Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Mmmmm, lemony!

Have you noticed that it's getting dark a little earlier already? I have, and I've hidden my smile, lest I get struck with another heatwave! I can't wait for Fall! And then SNOW! But I'm getting ahead of myself. Meanwhile I do enjoy swimming a lot, the only good thing I enjoy during summer time, when going outside means feeling like a roast pig under the broiler. I can feel the sizzle on my skin.

I've been knitting mittens with my handspun yarn for a FatCatKnits mitten KAL. I've wound the second Henry skein, which was spun a little thicker than the one I used for socks, added some Acapulco yarn both from FatCatKnits (fiber), and cast on. The yarns don't match in thickness, but I used it anyway, and it worked out O.K.
I didn't use a pattern, and had to rip back to the cuff a couple of times. I saw the Pole stitch pattern on Ravelry, two of my friends there made mittens with it from a book I don't have. But it's easy to copy. I'm not quite happy with the tip, but I don't like the pointy ones, and this one's got mouse ears. I'll have to do better on the second one, and think about it for future mittens. The fit is good though. I've finished both mitten last night, just have to get them steam blocked and some pictures taken.
FCK mitten one

It's time to choose my August socks. Right now I have no idea what it will be. I've finished my shawls, well except the Sothia one, which I've forgotten about, put away in a corner. It deserves to be worked on, and soon I will.
I also want to spin again, I think the break is over. I've pre-drafted my River Rock fiber, and hopefully I'll get started on it today.
The other day, I felt like cup cakes, and found a recipe for Lemon cup cakes, with cream cheese frosting. This was VERY lemony, but tasty. I totally kept to the recipe, but I still have to work on my frosting making skills. It was too runny. I don't know what I did wrong, but since they didn't leave the house, it was not a big deal. Now all the evidence is gone anyway.

July 3-0 - Lemon Cup Cakes

Maggie, Margaret, Miss Thatcher, Magpie or Googlie, whatever you want to call her, is waiting to go outside. She just sits and stares as long as it takes, for somebody to notice (mostly me). It's not that she always HAS to go, but she wants too.

July 26-Maggie



Fritzi said...

Miss Maggie, so grown up and elegant. Wow...!
Gorgeous mittens!
Gruesze aus Indiana, Fritzi

paribanu said...

Beautiful colors!

old lady said...

Wow - lovely mittens!

Guess you're like me - the only one in the house that understands dog stares!!

Лена Бородина said...

Your pics are fantastic!! So yummy!

Claudia Bugh said...

I loved this post!!! I also notice tiny (hopeful) signs of Fall :) I also made cupcakes this week (Steve is very fond of cake) and almost all the evidence is gone.

Love your mittens ~ I have several pairs of this style that I intend to knits someday.

Maggie will always be MT to me ;)

CelticCastOn said...

Imagine me beating you with a big stick right now. WINTER??? WINTER???? SERIOUSLY???? We haven't even had a half decent summer yet!!! NO WINTER!!
ohh that yarn looks great with grey accent. They will be lovely mittens but I hope you don't get to wear them for... ohhh lets say 6 months!!!!
Maggie is growing up to be a really beautiful dog!

Unknown said...

OH, I love your new fall colors. Bring them all on.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with You! Let us have fall and then winter ;oD Summer is NOT my time! How can one knit with wet hands? :o/ Not me!!
Beautifull mittens! And a beautifull Maggie! She is very patient, isn't she?
How do you say those cherries in German language? I've got the same sort on my tree, but don't know the sorts name?! I like them best of all. Viele Grüsse Hanne,CH.

Zenitude said...

Your handspun is so gorgeous. Your mitts are beautiful!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Nice mitts, and Miss Maggie is soooooo pretty!

TracyKM said...

Very pretty mitts and the cupcakes look yummy!
When I'm grafting mitten tops (or sock toes), I do a decrease during the grafting row. Rounds it out a bit and helps prevents the "ears". If I don't feel like doing that, I do the grafting row after a decrease row, never after a plain row, which makes the end of the mitt a little flipper like.

Carrie#K said...

Maggie looks like she's had a growth spurt! She looks so long and elegant.

Those mittens are striking, the gray contrasts beautifully with the warmer reds & oranges. It doesn't hurt that those are all my favorite colors......

I'm with you! And I've noticed the earlier evenings with glee myself. Pfft, CelticCastOn, summer had its chance. WINTER! WINTER! WINTER! (We're weirdly cold this year for summer - our high today is supposed to be 77f (25c), normally we're in the 90-100's (33-38).

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

What cupcake recipe did you use? I love lemony cup cakes!
Seriously pretty mittens. I'm a fall girl, myself. Summer this year has been less than stellar.

Unknown said...

Your mitten colors are beautiful and you sure did them up quick.

Miss Maggie is all grown up! Look at her all long legs and beautiful. Clearly, by her stare, she has you well trained. LOL

Kathe Lewis said...

I enjoy your blog a lot, i do a lot of fiber dyeing for selling, and it is great to see you how your spun yarn and knitted projects looks like. Very inspirational! I also enjoyed reading the tale of your dogs

Kathe Lewis said...

I have a trick to get your icing under control: mix icing sugar with water or in this case lemonjuice,it has to be quite hard, like a dry dough, so you can juuuust about mix it. Then stick it in the microwaver for 10 seconds (15 if you got lots), and watch the glazing melt smoothly. Put it on the cakes very quickly, as it stiffens immediately as it cools down, and won't have time to run!

2paw said...

Oh no, you mustn't call Maggie Miss Thatcher!! too cruel. She is so clever to get everyone to open the door for her, she looks so beautiful.
As do your mittens and the deliciously yummy lemon cakes. So nice!!