Monday, February 05, 2007

Question for blogging geniuses!

Well, I've written my "Smoking Hot Socks" pattern in Word, and have NO idea on how to get it up here or anywhere on this blog for that matter. I've included photos in the document and the usual copy/paste is not working out. If you can help, please do so! I'm a point and click kinda girl, need precise instructions.



Abigail said...

Try saving it as a PDF (you can download and use cute PDF writer for free)

And i think there are a couple of hosting sites out there that will host PDF files for free.

hakucho said...

I'll be interested in where you find to host your files :)

Anonymous said...

I could turn it into a PDF for you (I use Open Office Writer, an Open-Source text editor that can read and write Word files, and has a "save as PDF" button).

Oh, and I just left a comment on your most recent post about obtaining the sock pattern, and realized that I never left my email address. So that's zigeunerweisenknits (at) gmail (dot) com.

Anonymous said...

Look great!!! I want the pattern!! Pretty please.

Anonymous said...

Stopped into my yarn shop today before coming home to print out the pattern--the EXACT same color Trekking as yours was in the wrong bin, and just jumped out at me, even though I was there to buy Tofutsies. Well, they both came home with me...and a new set of dpn's so I can start as soon as possible. Thank you for a great looking pattern and clear directions.