Friday, September 24, 2010

Handspun Friday - Gay Abandon & Serenity

I'm very happy to be in David's Fiber Club. August's club fiber was Finn. It's not the softest of fibers. I would not put it near my neck, but it's good enough for socks, and mittens. I had a lot of trouble with that fiber. At first, Denny ate some of Serenity. I never got into a spinning flow either. I usually pre-draft the fiber, as I did with this one. David said, next time I should not pre-draft it. Well, I'm all for learning new things.

SCF-Finn-Gay Abandon & Serenity

Serenity is the green/blue/ocker colorway. I've got ~168yds, navajo plied yarn of it.
Gay Abandon of course is the other colorway. I've got ~ 181yds, navajo plied yarn of this one. Both colorways are quite pretty, I think.
Coming Monday the Electrician will be working in the house all day. They'll cut the power at 8:30AM until 6PM. I have no idea what we'll going to do during all those hours. We can't stay in, we would be in the way. We can't stay in the backyard all day either. There's only so many hours you can go somewhere, and go for walks, when you have dogs to think about too. I'm just hoping it wont rain!
They finished the wood floor in the living room. There's only the dining room floor left now, but they wont do it now, for whatever reason. There's other stuff they want to do first. Then there are the stairs, and railing etc. left to do.
Even though it's getting on our nerves, I love the way the floors, and the walls turned out. Exactly like I imagined it! :o)
And here are the boys. I was playing fetch with Happy, when I told him to sit, before I threw the ball, and Denny thought he'd join us. It's impossible to get them to sit side by side, but I was tickled, that Denny would sit at all. He's the most stubborn dog ever!
Sep. 23-8

Of course I had to hear all about it, making them sit. He just can't close his yap!
Sep. 23-14

Wish you all a wonderful weekend!


Cloudberry said...

Beautiful colours in both yarns :)
Have a great weekend!

Wollgeflüster said...

Auch Dir ein schönes Wochenende! Falls es bei Euch auch so sonnig ist, wie gerade in Dresden, verbringt die Zeit doch auf diesem herrlichen Trail, von dem Du neulich Bilder gepostet hattest! Ich würde ja gern mitkommen ...:-)Tolles Garn übrigens, besonders die Gay Abandon-Färbung gefällt mir. Grüße von Heike

MiA said...

Both yarns are VERY pretty :))

2paw said...

They are great photos of The Bots!! It is so hard to get to boy-sterous dogs in one frame!! Happy looks like he wants his toy soooo much inn the first picture and Denny looks as if he is having a bit of a break!!
I hope you find a good way to spend your day and that it doesn't rain!!

Unknown said...

I love your stories about your babies. I have 2 beagles, a dachshund and 2 cats. I love watching them interact with each other. Your babies are so precious.

Virginia G said...

OMG - I'm crying with laughter over here... "Denny ate my serenity"


that's perfect. Instead of "the dog ate my homework" it's "the dog ate my serenity."


Michelle said...

Good luck with the dogs on Monday. Trying to find stuff to do with Nimitz during house showings was bad enough but then it kept raining! I like both yarns too. I haven't really ever tried to get any SCF but it looks really popular.

lexa said...

Oh, my, does Denny ever look grown up in these pictures! Where'd the puppy go?!

Ann said...

Beautiful colors. I agree with Denny - you want to eat it!

Carrie#K said...

They are so cute.

Nice spinning too!

A whole day with no electricity - sounds divine. I suppose spinning/knitting in the backyard with the pups wouldn't be that easy, eh?

Laurie said...

Wow, both of those yarns are fabulous! I love it - Denny's gonna do whatever gets Happy positive attention. Hope you have a great weekend!

Susan said...

Beautiful handspun as usual! Denny is definitely a character.

Sharon said...

Denny cracks me up! Of course he has to express himself, how else is he going to claw his way from the bottom to the top? LOL

Your fiber is lovely, as usual, and thanks for the heads up on Finn.

Walden said...

Having no puppies of my own, I live vicariously through your pictures of your puppies some times. The other day I was waiting for the bus and a gentleman was walking his dog and it looked identical to Happy. It made me smile and I immediately thought of him.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I can't decide which colourway I like best - they are both so nice.
Your boys are so handsome!