Tuesday, August 29, 2006

LYS's are dangerous to your mind!

I was browsing through my LYS the other day and I found this Rowan summer tweed, 70% silk 30% cotton. I had a pouch in mind and only needed one skein. This one fit the description in my head. I was happy to find it and shocked at the register. It was on sale and it still cost me CAN 15.00! Sometimes I thing the wooly fumes in a store are clouding my judgment. The funny think is, I went in there to get some needles to weave in the ends, but they were all out of needles of any kind. Huh?
This evening I started in on the little pouchy thing. I was repelled (I know it's a strong word) by the feel of this yarn. I know it is knobby, you can see that, but has it to feel knobby too? Every single stitch was hard labor to get off the needles (I've used DP to knit in the round). I poked a hole in my finger by pushing stitch after stitch. That made me a bit cranky. Still, I finished the pouch but had lost the joy of knitting it. When I bound off the last stitch, the yarn broke. Grrrrrr! I left it as it was and came back to it the next day. I was thinking long and hard and ripped it out with the utmost pleasure.
Now I'm wondering: Who had knit with this yarn and what??? I really like to know. Is it getting any better after washing? Anyway, what am I going to do with this little, unloved sorry ball of yarn?

On another topic: I've joined a KAL: http://www.tuchundco.de/index.php I'm going to have a year to complete a shawl triangular or otherwise. I thought I could do that. ;o)


Martina said...

I am currently knitting a poncho with the Rowan Summer tweed. I agree it feels different from knitting with wool but I am enjoying it. I am a loose knitter so maybe that is the difference. I have had no problems! I'll let you know what it feels like after washing.

Larry said...

I've knit with the Summer Tweed. And I agree. It's most unpleasant to knit but I've never had it break on me. I made a sleeveless top, from the Rowan Summer Tweed book. I didn't wash it. It's a lot softer now than it was when I finished it. I guess from all the customers handling it. So I would guess that a good wash would take some of the stiffness away.

Anonymous said...

Your blog and your work are an inspiration to a girl like me who is simply glad enough to knit with her tongue not sticking out anymore.

Anyway - I've used Summer Tweed - and it hurt my hands something fierce. However - I have chucked the sleeveless top (from the book, Rowan Summer Tweed) into the washer and the ever-so-scary dryer - came out marvelously. Very soft, with a nice drape, and very, very little shrinkage.