Sunday, September 26, 2010

Della mittens!

I'm really missing the opportunity to go to my book shelves and look up something or other in my knitting books. I used to have them in a certain order, so that I would go there, grab the book I wanted, and browse through it.
Good thing, there are many free patterns to find. Like these lovely mittens called Della mitts. They are fingerless mitts, but I made them into full mittens. More useful I think. I sent them to my mom with these socks. She already wore the socks, and liked them, which makes me very happy.
Della mittens-4

Della mittens-3

Della mittens-2

Della mittens-1

specifics: Della mitts by Holly Terrel
yarn: Wandering Cat Yarns Alley Cat, colorway: Baby, sw merino/nylon
needles: 2.5mm
This was the pair of mittens, where I had to knit a third mitten, since Denny ate one, while they were laid out drying. I still had some yarn left over after finishing the third mitten.

I haven't knit a whole lot lately. I finished another pair of mittens, and on some evenings I picked up my "Surrounded" lap blanket. It will get done eventually, as long as I keep knitting on it. But other than that, I miss my stash. I want to do so many things, but all my yarn is boxed up somewhere. I left out some yarn, but only sock yarn. I thought I'd knit socks during the renos, but lost my sock mojo. It's really frustrating, to know it's all THERE, but I can't get to it. Oh well. I'll suck it up!

Meantime, I'm working on setting up an online shop, so I can sell some of my handspun yarn occasionally. I really would rather just create, and leave the "business" side of this to somebody else though! And that's what I've done the last weeks. A lot of spinning. There's enough fiber to keep me busy, and it never gets boring, with the different kinds of fiber, and colors.

So, as I said before, tomorrow will be a little hard on us, but we most likely will survive. Talk to you in a couple of days ...
Sept. 22

Aren't Lazy Boys comfortable chairs?


2paw said...

I am so glad you had enough wool to knit another one, because they are so pretty!!
Those Lazy Boys look very comfortable indeed!!!

Walden said...

The mittens are very lovely, I like how delicate they look.

The lazy boys look comfortable, hot sure I could comfortable contort myself as Denny version does though. :)

Unknown said...

Your mittens are lovely and I'm sure your mother will love them.

I'm also so happy to hear that you will be opening your shop!! I can't wait to see what goes on there and hope (no, pray) that you'll sell some fiber too!

hakucho said...

Your Della mittens are delicious ;)

Good luck tomorrow!

Susan said...

I think you have been managing spectacularly well considering how long you've been in the middle of renovations. Me, they probably would have carted off to the loony bin already.

Such pretty mittens and I agree with you about the limited usefulness of fingerless mitts in our climate.

I've been taking spun yarn to the LYS to sell on commission because I spin more than I can possibly use. I haven't sold a lot of it because it's hard to break even cost-wise so the price is high enough to put most people off. Non-spinners don't appreciate the work that goes into handspun and spinners can spin their own. You have to find the right customer.

ikki said...

Ou, what the lovely mittens. I love them.
And boys, they are so cute. And he is so big...

Robin said...

These are tooo cute! Also love the roving to yarn pics below. You always have THE best colors!

Carrie#K said...

Pretty and elegant mittens!

Your sock mojo will come back right when you don't care. It's like that. :)

Laurie said...

That is one serious puppy belly! LOL! I love the mitts, especially the ribbish pattern on the palms.