Monday, January 03, 2011


I think I really enjoyed stranded knitting for the first time, knitting these mittens. Usually I'm very whiny doing this kind of thing. I saw them, I had to make them, and I loved every minute of it. Strago a pattern by Jared Flood.

finished Strago mittens

I've used Debbie Bliss Merino DK in green and gray. It was a pleasure to knit with this yarn. I don't have a lot of DK weight yarn in my stash, so the choice was a little limited, but green is always good. I really like these mittens.

finished Strago mittens

The pattern is very well written. I like that there is no left, and no right mitten, you can wear them out on one side, and just switch hands, and you've got a nice mitten on top again, for a while anyway.

finished Strago mittens
There are no modifications to this pattern, only substitution for the original yarn. This size fits my hands perfectly.
I started these mittens November 18, 2010, and finished them on November 24, 2010.

Dec. 18

Maggie is playing with Happy's favorite toy. She fears nothing. Photo taken Dec. 18th.


A big stretch before continuing to bother Happy. Photo taken Dec. 21, 2010. She turned 3 month yesterday.



CelticCastOn said...

beautiful mittens! You are right you can never go wrong with green!
Ohhh that little bum in the air is sooo adorable not to mention that tail. The ear shot is cute too, oh i just like them all.

Virginia G said...

the mittens are GORGEOUS!

As is the puppy. :)

Ruth said...

The mittens are so pretty. And the pup is adorable!

Michelle said...

The mittens look great. I could use some more fun mittens. I love when dogs stretch like that and put their butts up in the air!

Anonymous said...

Die Farben sind ja wohl ein Traum !! Gefällt mir richtig gut.

LG Eva

Frieda said...

Look at those ears in the first photo of Maggie . They make a little hat for her head ! She's cute and daring ...

Love the mittens! I have them in the queue . Gotta move them up .

Beverly said...

Love the mittens. They are my favorite shade of Granny Smith apple green.

2paw said...

They are so pretty and they remind me of Spring!!! Maggie is the cutest thing out, and puppies have no fear at all, the Big Dogs are just playthings. She has grown so much!!

Wanderingcatstudio said...

Mitts are gorgeous - and you can't go wrong with green!

monica said...

Those mittens are lovely! Ever since I saw yours on Ravelry I queued them. Maggie and Happy are so so so cute!!

Pat said...

Gorgeous! Going to queue these beautiful mittens - for someday....
I'm thinking handspun :-)

Tricô e Mais Tricô said...

Monika, beautiful mittens.