Friday, August 19, 2011

Handspun Friday - Fluff-N-Stuff

Today I have Picperfic's Fluff-N-Stuff to show you. I've had this fiber in my stash for a very long time. I've spun this up right after I did that undyed bag of natural white fiber. I really needed some color after that, and my hand grabbed this braid. It doesn't get any more colorful than that!

Fluff-N-Stuff, 70%swMerino 30% Trilopal nylon-1


The fiber is superwash Merino, and trilopal nylon (whatever that is).

I chain plied it and got 215yds.


I quite like this yarn.


The pups after a hot day.

Maggie: We are about to change her food to that of the boys. She stopped eating her breakfast, and her output of what she put in was too high. Who needs to go six times a day, and I'm not talking about pee?! She likes the boys food much better, and hopefully she can stomach it now that she's older.
Aug. 15-Maggie after palying in the sun

Denny: He ate my grocery shopping list yesterday, and of course after I had to write it again, I forgot some things. That's why I write a list in the first place, so I don't forget!
Aug. 15-Denny after playing in the sun

Happy: He looked so ratty from all the chlorine water, so he got a shampoo bath the other day. He smells so good now, and is soft to the touch. Before the pool season is over, he'll get another one. We also have to tackle the other two, who don't like water THAT much. He got sniffed by the other two a lot.
Aug. 15-Happy after playing in the sun

Another week's gone by. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!
PS There's a new contest to win the pattern for lovely fingerless mittens over here at Wandering Cat Yarns. Good Luck!


2paw said...

I love all your sleepy pups. I hope the Big Dog food agrees with Maggie. maybe Denny wants to go shopping with you, and let's all imagine what that would be like!! Happy looks very handsome and yes, good luck with the other two and the bath.
You are right, that is lovely multi-coloured wool!!

knottygnome said...

such pretty happy yarn! i love colorful handspun.

Jewleigh said...

What gorgeous yarn! Perfect for some cheerful knitting :)

Wanderingcatstudio said...

I think that is the cheeriest yarn I've ever seen.

Love the pups all tuckered out!

(and thanks for the contest plug!)

Unknown said...

You have to know I adore this yarn. Great colors.

Toby said...

Awww, love those sleeping dog photos! They look so comfy and relaxed.

Walden said...

The pups are adorable! Hope Maggie does better on the boy's food. Love the yarn, usually not a fan of barber-poling in general, but it looks good with this distinctive, bright colors.

Beverly said...

I love the yarn. It reminds me of a box or crayons.

Unknown said...

I have a braid that's just as 'lively' as your Fluff-N-Stuff, but it's shetland. Maybe I should spin it up sooner than later.

Anonymous said...

The yarn looks amazing! The dogs look so cute! Kodiak has taken to eating my unripe pears from the tree and frankly he's going as much as maggie. It's INSANE!

Susan said...

Aren't you glad that Denny makes life so interesting?