Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Handspun Friday-Ode to Sunflowers & Troublemaker

Well, even for me this orange flower ( first installment of SAG fiber club), was too much orange. As I was predrafting it, I felt overwhelmed by it, so I decided to grab the next bag of fiber, to ply it with. It happened to be Hello Yarn Fiber Club - Troublemaker, in variegated BFL.

Ode to sunflowers & Troublemaker

It was fun to spin, both colorways. As you can see, the orange still came through strong, albeit a bit toned down.
I've got 2 skeins, 2-ply, total of 329yds.

SAG & HYFC-4oz-2-ply-177yds-Ode to Sunflowers & Troublemaker BFL-skein 1-5

This was taken shortly before we moved downstairs. Happy's big head in my lap, while I'm spinning.
Happy's head on my leg while spinning

Denny August 29

Plus a photo of our Ninja puppy. The louse destroyed two leashes last night, within seconds. I know, it's all my fault, but at the rate he's going, he should spend all his time in a crate, and I just can't do that. But, I have to say, he's 100% better then he was, hard to believe isn't it?!
We are off to spend time away from home, since the electrician is doing his work today. We've got some errands to run anyway, and we'll go to a park to walk the dogs.
I'm looking forward to the weekend without the workers around. Yesterday we had a set back, because we discovered that one of the kitchen cabinets was not as we ordered it, and the guy who did the ordering was pissed off, that we wouldn't take the one what was delivered. Also they unpacked glass cabinet doors, when we didn't ever want them in the first place. We even looked at them in place, but it's just not what I wanted, so they have to be replaced as well. So everybody was in a foul mood after that.
Then we waited, and waited for a guy to show up to fix the gate at the side of the house. It was hard enough to find somebody who is willing to do repairs on a chain link fence. All except that one guy said, they don't do work under $ 300. Well, this guy didn't show up either, but he left us waiting. The only thing going well was the Eavesthrough guy. He came and worked until it was dark, so he could finish everything in one day. It looks good, and what's more important, rain can come now, it wont do harm to the house and garden anymore.
We are getting ready to leave the house, but first I have to dispose of a dead bird I found, before the pups get a hold of it. Poor little sparrow.
I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Laurie said...

Ninja puppy, indeed! I love your yarn and the picture of Happy resting on your lap.

Glad the reno is progressing but...eek...it's so hard when there's tension with the workers.

Enjoy your day away with the pups!

2paw said...

I thought the Troublemaker would be Denny, but instead it it the wool hat made the orange look so much nicer!!
Isn't Happy such a lovely boy??!!
Denny destroyed two leads- wow, he's determined!! It is good to know he is better!!
Sorry to hear that you have had trouble with the renovations. I don't think you should accept the unacceptable either.
Yes, we sometimes have birdies too, they fly inside and then knock themselves out on the clean and shiny windows. Maybe I should make the windows dirtier.

yodafatkitty said...

Ninja man is completely adorable! Bet he give ya some good exercise too.
Love those mitts, too!
Happy knitting!

Virginia G said...

Sounds like you've had an extremely busy few days!

Sorry to hear about Denny. Beezer (the kitten) is getting into EVERYTHING right now and driving me up the wall. He also decided to jump at my face today.

Virginia G said...

Just thought of something! Denny the Menace! :) You should have named him Dennis.


SockPixie said...

Lovely yarn. I just love orange!

Robin said...

The two rovings really blended together nicely. Love the pup photos!

Sharon said...

I like orange too, but you were right to tone down that orange! It looks muc more beautiful blended with the BFL

Will the renovations be done before the first cold of winter? Let us pray ...