Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Maia mittens!

I've purchased Romi Hill's e-book 7 small shawls to knit some time ago. Only with the purchase of this e-book will you get the pattern for these lovely fingerless mittens - Maia. They go with the Maia shawl, if one wants too. I have yet to knit the shawl, but I had to knit the mittens right away!

Maia mittens finished

I usually don't like pooling, but I love these mittens. I had some beads left over, and still have more, maybe for another pair.
Maia mittens finished

I made the longer version. The only regret I have is, that they are not full mittens. I think I'll make the next pair full mittens, since I use those more than fingerless mittens.

Maia mittens finished

The yarn is Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat, colorway Iris. I used a little more than half a skein.

Maia mittens finished

The long weekend is over. The workers didn't come on Friday at all. That was fine with us. It was a nice break from all of it. The plumber DID come on Friday and hooked up the washing machine, and the dryer, and installed the new laundry room sink. The laundry room still is not done, there's some painting left to do, and the boards around the window have to be installed.
They are working on the kitchen today. Can't wait to see what they did, at the end of the day.

Happy has to go in for a Vet's appointment, his yearly checkup. My son will take care of that. Meanwhile I'll do some training with Denny. He was driving me crazy, with his antics. He destroyed a pair of bamboo circs, but I was thankful, that he didn't chew on the blanket which was tangling off the circular needle.
We did however have a breakthrough with his training. We used Happy's Barkbuster collar on him. Happy does not need it anymore, and we were desperate to try something new. I only had to correct Denny twice, and he walked like a lamp to be slaughtered, no more jumping up, and pulling on the leash, sitting at once, when I stopped. He's a changed dog, as long as he has this collar on. After training I take it off, and he jumps around and yapps, like crazy, so happy to have it over with, until next time.
Well, I better get going. So much to do.


Jewleigh said...

I was thinking of purchasing that ebook, and now I'm sold! Simply by the mitts. They are lovely :)

wanderrast said...

Schön dein Handschuhmuster.
Passt perfekt zur Wolle, die hätt ich gerne mal gefühlt!!
lg Elfi

CelticCastOn said...

Boss is the same way with the shock collar, totally different dog when he has it on.

Virginia G said...

The mitts are really beautiful! Love them.

Kathy said...

I'm with Jewleigh... I've been thinking about that ebook for awhile. I have so much laceweight yarn that need patterns.

Päivi, Lankakomero said...

Your Maia mittens look lovely, colours are beautiful.

Walden said...

The fingerless mittens look lovely. The yarn and the pooling worked surprisingly well with the pattern.

susannasplace said...

Oh diese Handschmeichler sind ja wundervoll.

Und zu Denny... Du weisst doch, wie das ist bei kleinen Kindern. Solange sie an der Hand sind, sind sie die bravsten Kids der Welt.

Aber wehe, Du lässt sie los und drehst ihnen den Rücken zu ;).

LG Susi

Ruth said...

Beautiful mitts.

TracyKM said...

LOVE the fingerless gloves!
Home Hardware sells a little birdhouse that emits a sound heard by dogs only, when they bark. You can use it inside or outside. Some dogs don't like it, others dogs don't seem to care. It's worth a try :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

They are beautiful!

2paw said...

The mittens are so matched, they are perfect and I can see the little beads on the pretty lace.
Good renovation news at last!!
Oh, Denny is so clever and so naughty: knowing what the collar is for, and being good only when wearing it.
I hope Happy has a good time at the vet!!!

Connie said...

I've knit the shawl - it's as gorgeous as the mitts!

Sharon said...

Your mitts are lovely and I'm pleasantly surprised to see how pretty the Iris color show out on my screen!

Thank goodness for the bark buster cooler! Sooner or later Denny is going to come to terms! Sooner will be better, no doubt!

Frieda said...

Lovely mittens ! I love the colour..

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

You always find the best designers! Lovely mitts ~ and her shawls look beautiful too!

Took a break this weekend from "you know who." The barking at night is so hard - when I picked him up the trainer told me to "correct" him as soon as he barks AND last night we didn't have a peep all night long :))))

Anonymous said...

LOve those mitts - I saw them on the pooling thread on Ravelry, but these pix are even better.

Beverly said...

Lovely mitts. Another to add to the list. I've been debating as to whether or not to purchase the collection. I will after seeing these.

Laurie said...

Your Maia mitts are beautiful! I'm trying to decide what color beads to use for my shawl and mitts.

hakucho said...

Your mitts are very lovely :)