Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Just a few more pictures...

I know this is a knitting blog, but because some of you would have liked to see some carved figures, I'm showing you a few more pictures. Above is Saint Florian. This one's in my house. He's the protector of the home and firemen.

Excuse the poor quality of the following pictures. I think my dad's digi is not the best on the market. ;o) This one is Virgin Mary with child, rather modern, but I like it.

The one to the left is a "Red hat" gnome, from a story, can't remember where I've seen that fellow, but pretty scary! Next is a drunken innkeeper, a monk, Virgin Mary and another monk.
Virgin Mary with child and a Rhino.

That's it folks. As I've said before, he made many more things, but I couldn't get pictures of some of the beautiful work he did. Thanks for all your responses to my fathers post. He was very touched as he heard about it. He'll be sitting on his desk now, with his dictionary in hand, trying to translate my posts. ;o)


Mariella said...

Your father's talent to transform simple pieces of wood into beautiful and creative works of art is simply amazing! Thanks for sharing and posting pictures - I've really enjoyed viewing them !

Anonymous said...

die Schnitzereien deines Vaters sind toll,besonders gut gefallen mir die Kazten.Sind die noch zu haben?Wo lebt dein Vater den jetzt,ist er bei dir in Canada?Jahrgang 64 bin ich ├╝brigens auch.
Nachbarn sind wir dann ja auch fast wieder,ca die gleiche Strecke wie von Norddeutschland nach ├ľsterreich.

Monika said...

Hallo Elocin, wuerde dir gerne antworten, habe aber hier keine e-mail Adresse von dir. Vielleicht hinterlaesst du sie oder schreibst mir auf meiner e-mail die im Profile steht? Danke fuer deinen Kommentar! ;o)

Kirsten said...

Hi Monika. I'm so impressed with your father's work. The carvings are beautiful. He reminds me of my grandfather who worked in a non-artistic profession, but his painting was his first love. In his retirement years he painted constantly. Thanks for sharing your fathers work.

Anonymous said...

They're beautiful.

Good news about Sam! And that he's at least consenting to be an invalid of sorts.

Too bad about that rolling scarf! One of my shawls won't even block out sharply. So annoying.

Oh, I love that mosaic cross.

Violiknit said...

Wow, your father's sculptures are very beautiful. Thanks for putting up these pictures!