Friday, December 28, 2012

More Christmas gift knitting ....

picture heavy post ahead

For my DS.

I didn't plan on doing a lot of gift kitting, apart from the mittens for my dad, and my sister. But in the end I got ambitious again.
I've started this blanket for my son at the end of May. I worked on it on and off, in between other projects. Sometime at the beginning of November I was just over the halfway point, so I thought I should finish it for Christmas. This blanket is huge, let me tell you!

It turned out 73" x 88" or 185cm x 224cm. I wanted to do stripes, which I knit together, so I didn't have to sew anything. That got old quickly, so I threw in some mitered squares. Everything is just knit on, and that got really heavy on my lap. I used acrylic yarn, since it's easy to wash. Don't turn your nose up! As far as acrylic yarn goes, this was not bad to work with. It's Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids, in all the warm colors and some silvery grey. I also wove in the ends right away, so when I was done, I really was done.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in

I even changed direction of knitting for a while.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in

I didn't have to stick to a pattern, and that was quite fun.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in

The knit on edge looked quite lovely I think.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in

And of course, Denny was never far away, while I was knitting on it. My foot stool was more his dog bed, where he let me put my feet up very graciously (barely).O.K. he looks a little mean in this picture, but he really wasn't. I moved, and he wanted to see what's going on.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-13

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-12

Then he really wanted to do something else for a change, and he told me so.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-10

But he was not the only one keeping me company. Maggie was up there too.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-9

And you've already seen Happy too.

David's acrylic no-sew blanket-73in x 88in-8

Anyway, I'm quite happy with the outcome, and am VERY glad it's done.

I also made some socks for DS from lovely Wandering CatYarns he choose himself. They are having a SALE going on, and it's not too late to get some goodies!

David's 80 sts socks

He has really wide feet, and I had a small skein so I added the black for heels and toes so I would have enough yarn.

And as a total surprise, I made him a Hug Monster by Clare Doombos. I was just inthe mood for knitting toys, and this one I thought was incredible cute.

Hug Monster

This was really easy to make.


juniperjune said...

that blanket is stunning; what an inspiration!

ECarey said...

LOVE the colors and the design!

Grammy Braxton said...

What a gorgeous blanket. I don't knit and I am in awe of anyone who does. And the hug monster! What a cutie.


Kerstin said...

Your blanket is so lovely!
Liebe grüße

Zenitude said...

So many hours of knitting and such a gorgeous blanket. He's so lucky!! I love the colours, they are bright and the stripes are fun.

Chery said...

Beautiful blanket!

Susan said...

Wow, you knit so much so fast! Beautiful blanket! I have a warm doggy footwarmer when I knit too.

Unknown said...

David's blanket is stunning - acrylic or not! I've touched Vanna's yarns and I was not pleased, but you can't fight about the richness of the colors.

New blanket, new socks, I'd say the theme for your DS was warmth and fun.

Bea said...

Die Decke sieht total klasse aus. Da wird sich David aber freuen!
Liebe Grüße, die Bea

Anonymous said...

Die Decke ist wunderschön!

LG Irene

Lynn One, Purl Two said...

Wow Monika. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday! Wishing you all the best for 2013! xo

AdrieneJ said...

Yet again, your eye for colour combinations astounds me. What a lovely blanket!

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Love love love that blanket. It is so striking, so vibrant, so manly. You son adored it sure.

Brigi said...

wonderful presents !

Christy J said...

Love the hug monster - I've just gone off and purchased the pattern. I like the way he signals "Two thumbs up!" too.
The blanket is amazing. Good old garter stitch can go in any direction. I too like Vanna's Choice when I decide to use acrylic. But I still have old stash of a lot of different brands. Maybe I'm ready to start a blanket again - who knows what the new year will hold.