Friday, September 17, 2010

Handspun Friday - Hydrangea

It's always a pleasure to spin SAG flowers into fine yarn. This time I decided on a real 3-ply yarn. I used a scale to divide it into three equal parts, or so I thought.

I've planted five Hydrangea in my front yard this year. There are blue ones, pink ones, and yellowish/white ones. We'll see what color they'll be next year, since it depends on the PH in the soil. I like them all.
When Shelby offered Hydrangea as a colorway, I could not resist.

SAG- BFL-4oz-3-ply-Hydrangea-231yds-2

The fiber base is BFL, 4oz, and I've got 231yds of 3-ply yarn. To my surprise I had left over singles on two bobbins, and navajo plied those into 46yds of left over yarn. The weight of the three parts before spinning was off by about 2grams; at a certain point you can't divide it anymore. So I guess even a couple of grams make a big difference, since the finished yarn was the same weight. It looks like I've spun it fairly even.
Lately I've been thinking of selling some of my handspun yarn. I'm certainly producing more than I can kit right away. Would there be some interest in general?
The boys are still swimming, after a good run in the back yard, even though the water is ice cold by now. Afterwards they do feel chilly, so they welcome a blanket until they are dry again.
September 10-feeling cold after a cool bath in the pool-2
Turns out, while I'm playing fetch with Happy, Denny is either digging or chewing on a branch. He's a lazy pup. He does not like to run around, and he has zero retrieving genes in him. Maybe once or twice while we are outside, he chases Happy, to bite his tail, or his hind leg (still, has not outgrown that stage), or they both chase a bird, of all things! They both hate birds, squirrels they don't care about as much. Even a little running, makes Denny feeling hot and tired, so he goes for a lovely swim in the pool. He seems really to enjoy just swimming around, while Happy always has to fetch something out of the water, and does not swim around just do cool off. He needs a purpose.

September 10-feeling cold after a cool bath in the pool-1

On the reno front: They've put in the wood floor in my bedroom. Now they can install the new closets and cabinets there as well. They didn't work on the kitchen yesterday, because they are waiting for the counter top to be delivered, and other little things. I don't care as long as they do SOMETHING. Today only a painter showed up to do touch ups, and a million other small painting things. I'm so glad I don't have to do this myself.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!
PS I've been really bad in answering emails lately. I think it's because I don't have five minutes at times, without being interrupted. This drives me crazy, and makes me cranky. I hope to get back into it soon.


Spundun said...

I adore hydrangeas and this yarn is wonderful.

I once sold a sweater's worth of handspun on Ebay and it made quite a bit of money. Not that my time was fully compensated (you won't get rich by any means), but I was pleasantly surprised how much I made.

Love your drying pups, all wrapped up in their blankets!

2paw said...

Could there be anything sweeter than those big boys under their blankets?? I think not!! They are so sweet!!
Your wool looks exactly like hydrangeas!! Wow!!

TracyKM said...

Yes, I would be interested in your handspun!!!!!

MiA said...

"Fairly even"?? You must be joking! If that day comes when I can make such an even yarn I will have a huge celebration :D

The colour is adorable and the yarn amazing!

CelticCastOn said...

awww such cuddley pups, I can't believe they are still swimming!! Crazy!
Reno`s still going strong, when do you think you`ll have your house back?

knottygnome said...

i love the colors in your handspun and the flower pic!

(and i'm glad your dogs are ok)

Virginia G said...

The hydrangea fiber is gorgeous. Love the way you spun it.

And the pups are so cute, even if Denny can sometimes be a headache. :)

hakucho said...

A perfect name for your pretty blue handspun yarn :)

Sharon V said...

I want your fiber! Just let me know when and where it's selling!
Love your hydrangea (is it for sale?). LOL

Glad to hear pups are OK and life goes on with the reno. I hope the guys finish soon.

Maria said...

I enjoy your blog, the pups and of course the beautiful yarn and projects. The Hydrangea yarn is so beautiful, what will you knit with it, any ideas?

Natys said...

those pups are adorable, you have to understand Happy he is a lifeguard, he has to rescue something from the water hahahaha denny is just a kid.

I´d love to have some of your handspun, but i can´t promise anything because the different currency kills my budget (is that correctly written ?)

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

Are you kidding? Your handspun would be snapped up in an instant - LOL

Am I crazy to think about trying a drop spindle? All the wool I have for wet felting is laying about and I'm wondering would it take me forever to make enough for a shawl on a drop spindle???

Cranky - you don't know the meaning of the word until you've lived with me!

Sjömans-Elin said...

I'm reading your blog on regular basis and just want to say - as I'm usually to shy to comment - that I really love the yarns you making. One day I hope I can do that kind of yarns too...

Walden said...

Lovely handspun. Very cloud like.

The boys are adorable. Denny has the look like "what did I do now?".

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Oh that's very pretty yarn - and aptly named.
I would love to but some of your handspun!
What handsome boys those pups are

Dave said...

It's a gorgeous yarn -- love the sfot blues.

46 yards is a lot of leftovers. When I'm doing a 3-ply and I run out of one bobbin, I make an Andean bracelet from the remainder that has the most on it to find the other end, then continue three-plying until the next one runs out. Then you're kind of stuck. :-)

Pat said...

The Hydrangea/BFL pictures are so pretty - the colors are identical!

I bet you would have many buyers for your gorgeous handspun!

Laura said...

I would love to buy your yarn - especially the navajo ply that you do - it is always beautiful. Will you sell it through Ravelry? I will watching for an update - best of luck!

Laurie said...

Love the hydrangea yarn! Oh,and yes, I'd be interested in your handspun.

Such cute, happy them all cuddled up in their blankies. :-)