Sunday, February 04, 2007

Is the whole world watching Super Bowl???

Some days it's hard to get to the computer, but not today. Guess why? I have no feelings about Super Bowl one way or the other. I would have, if I were forced to watch it, but as it is, I'm enjoying my peace and quite around here.

Hannah's finished her third Calorimetry. With 3.75mm needles and DK weight yarn. She didn't change anything else in the pattern. This size is perfect for her. Now she's my Calorimetry Queen. She's got it down now and wants to make a few more for presents (in the future).

Sam was outside for FIVE minutes, until his paws froze. It's just too cold today. But, you can see, that he's playing with his beloved snow shovel, once more. AND he's running free. I always hold my breath and watch him like a hawk. I'm always relieved when he's back inside, with no damage to his knee. It feels like Russian Roulette. His shaved leg is getting fury again, but you can still see the scar.

About a week ago, or even longer, I made these mittens for Hannah, since she always took mine to go outside. I've used self dyed left over yarn; the almost neon green and multi red. I've made her a cap and some socks with it.

I took this picture after freezing rain and they had no trouble sticking to the car window. Both are a bit funny shaped, because I think I've pulled too hard, when I changed colors.
I'm as good as done with the "Smoking Hot Socks" pattern. Just waiting for permission to use the jojo heel instructions from Lana Grossa. We'll see if and when I hear back from them. Otherwise I have to think about it some more, how to do this another way.


Anonymous said...

The stuck mitten photo is hilarious! Your snow makes me shiver--all of ours melted in less than a day (which was fine by me).

momsue84 said...

Not all the world is watching the Super Bowl. I'm with you. I couldn't care less. Sam looks like he is doing pretty good. It's always a relief when they want to play again. The only thing Wolfie wants to do in this weather is stay under his blanket.

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching the Super Bowl. I'm watching the "Little House on the Prairie" marathon on Hallmark.

I love the pictures of Sam with his shovel. He looks so serious and so happy!

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching the game. I don't even know who's playing.

Those mittens are cute! And so is Hannah's Calorimetry.

Go, Sam! But not too far or too fast.

That's a lovely little poem. 20 rounds? I wish.

hakucho said...

I'm with you...I could care less about the super bowl!

Now I see that Sam can handle that shovel pretty well, but how well does he actually shovel snow?

Gee, Hannah does have calorimetry down pat. Good idea making a few for gifts!

happy knitting :)

Anonymous said...

I'm not watching - Dave keeps yelling to tell me the score....I could care less!
It looks like Sam is actually trying to shovel! - tell Hannah GREAT JOB!!

Unknown said...

I don't watch it either...

I love the mittens, by the way!

Dave said...

I wish MY dog shovelled snow!! If not snow, the least he could do is shovel his own poop! What dog school did you say you sent yours to?? LOL

Cecie said...

hallo monika,

ich lese schon länger heimlich bei dir und freue mich immer gleichermassen an den schönen hunden und den tollen strickteilen - aber heute muss ich mich endlich mal melden, dein kerlchen mit schneeschaufel is einfach zu klasse! *lach*

schön, dass er sich offensichtlich so gut erholt hat.

alles liebe, silke

Violiknit said...

Congrats to Hannah for perfecting the Calorimetry :) I love those mittens; they are very fun and funky! Sam is too cute. (p.s. nice snow)

monica said...

Love the pictures of Sam, is he for hire, not that we have much snow to speak of. Being from Indiana , I have to confess, I watched the super bowl this year. We usually tape it and fast forward through the game to watch the new commercials. This year we watched the game. Love the mittens, I need to make some new ones for my kids.

Life's a Stitch said...

We don't have TV, so that whole Super Bowl hype is lost on me.

Cute mitties!

meg said...

love hannah's calirometry. i can't wait to get my yarn in the mail to make a couple for friends up in chicago.

the mittens are adorable as is sam!

Kris B said...

I love the Calorimetry. I think I need to try and make one of these to.

Have fun with your new sewing machine :).