Friday, February 09, 2007

One last time ...

I promise this will be the last time I show you these socks. But they are done!!!
For the first pair I didn't have enough yarn to make the second row of squares, but they are the same length as it is. The squares eat up more yarn. I've worn them yesterday, and they are incredible soft and warm. The glitter doesn't bother me at all (was a concern first).
The second pair is waiting to warm my husbands footsies. Nice yarn, nice colors. Love them.
The third pair, my lovely Trekking XXL socks, did not surprise me with the unpredictable color changes. The second sock, which I've finished last night has a very bright red part on the foot, smokin'! This is just a wonderful color, and guess what?! I have another ball of the same colorway. Yeah!
Once again, please let me know, if you find mistakes in the pattern. I'm embarrass that I've overlooked this one. Sorry! :o(
So, now back to my mysterious new project. So far it's going well. ;o)


sgeddes said...

Oh, these are most worthy of another look! They are just great. Plus I like seeing the finished version of the trekking pair! It makes it hard for me to pick what yarn to try them with though.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful, I really love the sock done in Trekking, it really shows off the pattern so well.

Midnight Purls said...

Those are some seriously cool socks. I'm going to have to knit myself a pair or two!

Anonymous said...

The socks are just gorgeous. I really love your taste in sock yarn colors!