Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Shapely Sandal Socks

Ever since I saw this pattern, I was in love and wanted to knit this pair. I rarely purchase a sock pattern, unless it's different, like this one. This is the Shapely Sandal Sock pattern by Heart String Fiber Art . The pattern calls for two strands held together or as I choose to do it, use a worsted weight yarn. I've chosen Artyarns Supermerino in the color # 102, which was in my stash and I didn't know what else to do. For my size 10 1/4 feet, two skeins where not enough.

Look at this construction! See the diamonds? And - hold your breath, they are knit cuff down! Oh yeah! I had to kitchener the toes! I did that - soso, not invisible, but it will do. I had to rip out the second kitchenered toe, but for some reason, I did it differently, after another instruction and it turned out just awful. Ripping out kitchenered stuff is not fun and not easy. Thank god it was only a few stitches!

They fit very well, but are on the very warm side, which is a good thing, since we've had -25 degree here (but not today, it's +2 C outside and my lovely snow is m-e-l-t-i-n-g!!!)

Look at the heel! Isn't it a beauty? I LOVE it!

The best part about these socks is, that this pattern is so easy, it's unbelievable! I didn't need the instructions for the second sock. I got it real quick, and ahem, I'm usually not that quick to memorize something. And they are a fast knit. I did this pair in two days, just in the evenings! Didn't I say they are quick?!

I'm sure I'll knit them again, and again, and again. Right after I knit some other stuff! ;o)

Couldn't leave you without a dogie picture. Biko is sun bathing (not today though, today is dreary.)
Oh, and I almost forgot. Once again, Sybille made a wonderful Patchwork shawl with her left over sock yarn! One day I'll make one too. This is so beautiful!


sgeddes said...

Very cool looking socks! I think I'll have to get that pattern too - very different.

momsue84 said...

What gorgeous socks! I love the colors you chose. I may have to order that pattern. And Biko is so cute lazing in the sun like that. How's Sam? But I drooled over that patchwork shawl. What a great way to use up sock yarn. Wish I spoke German. Happy Knitting!

Anonymous said...

Sunbathing and avoiding the paparazzi! Pretty puppy.

Those are cute socks! And easy is so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful socks. What a great pattern. (I have to appologize - I think I accidentally typed Bilko instead of Biko in my comment last week, sorry).
Punkin in Oregon

Anonymous said...

Wow - those are gorgeous! The yarn you chose is pretty spectacular also.

hakucho said...

Absolutely beautiful...socks and photos :)

happy knitting :)

Dave said...

Those socks are very cool, and that heel? Most excellent!! Love 'em!

Charles said...

I loves does socks!!!! GREAT!!!

You can help me out this one!! Visit my blog more info!!!



Violiknit said...

Those sock are fantabulous!!! The colors are great and that yarn looks amazing with that pattern! Biko is too cute!

Strickfimmel said...

Mann, sind die Socken toll geworden!!! Das Muster ist genial. Ich sehe es zum erstenmal und werde auf jeden Fall versuchen es nachzustricken. Farbe und Muster passen super zusammen.

Anonymous said...

Biko makes me smile, all your doggie pic do. Grooving on the yellow mellow socks. Sue

Kathy... said...

Love the socks!!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Monika
Durch den Eintrag in meinem Blog bin ich auf deine Seite gestossen. Riesen Kompliment! Leider kann ich kein Englisch aber die Fotos sprechen für sich:-)Wunderschöne Tücher hast du schon gezaubert also nur weiter so!
Liebe Grüsse aus dem Fürstentum Liechtenstein (Liegt bei dir ja grad auch nicht um die Ecke)

monica said...

Neat looking socks and what an interesting looking heel. I love the colors.

Tracy Purtscher said...

Dang Woman those socks are fantastic!!!! Yep, gonna havta buy that pattern.

Anonymous said...

What very cool socks!! I've never seen that pattern....I'm liking worsted weight socks - esp. nice for around the house on cold floors.
I looked at Sybille's beautiful patchwork shawl thinking ahhh - that's how I could use up leftovers....but I'll probably never do it!

Anonymous said...

This must be one of the most beautiful sock patterns that I've seen - and along with that gorgeous yarn that you chose, they're just perfect!
Biko is so cute enjoying the sun, what a great pic!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I'm not one for buying patterns but these might be the exception!

Anonymous said...

Hallo Monika,

ich wollte mich für Deinen lieben Kommentar in meinem Blog bedanken. Deine Website gefällt mir sehr gut und Deine Strickkreationen sind wunderschön. Ich habe ausgiebig gestöbert und mir alles angesehen. Bei Dir gefällt es mir so gut, dass ich nun öfter vorbei komme.
Auch die Fotos von Deinen Hunden haben mir gut gefallen.
Ich schicke ein paar Krauler rüber.
Liebe Grüße, Maartje

Anonymous said...

Liebe Monika,

Du *kannst* Dir natürlich schon wieder ein Buch kaufen, Du *musst* es aber nicht ;-)
Gib' mir doch einfach mal Deine Mail-Adresse... (Martina.Hees@hanse.net)

Liebe Grüße

Tina *die sowohl Deine Strickereien als auch Deine Hunde sehr klasse findet*

Anonymous said...

Not only am I blown away at how cute the socks are, but you knit both IN TWO DAYS??? How does one person do that? You are a knitin' machine!I bow to your greatness!:)

Anonymous said...

hi monika
da sind dir wieder wunderschöne socken gelungen.
ich habe mir die socken sofort in unterschiedlichen farben für fuß und schaft vorgestellt. die betonung liegt auf vorstellen, weil ich nur grauenvoll mit zwei farben stricke.

Anonymous said...

diese Socken sind genau richtig für den vielen Schnee bei Euch! Und die Farbe lässt an brütende Hitze und Sonne denken - Indienträume....