Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A Fun Christmas Project

Christmas Rippit!

FatCatKnits fiber sent in by whoever wanted to participate, and ripped to pieces by Daniela in France. We got back the amount we sent in, in my case 4oz, in little pieces, like that.

Christmas Rippit Party!

It's different colorways, different fiber bases, and the big question is always, what to do with it!
Since it's called Christmas Rippit I thought, I'd add some red fiber as one ply, which I dyed myself. It's on Falkland. It's not quite red all through, but pinkish in places.

8oz Falkalnd dyed with Turkey Red and Ripe Tomatoes

Here's my finished yarn. It's bleeding red a little. My fingers were quite red while spinning, but now that I'm knitting with it, they don't get stained anymore. So I guess I got most of the red out after several rinses.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-2-ply, 471yds

I added the red color, because I knew I wanted to knit these tiny mittens. Well they are not THAT tiny. One measures 4.5inches high, and 3.25inches wide.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-tree ornaments

I've made ten so far, and am about halfway through the yarn cake. Ten weight 106 grams, and I have 140grams yarn left over.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-tree ornaments

It's really fun knitting these.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-tree ornaments

I just started at one end of the yarn cake, and knit one mitten after the other. I will continue to do so until I used it all up.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-tree ornaments

I'm using 3.75mm needles.

FCK-Christmas Rippit-tree ornaments

Oh, and the pattern for these mittens is called Smitten and is free.


Wanderingcatstudio said...

I love it - each little mitten is unique!

Lorraine said...

Monika- What a great idea- I always have leftover handspun and could make these over the course of the year.

You're brilliant!

Unknown said...

Those little mittens are adorable! Your red Falkland makes them just the right amount of Christmas-y. Happy holidays!

monica said...

I love the yarn and the mittens!! What a fun project!

Anonymous said...

Das ist wieder so ein richtig richtig tolle SmokingHotNeedles Projekt. Ich liebe Deine Seite und Deine Dinge echt heiß und innig ♥

einen lieben Gruß

Silvina said...

Beautiful yarn!!!

Delusional Knitter said...

Its perfect with the red for those mittens!