Tuesday, December 04, 2012


Let me tell you something about this pup. He's a coffee addict. The other day he had the choice of unsupervised pizza and cafe late. He choose to slobber the cafe late, ignoring pizza! That was a new one for me too. I would have guessed pizza comes before coffee, but I should have known, since he's always so eager to lick out my coffee mug. Even licking a finger dunked in coffee, as a treat substitution worked always very well.
That's the face of an coffee addict.

July 14-3

He was running around like a squirrel on caffeine last night, but that's when he always gets energized after a lazy day anyways, so I didn't think much of it at first, until I saw the counter where the mug stood, all splashed with coffee. I found droplets even as far as one meter away.

He also likes to redecorate. He draged the dog bed in my studio throughout the room. This is were it's supposed to be.

Pushed right up the legs of my working table. Looks like he does not agree with me.

He dragged it to the right,
Denny dragging his bed around

he pushed it into the left corner in the back of the room,


he draged it up close to my desk chair,
July 14-4

and in the middle of the room.



He only cared a little that Maggie used this prime spot for a nap, but then he fliped it over and claimed it for himself again.

What the ..., I think I hear the coffee machine hissing and sputtering. I wonder if he's ready for a refill?


kristieinbc said...

I think he needs to be entered on the Dogshaming site! I can't believe he would pick coffee instead of pizza, but then again my Westie loves water and ice cubes more than anything else. :-)

momsue84 said...

Hilarious post!! I love all your pups, but Denny just takes the prize. Milo loves Caesar salad. Figure that one out!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

OMG - I can't imagine how crazy he is with a little caffiene in him!

Dave's old cat Mopar was a total suck for coffee too - he used to stalk Dave for it!

Love that he moves the bed around - too cute!

Walden said...

I know one should never admit to favorites, but oh how I love Denny posts. He's such a ham!

CelticCastOn said...

Heheh what a boy!

Sharon said...

I had to read today's post twice because I laughed all the way through the first read! Denny is so comical and he keeps such a straight face while he's up to - whatever.

Thanks for making my evening end with a smile.

Anonymous said...

My dog loves coffee too. I can't ever walk away and leave my mug or its gone!

Sara Tomlinson Design said...

I only started to follow your blog recently but I love it, as a massive dog lover having two of my own it is a joy to see what yours get up too and I have to say Denny is adorable. We had a dog Ebony who loved a cup of tea each day.

monica said...

Denny is such a character!! :)

AdrieneJ said...

Oh Denny, you always make my day!