Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Finally, Dad's Christmas mittens!

As promised here are Dad's Christmas mittens! The forth time is the charm. Even though the yarn turned out variegated, I still like the cable stitch pattern with it.

Dad's Kalamata mittens-handspun

Dad's Kalamata mittens-handspun

I spun the yarn from Corgi Hill Farm fiber, 5oz Polwarth.
Crogi Hill Farm 5oz Polwarth Kalamata

CHF-Kalamata-Polwarth-5.4oz-chain plied-259yds

CHF-Kalamata-Polwarth-5.4oz-chain plied-259yds

The pattern is Wood Hollow mittens by Kirsten Kapur. I liked this pattern so much, that I immediately cast on for a second pair, also knit from handspun for my Sister.

Wood Hollow Mittens II

Wood Hollow Mittens II

The fiber was Greenwoodfiberworks, Downton Abbey, Polwarth, 4oz. I've added 2oz of semi solids from Southern Cross Fiber to stretch it.

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club-May2012-Polwarth-4oz-Downton & SCF semi solids-2

Greenwoodfiberworks-fiber club May 2012-Downton-407yds-3ply

O.K. two Christmas gifts down, a few more to go. Stay tuned! :o)


Unknown said...

You did it! Your family members will surely love their new mittens.

I love it when I find a worthy something or other to make with my handspun.

Martina said...

Great job, very nice mittens! I think your father will love them!

Zenitude said...

Your mittens are really beautiful!

Grammy Braxton said...

Love your Dad's mittens. The varigated yarn looks really nice, but then I'm prejudiced toward varigated yarn. :)

The other mittens are pretty too. Wish I lived close so you could make me some.


Lenard said...

oh, I just love them! :-)
and I'm sorry that I am not your family ;-P

Unknown said...


Adopt me???

schäfchen silvia said...

Die Handschuhe gefallen mir sehr gut.

Lorraine said...

Monika- Gorgeous fiber and mittens.