Saturday, August 26, 2006


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I was knitting for hours yesterday, but have nothing to show for it, well, nothing interesting. I was looking for a pattern for a gift I'm going to knit with this cashmere yarn. You can not describe it's softness, it's unbelievable! (Artyarns cashmere5, color # 247, 100% 5-stranded cashmere, 50 gr -102 yds). I got overwhelmed while I was looking through all my pattern books. There are so many wonderful ones, which I would like to try out sometime and I thought, that I will not be able to make all that I want to do in my lifetime! I've knit several swatches but nothing was right for this purpose, even though I liked the patterns, they were just not right. Well, you guessed it, in the end I found one which was acceptable at last. I had something else in mind but it just didn't work out. I can't show pictures of it just now, because it will be a gift. I've never knit with pure cashmere before and I guess I never will (sooo expensive!).

Yesterday was not my day. Outside, it was raining on and off, my mood was not so sunny either and I was knitting with grey yarn. But there's one thing which will cheer me up for sure, looking at doggy pictures.

Here's one which I LOVE, naturally it's Sammy when he was a few weeks old.

A funny note on the side: I was using spell check and it wanted to replace "Artyarns" with "earthworm"! Ha!


normanack said...

White shepherds have a sort of unearthly beauty, like they've been touched by the moon. That is a great puppy picture!

Carrie K said...

Sammy was such a cute baby!

Darn. I'd love to see what you decided to make out of the cashmere, but it seems only fair the giftee gets to see it first.

Carol said...

Ooooh! Cashmere! Lovely soft touchable cashmere! Oooh! Sorry, I got carrie daway. Even if it is grey, the feel of it must make it up for you.

Donna Jean said...

Hi, I enjoyed your blog. You are great at knitting!! I'm just beginning but you give me inspiration. You seem to like colors I do also. I love greens and orange....along with several others ;o) -Donna

Anonymous said...

Gosh, this yarn does indeed look like it's pure heaven to the skin - and mind you, I can't wait to see which pattern you decided for and how it looks knitted up!
I so love Sammy as a pup, what a little sweetheart he was - well, he's bigger now, but a sweetheart nonetheless, no?

Anonymous said...

Hallo Monika,
oh wie süüüüüüüüß!!
Dein Sam ist ein richtiger Traumhund - ich kenne ihn zwar nur von den Fotos aber ich war noch nie so begeistert von einem Hund. Komisch.....
Übrigens gefallen mir die grünen Socken sehr, sehr gut.

LG von Heike

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you make out of that lovely cashmere.

I feel the same way about all of the patterns out there. Not enough time in a lifetime. I guess that's why I knit so much. Trying to get as many done as I can!

judith said...

Das wird ja ein ganz besonderes Geschenk, hoffentlich weiss der Empfaenger das auch zu schaetzen!
Das Hundefoto ist echt suess!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my Adam and Eve mittens. I've only knit with cashmere once. I had a non-knitting friend with me at Lettuce Knit in Toronto, and she fell in love with some Fleece Artist. She bought it and I knit it - we were both really happy with the deal!

Anonymous said...

that is a great photo of Sammy! loved it.

Abigale said...

Mmmmm - cashmere - I haven't ever knitted (or spun) it either, but I want to, oh, how I want to!

That's a wonderful pic of the yarn by the way - the softness actually shows through the computer monitor.

And I love the baby pic of Sam - it's obvious what a great friend he is to you.