Friday, December 15, 2006

I need to know it isn't so!

Remember the Celtic Waves scarf I made with sea silk, which was a dream to knit with? I've worn it twice now and it's all sloppy and rolling together like a hose. Is this the fate of all knitted and blocked lace things??? Yes, it's soft and has a nice feel to the skin, it still smells, but only the one wearing it, can smell it. I like the colors, I like the stitch pattern, but I don't like it, that I've got a hose around my neck. Please tell me, that it's not always like that! Different yarn can still be nice after being used?!

I was looking for a particular picture last night and stumbled across this one. This is Sam about a year ago, some time between Christmas and New Year. It was about 9 AM, the rest of the family was still asleep and Sam, Biko and I were enjoying the fresh fallen snow!!! He was happy like a bug, we all were. There was no surface left untouched after we went inside. We were having so much fun.

This morning I walked Biko. The sun was shining, the wind was blowing, but not too cold. Is it April already? We went into the bushes behind our house to get all the tennis balls we lost over the fence. Biko turned out to be the perfect go fetch the ball dog. The ones I couldn't reach unless I was crawling on all fours, which I would not do, she went in like after a rabbit. We totally annoyed the neighbors dog, who got railed at by her owner for making such a hubbub. After that we went to the tennis court, were I can let her run free, in an enclosed environment. Nice for her. I threw the ball several times, but as "luck " would have it, she fell and now she's sporting a couple of abrasions on one front leg, thank god no vet was needed. It was just wet and slippery there.

Now we are back home and the sky turned all grey and it's raining lightly. Where's my snow???

On a different note: Holiday spirit! - We just found out, that last night somebody broke into my sons car. He did not have much in there, except for his school bag with the Sony recorder and the memory stick in it. They made quite a mess in the car, but took only his bag in the end. We found it in the ditch, all dirty and wet, with his parking pass and his notes and everything still in it, only the recorder was missing. I even found the batteries of the recorder in the ditch and some other loose stuff. They ripped the bag's lining as well. They were looking for money I guess. That's so sad! He needs this recorder to record the lectures. With the memory stick it's another $ 500 or more down the drain.

What about our dogs in all this mess? They sleep more soundly than we do!


Anonymous said...

I've never used sea silk (and maybe I won't after your post!) All of my lace stays open and lacy even after much wear. (Yarns used so far....Koigu,KP Shadow,Top Print alpaca,Peruvian nights alpaca,KP alpaca cloud, Blackberry ridge lace/silk blend)
So it must be the sea silk!

Sorry about your son's car...that happened to Matt (my oldest) last year while his car was right in his driveway - he was gone for the weekend - What a pain!

Liz said...

Bummer about the break-in. :(

In regards to hose-y lace scarves... yup. You summed up my experience thus far. In fact, just last night I neatly folded and put away most of my lace knitting because it's so not practical for me.

Wait... practical lace?! What am I thinking!?

I'm with you in regards to wanting snow. Although I really shouldn't complain. It was miserably cold this time last year, yesterday I wore a light jacket and enjoyed nearly 60 degree weather outside all afternoon.

Ah well... we'll get our snow eventually!

Anonymous said...

I think it must be the silk because I've had lace scarves stay blocked pretty nicely even after wearing a few times.

Sorry about the car break-in! It happened to us once and was quite annoying.

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

that no good regarding the scarf... and the car. boo. sorry to hear that.
thanks for the comment and yes... that is my mom's shop. that's a picture of what we like to call the 'superwash-wool-wall'. i'll be there a lot this holiday so if you get a chance, you should swing by!
all the best.

Violiknit said...

Terrible to hear about the car break-in. I hope he's able to get a new recorder soon...

After hearing about your experiences with sea silk, I've become a bit wary about knitting with the skein in my stash. It's so annoying when you spend time knitting something only to have it misbehave later!

Knitted Zebra said...

So sorry to hear about the break-in and the sea silk!! Think I will be staying away from sea silk after your experience.

You can sure see the joy in Sam's face! Reminds me of our Samson and Gabi 2 weeks ago when we got 12 inches of snow. There wasn't an inch in our back yard that went untrambled! But oh the fun they had for days! Currently instead of being our "snow" dogs they are our "mud" dogs!

Whew! I am sure that gave you "paws" for concern when Biko fell!! So glad she's okay!

hakucho said...

Sorry about your scarf...that hurts after all that work. I have never used a silk yarn, but wanted to until now :(

Here in Massachusetts I can't beliecve it's December, almost Christmas ...feels more like May and summer's around the corner. Just hope we don't get clobbered later on. Usually we have to pay for the good weather.

Tha's terrible about your son's car. :( Wish we lived in a world that things like that never happen, but unfortunatly they do.

Happy knitting :)

meg said...

so sorry about your son's car. always a little weird when that happens because it makes you feel violated on some level.

we're back up to the 70's here in texas. which isn't all that uncommon but it was pretty chilly here for a while so going back to the warm weather with christmas right around the corner is a bummer. thankfully, i'll be heading up to madison, wi the day after christmas. hoping for at least a little snow!