Friday, August 26, 2011

Handspun Friday - Special Blue Merino

When I was choosing my Tour de Fleece prize fiber/colorway, Ginny showed me this blue merino fiber as well, and I took it off her hands, with a few other pretties. I don't know, but my like/dislike for merino has changed for the better. There was a time I could not spin it to my satisfaction, but all of a sudden it's no problem any more. Which is a good thing too.

FCK-Blue special-4oz-merino

This is 4oz of merino, which I turned into this yarn:

FCK-merino-special blue-376yds-chain plied-1
376yds, chain plied

FCK-merino-special blue-376yds-chain plied-1

I need it for colorwork. I should spin more almost solids for just that purpose.

Just a quick note about the pups: During this last week, on different days, each one of them fell into the pool, because they were running, but not looking where they were going. Denny started it all, then Happy, and yesterday it was Maggies turn. Was that because everything comes in three's? I could see it happen with Maggie, and I was surprised, that it didn't happen sooner with her, since she's the poster child for running sideways, even forward, and not looking, running into things, and walking backwards as well as forward. Anyway, the look on their faces was priceless, when they surfaced from their unexpected plunge.

Denny waiting for Happy to get out

I'm also happy to report, that I've got my hands on this used little book! It's a wee one, but it's full of information and charts. This is the BEST mitten book EVER! I could throw away all the others, really! (but I wont) I love it! Expect some colorwork mittens soon! (the red knit there is my test knitting, which is all done, but I've cast on for another one).

used book

Have a wonderful weekend!


knottygnome said...

beautiful handspun, as always!

norskiknits said...

I love that book also! It has great patterns and I want to knit each one.

Unknown said...

That fiber is so pretty, it looks like what I call 'true' blue. Lovely.

My own love/hate relationship with merino always improves after the Tour. Maybe it's not the fiber, maybe it's me.

Chery said...

Beautiful blue handspun!

CelticCastOn said...

I love almost solid spuns sooo yummy!
I'm totally on a blue kick right now.
I can just imagine the dogs faces when they fell in heheh

Andi said...

Ohh, I have not seen that book. Can't wait to see what you knit from it.
The handspun-beautiful!

Jillrae said...

How long have you been spinning? Your yarn is perfection!

2paw said...

Your lovely wool is a pale TARDIS colour!! You will be in your element with the new Mitten book. The poor pups, all falling in the pool. Maybe Maggie is still growing and her body image has not caught up with her size???

Bryndís said...

What a lovely blog I have stumbled on here :) I love your knitted socks, shawls and handspun yarn :) Your dogs are also adorable ;) I will definatly visit you again. Have a nice day.

Wanderingcatstudio said...

That's a very lovely blue.
I've been thinking about mittens lately- I have some lovely white angora stashed away for just such a purpose!

Virginia G said...

Love the story about the dogs falling into the pool! That's hilarious.

And the blue merino is gorgeous.

I should probably make some more mittens. Just haven't felt like it lately.

monique said...

I have just found your lovely blog as I was trying to keep my mind off from my dentist appointment i have in half an hour.....
Your blog is great and I really like the handspun, it;s gorgious!
What a lovely dog you have,love the story of them fell into the pool Ü.

Claudia Bugh said...

Your spinning is superlative ~ and I agree ~ it's handy to have solids for colorwork! Your cozy cup and mitten book looks a delightful way to spend the morning ~