to help you with the knitting (I've certainly thought of doing that - I need a stunt knitter!!)...

Anyway - you just have fun with your no swatching bad self, and keep showing us pictures of everything that you finish... Cuz it's all good! You really do beautiful work.


Anonymous said...

I'm big on little distractions myself, I just realized that my past 7 FO's have been socks! It must be something about the summer weather.

Your little bag is very sweet. The yarn I just used for my most recent FO would have been perfect for that.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was the color of the yarn that got me, and I was trying so hard to resist buying!

Carrie K said...

Ummm! Bad girl. OTOH, swatching is a pain.

The purse is cute! And definitely does not need to have been swatched.