Sunday, December 09, 2012

First Christmas Tree in Years!

Since Denny arrived we haven't had a Christmas tree put up. Now, that he'll turn three years old in February, we thought he'd matured enough, that we could have one without a major disaster. DD and I schlepped the tree out of the cool room in the basement, as well as boxes of decoration. And Voila! Here it is!

first Christmas tree in years or since Denny arrived

I LOVE it!  I made that tree skirt ages ago, in lovely patchwork fashion.

first Christmas tree in years or since Denny arrived

The Whities were spooked for a day or two, kept their distance, ran by real fast like. Especially when the lights were on. Waaaah, what huge beast from hell is this? By now Maggie is comfortable enough to throw up right under the tree, what progress!

It took Denny maybe five minutes to get used to it though. He invented a new game, by nudging the decoration on the tree with his nose rather forcefully, so they either fell down on the floor and bounced away, or it made the whole tree jiggle and wiggle, and I swear I could hear Denny giggle. He liked it so much, that he did it again and again.

jiggle that tree

He only found one ornament hook, which escaped my clean up. I couldn't figure out what he was chewing, but he gave it up rather easily for licking a finger tipped in cafe late.

Christmas 2012

I think if it wasn't for DD I would not have decorated this year either, but now I'm so glad we did. We even got the Christmas CD's from storage.

Where's Denny? Can you spot him?

Where's Denny?
By the way, I LOVE gift bags. Some of them are so beautiful, I wouldn't care if nothing were in them, just for the joy of looking at them. (Hehe, I know I'm easy to please.)

Wishing you all a peaceful Advent Sunday!

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Unknown said...

There is no way to miss that tail! Let me wish you and your family a happy Advent, and let us pray that your tree remains standing for the duration.

wanderrast said...

Ich wünsche dir noch eine angenehme Restadventzeit.

ZiZi said...

Ich LIEBE diese schön grossen und bunten Weihnachtsbäume!
Ich beneide dich ... und wünsche dir einen schönen 2. Adventssonntag!

Liebe Grüsse - ZiZi
P.S. Denny habe ich gesehen *schmunzel*

Michelle said...

Denny is so funny! Glad you got to put the tree up this year and hope he keeps behaving for you. :-)

momsue84 said...

Your tree is beautiful, Monika, and Denny is his usual self, the clown. I, too, love gift bags and have a collection that has been growing for years. I can't bear to part with any of them. Rather like yarn!!

Walden said...

The tree is lovely! I love how Denny takes a playful attitude towards everything!

Susan said...

Beautiful tree! I've been using a table top model for the last few years. I think the shelties would knock over a tree racing by it and I don't trust Bentley with the ornaments.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

It could be worse... you could have cats! Fortunately, our tree is small, so the cats don't bother it too much - but I'd hate to see them with yours!

lexa said...

Very pretty tree! :)

Cloudberry said...

Beautiful tree!!
Hopefully Denny will be good and it will stay up ;)