Monday, December 04, 2006

It's still Fall, isn't it?

" Fall socks"
This will be probably the last pair of socks for this year, but you'll never know. I can understand if you can't see the attraction of these socks, but I really like them. It's not the "wow, so gorgeous-I can't wear them ever-just look at them" kind of liking, but more the" they are so nice and fit so well-I'd like to wear them every day" kind of socks. If you'll notice, they start out ringeling-a-ling nicely (64 sts), just before the heel I've increased 6 sts and after the heel the yarn went crazy until about an inch before the ribbing (80sts) it started playing nice again. But I don't mind, it looks kind of interesting.
yarn: Strumpf-und Sportwolle 4-fach (was gifted by Sybille from Germany, thank you), 75% superwash wool and 25% polyamid on
2mm needles throughout. They are toe-up of course and as I've mentioned I started out with 64 sts and increased to 80 sts for a bit of shaping.
I wanted to include a flickr badge here, showing all my socks I've made this year, but it wouldn't let me (or I was too dumb). So, I've put it on the side bar.
I thought I was pretty productive 19 pairs and one little pair of baby booties.
How many pair of socks did you make this year???
I've started knitting socks only in April though.
By the way, I've started a separate site called Readers Gallery, with pictures of knit stuff from my free patterns, you can find all that on the side bar. And if you've made a scarf or something and would like to send my a picture and description of it, I would love to post it there too.
I'm keeping myself busy, not thinking too much of Sam. He's in surgery right now.


Strickfimmel said...

Hast die Socken aber schnell fertig gestrickt. Na, ist ja auch kein Wunder bei Dir. Sind aber schön geworden und passen, wie es aussieht, sehr gut. Meine Jacke ist fast fertig, bin schon am Rückenteil. Ich hoffe Sam übersteht die heutige OP gut. Drücke feste die Daumen.

Anonymous said...

I just watched the slideshow of your 2006 socks - I give the show 5 stars *****
You had a great sock year!

Debi said...

I think they are very pretty! I love the pooling!

I'm at 20 socks but I have 1 on the needle and hope to do one more before Jan. 1!

I sending good vibes for "our" Sam!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - these socks look every bit as cozy and comfy as you describe them - and such a great colorway that you've been using! Great! All the very best to lil' Sam!

hakucho said...

I always find beautiful knitted things here, you never dissapoint me :)

Hope this hospital visit finds Sam raring to go and completely healed when he comes home this time. Poor little guy, he's been through so much.