Saturday, December 02, 2006

Winter is coming and I'm not hatless anymore!

Yesterday gave us a taste of what's inevitable coming - winter. After the warmest fall I've had since I moved here, winter is knocking on the door. It was stormy, all doors and windows were rattling like crazy, and the dogs thought there was someone at the window, because a branch of a yew tree was scratching at the window in the living room. It was gloomy, rainy and very cold. The hat I made for myself was claimed by DD, so I dropped everything I was working on and cast on for this hat. It's 100% wool and I like the almost solid color. The yarn is Araucania, Nature Wool Chunky and I've used 6.5mm needles. I finished it this morning. I made it long enough to fold it over once. It's not an exciting hat, but a warm one. Cold weather here I come!

I've finished two of 63 squares for Hannah's Magic Mosaic Blanket. This is so much fun!

That's how far I got with the simple socks, it's just the one sock so far, right after the jojo heel. I love this heel. The yarn was striping nicely until I've increased six stitches an inch before the heel started. There was slight pooling, but nothing to obvious. I love this color, as I said before and I can't wait to wear them.

Sam's dozing, waiting for Monday. Well, he isn't, but I am. He's full with meds. His diarrhea is under control, but we still had a run outside once during last night (wished I had my hat then). But he's more alert (not that it looks like it in the picture) and he even threw his new nylabone around for a while.

So, now I'm thinking whether I'm in decorating mood or not.

Have a nice weekend!

For Gillian: Since I can't get in touch with you any other way, I'd like to thank you for your comments past and future! ;o)


Anonymous said...

Those basic hats are the ones you end up wearing the most- I love that wool!

It's going to be fun for me to see the mosaic squares as you make them - What a beautiful blanket it will be!

Martina said...

Hat's really nice. My you are a fast knitter! I love the flying v scarf too!

hakucho said...

I'm keeping an eye on your mosaic squares. It's going to be fun seeing which designs you pick to knit :)

Debi said...

You new blanket is gonna be so pretty!
Poor Sam, I hope he's ok...the cold can't be making him feel to great :(

wollsocke said...

..die mütze ist klasse...einfach und schön...
liebe grüße

Anonymous said...

what is the yarn for those socks, and what heel? it all looks great.
the hat as well! i really like the simple ones which actually look classy!
take care, and "gute Besserung" to the canines! they do keep you on your toes!

Anonymous said...

Okay, what's the jojo heel? I haven't heard of that one, and I thought I had done a lot of heels! It looks like a good one.